CoolSculpting FAQ: Should I Expect Any Skin Laxity or Skin Tightening After My Treatment?

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One of the number 1 questions that people ask when coming into a consultation with Element Body Lab in Dallas is…

What about my skin? Is CoolSculpting good for my skin? What happens to the skin when you take the fat away?

Educated consumers want to know about the technology of CoolSculpting and aren’t just thinking about the fat that’s taken away, but also – what’s the appearance of everything we leave behind. So today, we’re diving into those questions.

*Here’s our CYA team. CoolSculpting is a prescription in the state of Texas. You need to meet with a physician or high level medical provider for a physical exam for real advice. Without the appropriate letters behind your name, you can’t really give advice. This blog is all about education and giving you the general information you need to schedule an appointment. During your consultation process in Dallas with Element Body Lab, CoolSculpting Experts, you will meet with a qualified medical professional who is assessing your quality of skin, the amount of adipose (or fat tissue) to ensure that CoolSculpting is the right choice, and any considerations or exclusions based on your medical history. Their recommendation and medical knowledge is key.*

Now we’re back… Let’s do it.

Does CoolSculpting tighten skin?

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Don’t expect any additional skin laxity after your CoolSculpting treatment, but don’t bank on seeing major improvements in loose or lax skin, either.

Allergan, the makers of CoolSculpting, were thrilled to promote that they received an FDA clearance to improve the appearance of lax tissue in the double chin area, offering both skin tightening and reduction in the fat layer. That FDA clearance came in 2019, and the skin is no different across the body. Researchers started studying the effect of skin tightening after CoolSculpting after looking at before and after photos and analyzing the results. The biggest evaluation and surprise was that patients who had undergone CoolSculpting treatments noticed a change in skin texture, laxity, and cellulite.

Just like the rest of CoolSculpting (especially the cost of CoolSculpting), the advice is customized based on your body and anatomy, so trust the experts in Dallas at Element Body Lab for your CoolSculpting know-how, including whether or not to expect skin tightening. 

Should I worry about skin laxity after CoolSculpting?

At Element Body Lab, Dallas CoolSculpting Experts, our clients consistently notice improvement in skin texture and laxity after treatment. Our team can discuss this based on your age and current skin quality – but it has to do with a natural side effect of the cold on the skin. The cooling effect of cryolipolysis stimulates collagen production in some patients, and the inflammatory response help stimulate cell repair, even on the surface of the skin. The effect has been termed “cryodermadstringo” or skin tightening after cryolipolysis and was first published in a letter to the editor in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in June of 2014. Dr. Grant Stevens, MD FACS is the leading researcher who speaks on this topic and you can learn more about cryodermadstringo here.

Study insight: The FDA clearance for addressing skin laxity with CoolSculpting in the double chin was won, in part by results following an 18-week study that showed “77 percent of patients show[ing] improved appearance of lax tissue” after their chin treatment. But that still means that 23% of patients did NOT see that improvement. 

Generally speaking our patients don’t report any additional skin elasticity, but we wouldn’t recommend CoolSculpting if your goal is to address loose or lax skin. There are plenty of procedures that address that, and if you see improvement in skin laxity after your Dallas CoolSculpting treatment, it’s a happy side effect. But don’t bank on it.

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