How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost in Texas?

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?


In order to truly understand the cost of CoolSculpting in Texas, you need to know a little about the treatment itself. As a standard, CoolSculpting cost is calculated based on the number of applicators (also called handpieces or cycles) that are placed on the body.

Often times, practices (like us) charge “package pricing” where the more applications you buy at a time, the cheaper they become. 

Depending on the number of applicators needed, the cost of CoolSculpting can start at $750 and go up. On average, clients spend between $3,000 and $4,000 per session. 




What factors contribute to the cost of CoolSculpting?

 Many factors contribute, but ultimately – the cost of CoolSculpting is determined by the amount of time and resources needed for the transformation. Broken down, this can include:


The part of the body (and size) being treated. Different body areas cost different amounts for CoolSculpting.

Smaller areas like the chin take less time than larger areas, like the full abdomen. Since CoolSculpting is priced by the number of handpieces, there’s inherent differences in cost based on the body area being treated.


The unique anatomy of the client. CoolSculpting cost depends on the time needed for treatment.

Even the same areas can present different needs when it comes to CoolSculpting. For example, 2 clients who both come in and want their upper arm treated (aka the batwing) may have different lengths of arm. For one client, she may only need 1 application per arm, whereas the other client may need 2 applications per arm. This has nothing to do with having a “large” arm, but instead, with the length of the arm and ensuring full coverage during treatment.


The goal the client has in mind for CoolSculpting. The cost of CoolSculpting varies based on time and resources. More aggressive results usually take more time.

The number of sessions recommended directly correlates with the goal the client has in mind, and the providers understanding of response rates based on experience. 


If you’re looking for a subtle change, you may only need 1 session. If you’re looking for a more dramatic result, you may need a series of sessions. On average, clients do 2-3 sessions to 1 area before their goal is met. 


If you’re only pursuing 1 session, your price will be different than someone doing 3 sessions.


The technique, experience, and technology being offered contribute to the cost of treatment.

Not all CoolSculpting is the same. Just like cell phones, the technology has evolved over time. The newest level of technology comes at a higher price point, because it has a lower risk profile and treats 30% more tissue than it’s predecessor. 


Furthermore, the experience and skill of the provider is part of the treatment cost. Providers with higher skill levels and experience usually charge more than providers who lack training and/or skill.


CoolSculpting results are permanent. Invest in the best.  


What is the average cost of CoolSculpting?

The key thing to know or to take away from this blog is that CoolSculpting is a customized treatment. It’s not a one-size-fits-all type procedure. The price of CoolSculpting is determined based on you, your goals, your anatomy, and the area you’re hoping to sculpt. 


You need a customized treatment plan from an experienced provider in order to have a price quote. When you look at the CoolSculpting technology from a bird’s eye view, the treatment plan depends on what your body currently looks like, what you’d like for it to look like, and how aggressive (aka how much time) it’s going to take to get there.

No two bodies look the same. No two people have the same goal in mind. Even when looking at the same area (for instance, the abdomen), treatments can vary significantly.


For example, here’s one abdomen. Remember, CoolSculpting is priced by the “cycle”. If you count the circles (aka “cycles”) you’ll see a total of six cycles to get full coverage of her abdomen. 👇👇


But not all clients need 6 cycles to their abdomen. Some clients only need 2 cycles, like this client. 👇👇


And some clients want to focus on their abdomen and love handles with CoolSculpting. This CoolSculpting treatment plan focuses on stomach and hips with 5 cycles to the abdomen and 2 cycles to the love handles.👇👇


You pay for CoolSculpting based on the number of placements needed for your transformation. As you can tell, there’s MANY different ways to place applicators – and the placement is key.


Each one of these situations begs a completely different response on behalf of your CoolSculpting provider when asking the question – how much does CoolSculpting cost? 


What is the average cost of CoolSculpting by area in Texas?

You can expect the average cost per cycle to be about $600, no matter the area you’re targeting or where you are in Texas. Cost per cycle ranges between $450-$750 based on the facility and recommended plan. We post our pricing sheet online so you can see our exact pricing right here.  



Each provider will have a different approach to body sculpting. Not all providers use the same treatment techniques. And everyone is different (as you saw in those abdomen photos above). All hairdressers use scissors – not all haircuts are good. CoolSculpting is similar!


That’s why we offer free virtual consultations where we’ll teach you all about CoolSculpting and give you a cost based on your unique anatomy. You can also check out our CoolSculpting pricing & packages page for a more visual explanation of this. Generally speaking, here are some ballpark price ranges by body areas:


What is the average cost for CoolSculpting stomach?

  • Abdomen treatments vary from two cycles to six cycles per session
    • Clients usually seek 2-4 rounds of treatment
      • Treatments range on average from $2,700 to $7,500. 



What is the average cost for CoolSculpting love handles?

  • Love handle treatments vary from two cycles to eight per session
    • Clients usually seek 2-4 rounds of treatment
      • Treatments range on average from $2,700 to $6,000



What is the average cost for CoolSculpting arms?


  • Arm treatments vary from two to four cycles per session
    • Clients usually seek 1 to 3 rounds of treatment
      • Treatments range on average from $2,700 to $6,000



What is the average cost for CoolSculpting chin?


  • Chin treatments vary from one to three cycles per session
    • Clients usually seek 2 to 4 rounds of treatment
      • Treatments range on average from $1,500 to 3,600



What is the average cost for CoolSculpting thighs?

  • Inner thigh treatments are two cycles per session
    • Clients usually seek 1-3 rounds of treatment
      • Treatments range on average from $1,500 to 3,600
  • Outer thigh treatments are two cycles per session
    • Clients usually seek 1-3 rounds of treatment
      • Treatments range on average from $1,500 to $3,6000

What is the price range for CoolSculpting?

Pricing for CoolSculpting® treatment in Texas can range from $750 to $12,000+, which is why you should’nt hesitate from scheduling a free consultation with a CoolSculpting Expert for a customized price quote. We’re a locally owned business in Dallas, Texas and you can book with us online for a free consultation!

Can I finance my CoolSculpting treatment cost?

Absolutely. Clients often want to break their full treatment cost into smaller, easy monthly payments. We will discuss all of your financing options during a free consultation with our team, along with any discounts and loyalty offers that may be available for you.

Why do different facilities charge different amounts for CoolSculpting?

The cost of CoolSculpting in Texas should be comparable, no matter the city. Larger Metroplex areas are likely a little more expensive than small towns, especially if you have a provider with years of experience. From East Texas to the panhandle, everywhere you go should charge on average $600 per cycle.

Expect to pay $400 to $700 per cycle, depending on the practice, but beware of anyone charging more or less than that. That’s the standard in the industry and you don’t want a practice who’s cutting corners doing a procedure that has long-term results.

The price for CoolSculpting is kept competitive and similar across all markets because the parent company (Allergan) has parameters in place to prevent price gouging.

The more experience the provider has, the more likely they will stick to a minimum of $450 per cycle. The quality justifies the price increase because the more experience you have the better your skill and technique. That means anyone charging less than the standard is:

  • cutting corners we’re not willing to cut;
  • lacks experience or skill; or
  • clinic isn’t offering authentic CoolSculpting.



Even though the price is customized, we’re comfortable discussing cost before you walk in the door, even on just a phone call. We can get more details after you attend a virtual consultation and we can discuss your anatomy.

 We’re also happy to email our in-office pricing sheet if you sign up for our free CoolSculpting cost guide.


What questions to ask your CoolSculpting provider when researching cost:

Don’t be afraid to call and ask questions about cost. Instead of asking “how much does CoolSculpting cost” consider asking more detailed questions like:

  • What is your average cost per cycle?
    • They should be charging on average $600 per cycle for a qualified, highly trained provider
  • Do you offer package pricing?
    • You can save money by taking advantage of package pricing with most Texas practices
  • Are there any discounts/rebates available?
    • If you are a member of Brilliant Distinctions, there are discounts and rebates to save money on your treatment cost
  • Do you offer financing? If yes, what are your terms?
    • We offer 6 months deferred interest or longer repayment terms which include interest, in case you need longer to pay off your treatment.

WARNING: If you’re price shopping for cheap CoolSculpting…

We believe in the CoolSculpting technology, so read more to learn how CoolSculpting works and why we believe in our own training and techniques. CoolSculpting is a tool, much like scissors to a hairdresser. While all hairdressers use scissors, not all haircuts are good. Cheap CoolSculpting often means a lack of training or a lack of ability to deliver exceptional results.

Good isn’t cheap. Cheap isn’t good. You get what you pay for with CoolSculpting.

Experience is what brings quality, and quality justifies the cost.  With art, and with CoolSculpting – it’s the experience of your provider that matters. You’re paying for the training, the results, and the artistic capability to deliver on the promises being made.

If you’ve found a price less than about $450 per cycle, then there’s a high likelihood that you’re not getting certified CoolSculpting, or that there are some other red flags you should be picking up on, like an untrained provider. The cost of running a CoolSculpting business is high – and in this industry, you’ll get what you pay for. Cheap CoolSculpting isn’t good and good CoolSculpting isn’t cheap.

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