CoolSculpting Chin

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that works to eliminate unwanted fat using controlled cooling. It’s an FDA cleared treatment option to safely target unwanted fat on the chin and jawline, sculpting a leaner looking face and neck.  Interested in learning more from our team in Dallas, Texas? Every piece of the CoolSculpting treatment is customized, so the first step is to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals and get specific pricing information.

CoolSculpting is the name-brand and gold-standard procedure for non-surgical fat reduction. It’s FDA cleared to target stubborn fat in 9 different areas, including both the “submental” and “submandibular” areas. 

Chin CoolSculpting is the 3rd most popular treatment area, right behind abdomen and love handles at our practice. It’s safe, effective, and for the right candidate, can sculpt a leaner looking neck and jawline.


does coolsculpting chin work?

CoolSculpting works by targeting pinchable fat that lies above the muscle wall. It safely targets and destroys fat cells through a process called cryolipolysis, or the scientific term used to describe using cold to kill fat.


Fat is hyper-sensitive to cold. We know this is true because butter will change texture when cold vs. room temperature. Lipid (aka fat) content has a more sensitive threshold than water, which is the principle for how CoolSculpting works. 


CoolSculpting is the safest and most proven technology available in the world of non-surgical fat reduction. It has an incredibly high patient satisfaction rating in our facility and in any online platform you look for reviews. You need to be the right candidate and have the right expectations in mind for your session, which we can discuss in a free consultation. 


CoolSculpting Chin Before and Afters

Chin CoolSculpting Results are less common to find online, because so many clients don’t want to showcase their face publicly. The following CoolSculpting chin results are all of clients treated at Element Body Lab, in Dallas, Texas. Photos are shared only with client permission and sharing your before and after photos is not required if you pursue CoolSculpting for chin at our facility. 

None of the clients pictured had any significant changes to diet or exercise, nor did they have a dramatic change in weight. 

how much does CoolSculpting chin cost?

CoolSculpting chin cost will vary from person to person, but on average, treatment costs between $750 and $1500 per session. How many sessions depends on each client’s goal. Usually, clients spend a total of $1500 to $3600 on their full treatment (a series of sessions over the course of 6 months). Each treatment we do at Element Body Lab is customized from start to finish, so your treatment cost depends entirely on you.

Do I have to have a consultation?

Yes! In order for our team to reserve the calendar for a session, we’ll need a consultation first. Even if you’ve had a consultation elsewhere or have been treated in the past, our approach to treatment may be different. 


We need a quick discussion on your goals and expectations so we’re able to reserve the right amount of time and resources on our schedule for your session. We can keep it brief and only answer the specific questions you have, but we do require all patients to have a consultation and a full medical evaluation prior to their session.


(Luckily, we offer online booking for consultations and a virtual option to make this convenient for both you and for us!)


Want a Monthly Payment?

What happens during CoolSculpting double chin treatment?

After you arrive on treatment day, we will take your before photos. Next, we mark out the treatment area in Sharpie (don’t worry, we’ll get it off before you leave!). Then a suction handpiece is placed on the treatment area, controlled cooling is administered and we freeze your fat.

It takes 5-7 minutes for you to go numb, then you’re left to chill for 45-minutes per cycle. Afterward, we remove the handpiece and massage the area — then you’re back to your normal routine with no downtime required.

What happens after my CoolSculpting chin treatment? Will there be swelling?

There are risks and side effects in any procedure, and CoolSculpting chin treatments are no different. Typically, when the handpiece is removed, the skin is red and the frozen fat cells are firm to touch. After 15-20 minutes, this usually resolves. 

Side effects can include redness, swelling, bruising and numbness. Most clients report numbness as the usual side effect with no major complaints otherwise. Check out the full patient safety data sheet for more info on risks and side effects.

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How many cycles will I need for CoolSculpting Chin?

At your consultation, we’ll walk you through how we determine the number of cycles needed for your treatment and provide a customized estimate for the CoolSculpting double chin cost.


The number of cycles needed depends entirely on the length and width of your jawline. The handpiece is 3 inches in length and needs contact on both sides to achieve suction.

Most female clients need 1 to 2 cycles to ensure full coverage. Most male clients need 2 to 4 cycles to ensure full coverage.

The number of sessions needed for CoolSculpting chin treatment depends on your desired outcome. You’ll notice a 20-25% reduction in the chin fat with each round of treatment. Most clients complete two to four sessions for Chin CoolSculpting, depending on their starting point and their desired outcomes.

CoolSculpting chin results
CoolSculpting chin results
Chin CoolSculpting Result

CoolSculpting chin reviews


This is the place to go because they SPECIALIZE in cool sculpting. This is their passion and with that you know you’ll be in good hands. Fast forward to 2 months later I have amazing lasting results. I am so glad Element Body Lab exists and that I was able to be a client here!


Truly the best cool sculpt facility in Dallas. I went to three to get a little advice on the dad bod and this was BY FAR the most professional and the cost was beyond competitive. I would avoid other places unless you want a comparison with your own eyes.

My experience here was fabulous from start to finish. Jesse was so knowledgeable, precise and professional through the whole process. I’m in love with my results and if you amazing results with a cool sculpting done absolutely correct, make your appt today.

If you’re considering CoolSculpting in Dallas, you need to know Jessie at Element Body Lab. Both her and Dr. Phil are amazing! I have treated my stomach, love handles, chin, and armpit fat… and can’t wait to do more areas. My results are amazing and since my first treatment, my husband and 2 of my daughters have gone in too. I have also referred some friends since I had such a good experience.

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