CoolSculpting + Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment

After freezing your fat with CoolSculpting, there’s not much you *need* to do from a recovery standpoint. But occasionally, we have clients wanting to know how (or what) they can do to speed up results or improve their outcomes after CoolSculpting.

Typically, we recommend drinking plenty of water, exercising within 24 hours, and resuming normal activity as soon as you’re up for it. Depending on your medical evaluation, there may be specific advice you need to follow as CoolSculpting is a Class II medical device and treatment/recovery will depend on your medical history and advice from a medical provider.

But what else can you do? How else can you improve or speed up your CoolSculpting results?

At Element Body Lab, we love Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment – a topical cream that can work alongside your CoolSculpting treatment to aid your body in the breakdown and flush of treated fat cells. As always, consult with a medical professional before incorporating this as part of your recovery, and do plenty of research to see if it’s right for you. As you research, this video may be useful in understanding more about Alastin TransFORM Body Treatment + CoolSculpting. 👇👇

Before we brought on Alastin, as an organization, we initially started by recommending Arnica – an over the counter supplement that could be used topically or orally in conjunction with CoolSculpting to assist in healing. But after a few years, we’d heard more and more about Alastin TransFORM from colleagues and clients alike, who were using the cream a few times a day and seeing amazing results. The most interesting part? These clients saw results faster than clients not using any topical products….

So we met with the crew over at Alastin to see what all the fuss was about. Here’s what we learned.

How does Alastin TransFORM Work?

Alastin TransFORM relies on what’s called TriHex Technology, which is a proprietary technology that clears out the extra cellular matrix under the surface of the skin. If you consider the cellular matrix under the surface like a highway of cells moving back and forth. This is the area where you store elastin and collagen, along with all kinds of damaged cells and buildup over time.

Now with that “highway” in mind… think of the damaged cells like a traffic jam. As we age, we have more damaged cells, or more traffic. That’s why as we get older, we feel like we have dryer skin! Well.. Alastin TransFORM works to clear out the extra cells that are clogging the “highway” to healthy, tight, and plump skin. It clears the traffic jam.

It accomplishes this by decreasing collagenase (an enzyme which breaks down collagen) and increasing gelatinase (which helps break down gelatin). In other words… it helps stop destruction of collagen (which we want more of!) and increases the breakdown of gelatin like buildup of damaged cells too, making it so much easier for your body to clear out that damaged gunk.

How does Alastin TransFORM work alongisde CoolSculpting?

After a CoolSculpting treatment, you have an influx of damaged cells – specifically damaged fat cells that are just hanging out in your “traffic jam” of the cellular matrix. Alastin TransFORM works by penetrating through the hair follicle and triggering a response in your body that 1) breaks the fat cells down into smaller pieces, which makes it easier for your body to flush out treated fat; and 2) clears out the pathway in which your body flushes the fat.

There have been some pretty interesting studies (all done by Alastin) showing that more macrophages (aka white blood cells – or the cells responsible for flushing out the fat) are present with the use of Alastin after CoolSculpting. Additionally, the fat cells themselves are smaller with the introduction of Alastin than in non-Alastin users.

Because of this, results are improved by incorporating Alastin TransFORM as part of the CoolSculpting recovery, according to their research. We break down the most compelling of these studies in the video above with the imagery from the study! Super helpful as you consider different options to aid in your results and invest in your recovery.

Please keep in mind, these studies were funded by Alastin, but in our first-hand experience as a practice… we see clients who implement Alastin see greater results in a faster timeline! We’re happy to discuss this more at a free consultation as well.

What is in Alastin TransFORM?

Alastin TransFORM uses a proprietary TriHex technology (see above) along with Hexapeptide 11 (which speeds up the removal of fat debri); Tetrapeptide 2 and dill (which aids in elastin production and improves texture); Linseed and plantain leaf (which increases hyaluronic acid (HA) production). It’s a blend of botanicals, and you’ll want to read the full ingredient list to ensure you have no sensitivity or allergies before incorporating into your CoolSculpting recovery regimen.

Still have questions? Then book a consultation with our dedicated CoolSculpting providers. We’re happy to help point you in the right direction and research the best options for your treatment and recovery based on years of experience.

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