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Read more about CoolSculpting topics on our blog. All the content here is written by our CoolSculpting dedicated team, but advice will be custom tailored during your consultation journey. The information we give here is educational in nature, and should not be interpreted as medical advice.

CoolSculpting is all we do. Day in and day out, we freeze away fat for good for clients in Dallas, Texas. If you want to learn more, schedule a consultation with our team.

FAQ: Can I do CoolSculpting at Home?

CoolSculpting is awesome. You’ve seen it on TV and heard about it all over – people everywhere are choosing the non-surgical fat-freezing technique to see a slimmer, more ideal figure, whatever that means. We love CoolSculpting at Element Body Lab because it offers...

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Common CoolSculpting Treatment Areas for Men

CoolSculpting is an FDA cleared treatment to address unwanted fat, ideally for clients at or near their ideal weight looking to spot reduce targeted areas, like love handles or double chins.    CoolSculpting works by using cold energy to selectively target and...

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FAQ: Is CoolSculpting Permanent?

You know that CoolSculpting is the safest and best way doctors use to freeze away unwanted fat for good. But now you’re wondering about the long-term effects… more specifically you want to know if that makes CoolSculpting permanent.  Is CoolSculpting Permanent? In...

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How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost in Texas?

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?   In order to truly understand the cost of CoolSculpting in Texas, you need to know a little about the treatment itself. As a standard, CoolSculpting cost is calculated based on the number of applicators (also called handpieces...

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5 Ways To Know You Are a CoolSculpting Candidate

Picture this: you’ve just found out that there’s a procedure that can freeze away your fat for good – all with no downtime and no surgery.   Sound familiar?   When someone finds out that we specialize in CoolSculpting Dallas clients – or talks to one of our...

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Madison’s Cool Journey

At Element Body Lab, patients are more than just another number. The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts at Element Body Lab want to know your story; who you are and why you’re choosing CoolSculpting. We also want to provide the perfect CoolSculpting experience in Dallas to...

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