CoolSculpting Arms

CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared to treat stubborn fat in the upper arm that’s not responding to diet or exercise Want slimmer arms without the risk and downtime of surgery? Let’s talk about CoolSculpting upper arm and see your results in as little as 6 weeks.

CoolSculpting for Arms

If no matter how hard you’re working, you’re struggling with a pocket of fat under the arm, then let’s talk about CoolSculpting. It’s a safe & effective way to target the upper arm, sometimes called the “batwing” or the “triceps” area, and it’s FDA-cleared. So it’s time to say hello to slimmer, leaner looking arms thanks to CoolSculpting. The first step is to schedule a [free] consult to chat with our team in Dallas, Texas.

CoolSculpting for Arms Cost

Once you know you can use CoolSculpting for arm fat, the next question is *usually*, “how much does it cost?” Everything we do at Element Body Lab is customized, and the cost per treatment depends on the length of the arm and the result you’re looking for. On average, clients spend between $1,500 and $2,700 per session for an upper arm CoolSculpting treatment. Depending on if you’re looking for a subtle improvement or a really dramatic transformation, you may need multiple sessions. 

We offer easy, monthly payments for all CoolSculpting clients at Element Bod Lab. We’ll discuss financing options at a free consultation, or you can get pre-approved online before meeting with us.


CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to target the unwanted “batwing” and sculpt slimmer arms using cold energy and your body’s natural lymphatic flush response. (Read more about how CoolSculpting works right here.)  During the session, a suction applicator is placed on the upper arm, then strapped around the arm to provide comfort and support. Once you’re comfortable, controlled cooling is administered to change the texture of the fat during the 35 minute treatment. Treatments usually take anywhere from 35 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your anatomy and if you’re targeting the upper arm alone or multiple areas. Sometimes, clients add on the bra line, back fat, or armpit fat to the upper arm treatment for a more comprehensive approach and dramatic transformation. After the treatment, a natural inflammatory response is triggered and your body flushes the frozen fat out over the course of 3 weeks to 3 months. Repeat treatments can be scheduled 6-8 weeks apart if additional sculpting is desired, but you maintain your long-term results with regular diet and exercise.


One of the most common questions is about how many treatments you’ll need for CoolSculpting arms that are slimmer and more toned. Treatment plans are customized to each individual’s body – and no two bodies are exactly the same. Therefore, treatment plans and rounds of treatment may vary from person to person. You should expect an average reduction of 20-25% with each round of treatment. Most often, patients seek 2-3 rounds of treatment to meet their ideal goal, over the course of time. However, it depends entirely on your goals, which is why a consultation is so important.

Does CoolSculpting Work on Arms?

While most patients notice an undeniable visual body transformation, results can and do vary. It is important to note that the visual results seen here may not occur for every patient. On average, we see a reduction of 20-25% in the fat layer with each treatment.

It is also important to know that CoolSculpting is not a weight loss procedure and does not guarantee significant weight loss. For obese and overweight patients, a more dramatic transformation may call for a medical weight loss program and/or nutrition plan.

Most of our packages for CoolSculpting upper arms and armpit fat include two rounds of treatment. The second round of CoolSculpting comes about 6 weeks or more after the first treatment.

CoolSculpting Arms: Before and After Pictures

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