CoolSculpting Elite for Stomach Fat

CoolSculpting Elite is FDA cleared to treat stubborn fat that’s not responding to diet or exercise. It works by freezing fat cells and triggering a natural, programmed cell death. Find out if CoolSculpting is right for you at a free consultation with our team. 

Does CoolSculpting Work on Belly Fat

YES! CoolSculpting does work on unwanted stomach or belly fat for the right candidate. At Element Body Lab, we offer CoolSculpting Elite technology, which is the most up to date, safest, and proven technology to target unwanted belly fat using cold energy. CoolSculpting is FDA cleared to treat the abdomen for clients with a BMI under 35.


At our facility, we believe there’s no such thing as too big or too small for CoolSculpting, but rather it’s about having the right expectation in mind. CoolSculpting isn’t a good fit for every client, and not all textures of fat respnod the same way to the treatment.


Ideal clients are happy with their weight and looking to spot treat areas that aren’t responding to diet or exercise.


 Take a look at some of our before and after photos to see CoolSculpting abdomen results – or better yet – let’s chat at a free consultation! 


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Does CoolSculpting work on all types of belly fat?

CoolSculpting works specifically on subcutaneous fat, or the pliable fat that lies above the muscle wall. The clients who are happiest with their results are usually within 5-10 lbs. of their ideal weight and looking to spot treat the troublesome fat that’s not responding to healthy lifestyle efforts.

That in mind, CoolSculpting is not a weight loss procedure. While we have treated clients who fall above a BMI of 30 seeking CoolSculpting for belly fat, their primary goal wasn’t to lose weight. Instead, it was specifically to target the subcutaneous fat that lies on top of the muscle wall, sculpting leaner lines and a slimmer abdomen. 

CoolSculpting Stomach | Freezing Away Belly Fat for Good

Is CoolSculpting Stomach Effective?

CoolSculpting is the safest and most proven technology for non-surgical fat reduction. It’ works by selectively targeting, freezing, and killing unwanted fat using a process called Cryolipolysis. 

 There have been 11 million treatments performed worldwide and over 100 peer reviewed research papers published online. 

Let’s take a look at some of our own, in-house CoolSculpting Stomach Before and After Photos to show just how effective the treatment can be (and get a feel for the results to expect and ideal candidates for treatment). 👇👇

How much weight will I lose from CoolSculpting Stomach?

You might not lose any weight after a CoolSculpting treatment, or you might lose a small amount. CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss procedure, it’s a body contouring procedure.


While you probably won’t notice a change in weight, you should notice a visable difference. It’s about changing the contour or the outline – the overall shape – of the body to spot reduce targeted areas. 

About 20-25% of the treated tissue is flushed out with each session.


If you’re looking for weight loss, we recommend choosing a different route to achieve your goals, such as diet or exercise programs.

Where does the fat go after CoolSculpting Stomach?

Once the fat is frozen during a CoolSculpting treatment, it triggers a programmed, natural cell death, after which the fat is flushed out of the body using the lymphatic system. 

How many treatments will I need?

How many treatments you’ll need depends on 2 factors: your anatomy and your goals. 

Treatments often refers to the number of applicators [or cycles] used during your CoolSculpting treatment day. Sometimes, treatments refers to the number of treatment days you’re expecting to come in. 

The number of cycles [aka treatments] depends entirely on your anatomy. The approach we take at Element Body Lab is to center handpieces over the places that you have the most volume + ensure that we follow the natural curves and achieve full coverage. 

At your free consultation, we’ll discuss the number of treatments [aka cycles] needed during each session, but you can do a DIY at home assessment or checkout the video below to get a feel for the number of cycles needed per session.



How many rounds of treatment you’ll do depends on your response rate and your goal. On average, clients notice about 20-25% reduction of the treated tissue, per session.

If you’re looking for a subtle improvement in belly fat, then you may only need 1 session. If you’re looking for a more aggressive result [most people are], then you may do a series of treatments or sessions, each spaced 6-8 weeks apart.


On average, clients do 2-4 session of CoolSculpting before they achieve their goals, then maintain results long-term using regular diet and exercise.  

How much does CoolSculpting Stomach Cost?

Since everything we do is customized, the cost for your CoolSculpting stomach treatment will depend on the time and resources needed for your session(s).

On average, clients spend between $3,000 and $4,000 on their CoolSculpting Stomach treatments, but prices start at $750.

The best and most accurate way to get a price quote is to schedule a consultation with our team. 

Do you offer financing for CoolSculpting?

YES! We absolutely offer monthly payment options, which will be discussed in your free consultation. We work with a few different financing lenders to offer convenient options for our customers.


CoolSculpting for C Section Pooch

CoolSculpting can be used as a way to target the stubborn fat that accumulates around scar tissue, especially after a C-Section, pending the scar tissue is fully healed and you’re no longer breast feeding.


We know how stubborn that fat in the C-Section pooch can be, and how difficult it is to find the engagement in your abdomen during exercise after delivery. You’ll want a highly trained provider for this particular treatment area (really, for anywhere but especially around scar tissue) to ensure a natural looking result.


To sculpt away a C-Section Pooch with CoolSculpting, we’ll likely need multiple applicators or handpieces placed in the area to achieve full coverage. The best and most accurate way to find out the plan and cost for your unique anatomy is to schedule a consultation with our team. We’re happy to guide you and answer any questions you might have about CoolSculpting postpartum


CoolSculpting Abdomen and Pregnancy

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment to address unwanted fat in areas like the abdomen. It’s a safe and effective option, if you’re the right candidate. 


It is, however, a medical procedure. Make sure you’re an ideal candidate by attending a good faith exam with our medical team prior to your session. There’s no additional cost to you.


As far as CoolSculpting and pregnancy goes, there haven’t ever been any formal studies discussing CoolSculpting’s impact on fertility. That said, speaking first-hand, our founder Jessie Poole was treated aggressively with CoolSculpting prior to conceiving and delivering her own baby. 


Pursuing a medical treatment always comes with risks and side effects, but many clients have become pregnant after CoolSculpting and experienced no issues related to their treatment. 


If you’re actively planning and trying for a baby, it might be best to wait until after delivering to pursue a CoolSculpting treatment, just to protect your investment. If you’re already post-pregnancy, you can checkout our info about CoolSculpting postpartum right here


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