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Our most popular treatment area is the abdomen. Sculpt a slimmer stomach with CoolSculpting. Get started by scheduling a virtual consultation with our team to talk about your goals and get a specific price quote.

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How much does CoolSculpting Abdomen cost?

On average, clients spend $3,000 to $4,000 per session for CoolSculpting stomach fat, but prices vary depending on your treatment. We’ve put together a video breaking down cost to help you understand abdomen CoolSculpting cost and how many session you’ll need.  

The cost of CoolSculpting the abdomen will depend on how many “cycles” you need to get full coverage of the area you’re wanting to target, and the ideal goal you have in mind.


We charge by the “cycle” here at Element Body Lab, which means there’s a cost associated with every time the equipment is placed on the abdomen.

How many CoolSculpting treatments are needed for stomach?


You should expect an average reduction of 20-25% of the tissue treated with each round of treatment to the abdomen. How many sessions you’ll need depends entirely upon the goal you have in mind. 


We charge by the “cycle”, or every time the CoolSculpting equipment is placed on the body. Usually, clients need a series of cycles in order to get full coverage in each session. For some clients, it takes 1 cycle to target stomach fat. But for others, it takes 10 cycles for full coverage of the entire midsection and multiple rounds of treatment to achieve their goals.


The only way to get our expert opinion? Book a free virtual consultation with our team. We’re a business located in Dallas, Texas and if you’re local – we want to help. 


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How CoolSculpting for Stomach Works


CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to target the unwanted stomach fat and sculpt a slimmer abdomen using cold energy and your body’s natural lymphatic flush response. (Read more about how CoolSculpting works right here.)  


Let’s get something out of the way right here… CoolSculpting is *not* a weight loss procedure. It’s a fat reduction procedure. That means it’s a great solution for people wanting to spot reduce or target specific pockets of fat, but not an ideal choice for people wanting to change the number on the scale.


The process to get started with CoolSculpting for abdomen is: 1) schedule a free virtual consultation with our team; 2) get a price quote and specific information from our CoolSculpting Experts; 3) schedule your session; and 4) expect full results 3 months after the treatment. Our consultations are free and designed to be education. There’s no question off limits, but since so much of the process is customized, it allows us to spend 30 minutes answering all of your questions and getting you all the details you need. There’s no pressure, we’re just here to educate you on your best options.


On treatment day, you’ll arrive at the office and have before photos taken of your abdomen. Then your CoolSculpting provider will mark out the area you’re wanting to target and see a change based on your goals and anatomy. Once the area is marked, you’ll sit down in the treatment bed and the treatment prep begins.


Your skin will be cleansed and prepped with a pre-treatment skin wipe to remove any oil and/or buildup of lotions, skin creams and/or products you use on a daily basis. Then, a gel pad will be placed to act as a protective barrier between your body and the equipment. After that, a suction based applicator will be placed in one of the targeted areas that was pre-marked by the provider. Once you’re comfortable and the equipment is all supported, the controlled cooling will begin. Treatments last between 35 and 45 minutes, and once complete, the suction will be disengaged and applicator will be removed. After that, the treated fat will be be massaged for 2 minutes using a technique to break up the frozen tissue and ensure natural, smooth results. 


After the treatment, expect the skin to be red and tender to touch for a few hours to a few days. We’ll discuss your CoolSculpting recovery during your session and give you our best advice to stay comfortable after leaving the office.



What areas can you target with CoolSculpting Stomach Treatments?


CoolSculpting treatments on any area, especially in the midsection and/or abdomen are customized to match your anatomy and goals. Depending on if you’re wanting to slim down just the lower belly with CoolSculpting or target the full 360-degree of your midsection, your treatment can be tailored to your goals.


The way the technology works is to use suction based equipment, which we call handpieces, that vary in size and shape to naturally follow the curves in the body and spot-reduce targeted abdomen fat.

You can target:

  • Lower Abdomen
  • Upper Abdomen
  • Full Abdomen
  • Bra Fat (right at the rib cage)
  • Waistline and/or Love Handles


Like we’ve mentioned already… the best way to get a customized opinion on your unique anatomy is to schedule a free virtual consultation with our CoolSculpting Dallas Expert Team.

Element Body Lab offers the most up to date, CoolSculpting Elite technology for clients wanting to freeze away belly fat in Dallas, Texas. There’s no downtime, no pain medications, and treatments can take as little as 35 minutes, although most clients end up spending 2-3 hours with us on treatment day for areas like the abdomen. 

Element Body Lab has singularly focused CoolSculpting providers who aren’t distracted by other techniques or procedures. Though many practices offer CoolSculpting belly fat as an option for fat freezing technology, we are the first, best, and only CoolSculpting-dedicated practice in Dallas. More importantly, each and every one of us has been treated with CoolSculpting and can offer a first-hand experience of this procedure.

Ask us any question related to the CoolSculpting abdomen procedure and we will answer you. That’s our promise – to make the CoolSculpting experience easier, more luxurious, and of course, provide the best results in town.


Your results are our reputation. We care about the lifelong changes our customers can experience after the CoolSculpting abdomen treatment, and about the personal conversations we have at the first consultation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Considering CoolSculpting Lower Abdomen or Upper Abdomen Treatment?


The best way to learn more about CoolSculpting and get all the answers to your CoolSculpting questions is to schedule a virtual consultation with a dedicated CoolSculpting expert. You can easily book online – and we’re happy to help guide your journey. There’s no pressure and consultations are free – just select the preferred platform for our virtual visit when booking.


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CoolSculpting Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if you are an ideal candidate for upper or lower abdomen CoolSculpting? Here are the top 5 questions for people when considering a CoolSculpting abdomen procedure.

Will CoolSculpting work for my abdomen?

CoolSculpting ideally targets subcutaneous, aka “pinchable,” belly fat on men and women. Abdomen fat can accumulate for many different reasons, from genetics (fat cell distribution does rely somewhat on your genetics) to lifestyle choices like food and activity levels. CoolSculpting belly fat is not a recommended weight loss program for those who are obese or overweight; it is a body contouring procedure that delivers visible reduction in fat cells by an average of 20-25% with each round of sculpting.

How much weight will I lose?

Expect to lose inches rather than pounds. The CoolSculpting abdomen fat reduction procedure is specifically designed for those who are within 5 to 35 pounds of their ideal/target weight and are frustrated with stubborn fat. Check out our CoolSculpting before and after abdomen gallery section to see a visible difference in areas treated and get an idea of what results look like.

What areas on my midsection can be treated?

You can spot reduce the upper abdomen, the lower abdomen, or consider a 360-degree approach during your consultation as your treatment plan is developed. CoolSculpting can safely and effectively treat unwanted abdomen and or back fat, pending medical clearance. There are reasons you’d want to avoid CoolSculpting in the abdomen area, so make sure to tell us about surgeries, hernias, etc. Also, bring the tight jeans, the bikini, the tailored suit… we want to see it!

How many CoolSculpting treatments are needed for belly?

CoolSculpting abdomen treatments are customized to meet your anatomy and your goal. You can expect about 20-25% reduction with each round of treatment, so let’s ask you – would getting rid of 20% of the fat there meet your goal? Or half of it? Most patients choose 2-3 rounds of CoolSculpting before they’ve met their goal, but they do it over the course of time.

How much will CoolSculpting cost for belly?

Cost will vary based on the number of handpieces or “applicators” we’ll need to apply, which is determined at your consultation. You can check our pricing page for examples of packages we’ve seen in the past.