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Discover the art of sculpting lean, natural results with CoolSculpting for Upper Arms in Dallas, Texas, at Element Body Lab. We’re the CoolSculpting experts in Dallas, ready to help you achieve your goals. Whether you prefer a virtual or in-person consultation, we have options to fit your schedule. Let’s chat one-on-one—book your consultation today!


CoolSculpting is like a precision tool in the hands of a skilled hairdresser – it’s the expertise that truly counts. Choosing the right CoolSculpting provider is like selecting the perfect hairdresser for the best haircut. When it comes to achieving natural, impactful results, especially in sensitive areas like the arms, it’s all about finesse and know-how.

Here at our practice, CoolSculpting is not just a service; it’s our passion. We’re the go-to experts for CoolSculpting technologies, offering the latest treatments, including CoolSculpting Elite and CoolTone. Our providers are exceptionally trained, and we’re proud to be led by one of the national trainers in this field. One of the many factors that sets us apart is that we rely solely on our own portfolio of work to showcase our team’s skill, precision, and the amazing results we can achieve. We’re here to make your CoolSculpting journey comfortable, personalized, and effective. Get ready to sculpt your way to confidence. Want to understand more? Let’s chat one on one.

Who’s the ideal candidate for coolsculpting Arm Treatment?

While CoolSculpting Elite and CoolTone are non-invasive medical procedures, the ideal candidates are typically at or near their desired weight or do not have their primary goal as weight loss. Instead, they’re seeking a solution to target those stubborn arm areas that seem resistant to change, regardless of their overall weight.

It’s important to note that CoolSculpting Elite relies on cold temperatures to eliminate fat. Therefore, individuals with allergies or extreme sensitivities to cold might not be the best candidates. You can review all the considerations and contraindications related to this in our safety requirements before making your decision. For more details on the science behind CoolSculpting, you can explore our website further!

Our approach to arm treatments is highly personalized, featuring the precise placement of 2 to 6 applicators per session to ensure thorough coverage of the upper arms and back/bra area. We take into account your unique arm structure, length, and volume when crafting this tailored plan, requiring both artistry and a deep understanding of the treatment. Your choice of provider plays a pivotal role in determining your results, as it can mean the difference between achieving impressive, lackluster, or unnatural outcomes.


CoolSculpting Elite has received FDA clearance to address upper arm concerns, including bra fat. Clients have the flexibility to customize their treatments to target one or more of the following areas: 


  • Upper Arm – Often referred to as the ‘bat wing,’ this is the region on the arm that some clients want to address.
  • Bra Fat (Back) – This area, situated where the arm meets the back, is also commonly known as bra or back fat.
  • Axillary Puff (Armpit) – Found at the junction of the arm and chest, this area is sometimes referred to as armpit fat.

    Clients can mix and match these areas and various treatments to achieve even more remarkable and tailored results.

    what to expect – CoolSculpting Arm

    Step 1: Convenient Consultations – Your Pick: Virtual or In-Person

    We offer the flexibility of virtual consultations for your convenience, saving you time and effort. If you’d rather have an in-person visit to see our office first, we’re here for that too. Whether virtually or in person, during our chat, we’ll talk about your specific needs, treatment times, and costs. Getting started is a breeze – easily book your consultation online.

    ebl coolsculpting in the winter in dallas

    Step 2: Treatment Day – Where the magic happens

    First, we prepare the treatment area by cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and a special pre-treatment skin wipe. Next, we apply a protective gel pad to your skin and get our advanced applicators ready. Think of these applicators as the sculptor’s tools in an artist’s hand – they’re thoughtfully positioned on the areas you’d like to target, ensuring precise treatment of those stubborn spots. The best part? Our clinic is equipped with multiple machines, allowing us to address multiple areas simultaneously. This means you’ll be in and out in no time, leaving you with more time to enjoy the fantastic results. 

    Step 3: Full Results in 8-12 weeks

    Most of our clients choose to undergo 2-3 sessions in the same targeted area, with each session scheduled 6-12 weeks apart. After completing these sessions, you can anticipate seeing your final results around 3-4 months later. These results are designed to last. By maintaining a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine, you can preserve your sculpted appearance for the long haul.

    coolsculpting treatment in the winter

    coolsculpting Arms frequently asked questions

    Wondering if CoolSculpting Upper Arm treatment is right for you? The best and only way to know is to chat with our team or a qualified provider one-on-one. If you’re in Dallas-Ft. Worth, we’d love to have a casual conversation, which we call a consultation to answer all of your questions.

    How much does CoolSculpting for the arms cost?

    The cost for CoolSculpting on the arms can vary depending on various factors like the number of sessions and individual treatment needs. On average, for smaller areas like the upper arms, the price typically ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 per session. Many clients achieve their desired results within 1 to 3 sessions.

    If you’re considering treating both upper arms, and bra fat you can expect the price range to be around $3,000 to $5,500.

    Keep in mind that during a consultation, you’ll receive specific pricing information tailored to your unique goals.

    Do you offer financing for CoolSculpting treatments?

    We offer financing and loyalty programs for clients! For financing, we offer monthly payments through our trusted partner, Cherry Financing. You can easily get preapproved even before a consultation, and the application process only takes a few minutes. Click here to apply online and see terms. 

    How many rounds are required for CoolSculpting arm results?

    Many clients wonder about the number of CoolSculpting treatments required to achieve slimmer and more toned arms. Treatment plans are tailored to each individual’s unique body because no two bodies are identical. As a result, the number of treatment rounds may differ from person to person.

    On average, each round of treatment can yield an expected reduction of about 20-25%. Typically, patients opt for 2-3 rounds of treatment to work toward their desired goals over time. However, the specific number of sessions depends entirely on your personal objectives. This is why a consultation is vital to create a personalized plan.

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