CoolTone Cost | Dallas, Texas | Element Body Lab

All of our body contouring procedures at Element Body Lab are customized, based on your anatomy, goals, and lifestyle. CoolTone treatments can be purchased individually ($400 per treatment) or as a series, starting at $1800 for 6. Depending on your goals, we will put together a recommendation to best suit your needs and discuss any financing and/or loyalty options at a free consultation.

CoolTone is the most up to date technology available in 2022 for nonsurgical body contouring techniques to address muscle tone. It uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to contract and relax the muscle fibers of targeted areas, using handpieces that are secured to the body using a velcro support strap. 


During the treatment, your qualified provider should adjust the placement of the applicator and the intensity of the device to elevate the contractions to your maximum comfort level. The treatments take 20-30 minutes per area, and multiple areas can be treated in 1 single treatment visit.


How Much Does CoolTone Cost?

CoolTone treatments are usually scheduled as a series, starting with 6-8 treatments. Usually, we recommend starting with a minimum series of 6, scheduled 2x per week for 3 weeks. From there, you can plan for monthly maintenance for best results. Single treatments with us cost $400. CoolTone packages of 6 treatments cost $1,800.


Because everyone has a different plan and/or needs, we offer multiple packages and can even customize packages for multi-area treatments or other circumstances at a free consultation.

Do you offer monthly payments for CoolTone?

Yes! We offer financing and will discuss all options and vendors at a free consultation, which can be booked online. We want your options to be as convenient as possible, so we are happy to offer monthly payments for CoolTone and loyalty programs to help save money on your treatments.