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CoolSculpting®  Dedicated Business in Dallas.

The philosophy is simple. Focus on 1 thing and be the best at it. For us, that’s freezing away fat for good so you can get back to your busy life in Dallas.

Day in and day out, we’re dedicating our time to raising the bar for CoolSculpting® in Dallas.  We’d love to participate in your CoolSculpting® journey.

  • Step 1: Attend a virtual consultation, map out a plan for your CoolSculpting® Journey. Pick the best time for your treatment after we talk.
  • Step 2: Come to the office, freeze your fat. 
  • Step 3: Return to normal life + schedule your after photos in 3 months.

Why you should pick a CoolSculpting® dedicated provider…

And why we offer the best CoolSculpting® in Dallas.

All hairdressers use scissors, but not all haircuts are good.

Not all CoolSculpting® is created equal. It’s not all the same, because CoolSculpting® is a tool. Educate yourself on how CoolSculpting® works so you can understand the importance of a quality provider. We hope you pick the best. We hope you pick us.


cool fact:

We offer the highest trained provider in the state of Texas.

We’re the most passionate people in the fat freezing business.

Every one of us has been treated. We all have a first hand experience with CoolSculpting® and love this technology. In addition to being the highest trained, we’re also the most passionate – you’re helping us live out our dreams. 


cool fact:

 We’d love to show you a portfolio of our own work at your free consultation.

And we post our prices online. That’s price transparency.

Want to see example treatment plans or better understand the cost of CoolSculpting®? We believe prices should be easier to understand. That’s why you can sign up for our FREE guide to CoolSculpting® Cost, or review our prices online with example treatment plans.


cool fact:

we’re the first people to post our prices online in dallas.



The cost for CoolSculpting® is going to vary from person to person. The only way to know for sure is to attend a free consultation. On average, our Dallas clients pay around $600 per cycle.


CoolSculpting® is actually a prescription in the state of Texas. We’ll determine this at your free consultation – but the #1 qualifier is “pinchable fat”. Is it squeezable? It’s probably freezable.


Feeling is subjective, but many of our clients nap during treatment. It’s not totally painless, but the uncomfortable parts are short lived & the cold from the treatment will make you go numb quickly.


No. CoolSculpting® is a tool. It’s like a scalpel to a surgeon or a pair of scissors to a hairdresser. Not all CoolSculpting® is the same.

it takes an artist to sculpt a body



Check out our video library on YouTube or watch some of our introduction videos from the team at Element Body Lab.

we love happy clients.


CHECK OUT OUR REVIEWS ONLINE – We’re proud to be a 5-star business.



Read our CoolSculpting® Dallas Reviews.

  • Jesse is so warm, kind, and professional. This experience was so easy and hassle-free. Even though I'm only halfway through the full process, I can already see great results. I just had my second treatment yesterday and and so excited to see the progress over the next several weeks. Thank you, Jesse, for making this such a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend Jesse and Coolsculpting.

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    Rachna Varma
  • Element has to be one of the best CoolSculpting® providers available. I have had four areas treated in the last 30 days, and I can already see subtle results in the first area I had done.

    Jessie is genuinely passionate about this technology, an expert in her field, and is able to recommend the appropriate course of treatment for your unique anatomy. She performs treatment with precision and patient comfort is a top priority. The reception area is open, clean, and inviting and the treatment room itself is spacious, comfortable, and flooded with natural light. Communicating with Jessie is a breeze and scheduling is flexible with patient convenience in mind.

    I previously had an area treated by a different provider in 2017. While they did not do anything wrong, the level of care and quality of service was nothing compared to what you will experience at Element. At the other place, the doctor was contacted via video call. At Element, the doctor is on site. The nurse at the other place had difficulty getting a good seal on the handpiece and her approach to placement of the handpiece was much less scientific than what I experienced at Element. The treatment room at the other place was cramped and windowless and the nurse never checked on me until the cycle concluded. Jessie will be present throughout the procedure, popping in to check on you or just staying to chat if that is what you desire! There was no follow up care at the other place aside from a printed handout and scheduling the after photo. Jessie is in touch the very next day and throughout recovery.

    Element treats you like royalty!

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    Jenn Tee
  • To begin I’d like to share that the quality of service is absolutely amazing, from the information on the website to the virtual consultation, I was given exact details on what to expect, pricing and procedure. Jessie is an expert in her field, she’s kind and loves what she does, which is really comforting as a patient. My first session was 4 hours long, she ordered lunch for me and introduced me to a new favorite Thai location (so that was a perk!)
    I’m very pleased to have chosen my first experience with CoolSculpting® with Jessie at The Element Body Lab.

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    Krissy X
  • About 2 months ago I heard about the concept of cool sculpting. When doing my research I came across Element Body Lab. This is the place to go because they SPECIALIZE in cool sculpting. This is their passion and with that you know you’ll be in good hands. Jessie is seriously amazing at what she does, she is super enthusiastic about helping you get what your looking for. She really makes sure to help you make informed decisions, and she is very transparent on things like results and promotions etc. Jessi is a 40-50 minute drive from me but it’s just worth you you guys. I feel very confident in Jessie’s facility and work. Fast forward to 2 months later I have amazing lasting results. I am so glad Element Body Lab exists and that I was able to be a client here!

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    Anitra Knight
  • There are no words to describe how truly amazing Jessie is. Her expertise, experience, and need for perfection ensures the best results. After consulting with 3 different providers, I instantly knew Element Body Lab was the place for me. I've been going to Jessie for over a year and her results speak for themselves. She gives the best treatment advice and truly cares about her clients and providing the best results. I couldn't be happier with my progress thus far and know she is the best in town.

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  • I’ve had coolsculpting twice and got great results. Jessie makes it easy and worked with my busy schedule. 🌟five stars ❣️

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    Shane Boseman
  • The value of this service is 5+ stars! The procedure is easy and safe and I didn't feel any pain. There's no needles and no down time which makes the process very convenient. AMAZING service from Jessie. She is a professional at what she does- she's knowledgable, passionate, driven , and focused. She cares about her customers and follows up.

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    Alex Weber
  • What a great experience! First off, Jessie is awesome. She covered everything to expect perfectly, was flexabile with scheduling and never pushed me on making any decisions. She spent the day chatting with me, keeping me laughing and not thinking about any uncomfortableness due to the CoolSculpting® machine. Speaking of, my procedure was no more uncomfortable than I was told to expect. The cold and tingling sensation only lasted for five minutes or less for each application, so if you're resisting CoolSculpting® de to fear of pain, stop waiting and do it! My time at Element Body Lab was fantastic, and I highly recommend you check out Jessie and team. I'll report back after my procedure; I can't wait to see the results!

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    McKenzie Meloy ClubCorp
  • I've just finished my initial consultation with Jessie for my CoolSculpting® journey. You can tell she's a pro and her personality & energy are infectious. She thoroughly answered all my questions and concerns. I can't wait to get started in a couple weeks & I'm positive I've picked the right spot in Jessie and Element Body Lab.


    Update 2/23/21 - I had my first treatment about a week ago on a couple different areas. Jessie was meticulous on the placement of the hand pieces to ensure the best result possible. The bed was super comfy which is great since I was there for 3-4 hours. For me there was absolutely no discomfort at all. The areas I had treated are still numb but Jessie assures me this is normal. Just a week in and I'm already starting to see subtle changes, especially in the love handles. I'm really confident that this process will accomplish all I had hoped. I go back in 5 weeks for treatment #2 on the same areas. Will update my review afterwards. So happy that I've done this. Oh by the way.....thank you Jessie for introducing me to the Thai restaurant and the drunken noodles. Amazing!

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    Tim Floyd
  • Jessie was wonderful! The cool sculpting process was so easy and relaxing! Five star service!

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    Shannon Howle
  • Jessie is amazing!! She is so passionate and thorough in walking me through the whole CoolSculpting® process, knowing what to expect & making me feel so comfortable. I was able to see results after one session, so I booked more! She definitely has made me feel more confident after having a baby. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about coolsculpting. It was the easiest and most Painless procedure! And it works!

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    Lindsay Sikes Nicholson

Dallas CoolSculpting® –
Body Sculpting Without Surgery

At Element Body Lab, we specialize in high-quality, results-driven CoolSculpting® services. In fact, we are the first, best and only dedicated CoolSculpting® practice in Dallas, Texas.

Our dedication to body sculpting technology has allowed us to perfect our knowledge and understanding of the CoolSculpting® process to ensure we prioritize you – the customer.

No matter if you’re looking to remove stubborn fat from your abdomen, arms or love handles, our team is here to help you.

We offer convenient hours, multi-machine treatments, financing options, diverse pricing and packages, and the highest trained CoolSculpting® team in the state.

We love what we do, and our entire CoolSculpting® Dallas team is dedicated to helping you see results.

We believe it takes an artist to sculpt a body, and at Element Body Lab – we promise to give you the CoolSculpting® experience you deserve.

Have a question about body sculpting or our CoolSculpting® services? Visit our FAQ page or read through some of our blog articles for some great information about body sculpting and how it can help you remove that stubborn fat.

Whether you’re from the Dallas area or traveling specifically for CoolSculpting® Dallas services, Element Body Lab is just a phone call away.

Since consultations are free, all you have to lose is unwanted fat. Contact us today with your CoolSculpting® questions or book your virtual consultation online to take the next steps.

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