Common CoolSculpting Treatment Areas for Men

CoolSculpting is an FDA cleared treatment to address unwanted fat, ideally for clients at or near their ideal weight looking to spot reduce targeted areas, like love handles or double chins. 


CoolSculpting works by using cold energy to selectively target and kill unwanted fat cells between the chin and the knees. There are 9 total FDA clearances, none of which are gender specific.


CoolSculpting target areas

Regardless of gender, it’s important to understand how CoolSculpting works and whether you’re an ideal candidate. We offer free virtual consultations to clients in Dallas, Texas to discuss the process, what to expect during CoolSculpting and to develop a customized CoolSculpting cost based on your unique anatomy and goals.

What are the common CoolSculpting treatment areas for men?


The most common CoolSculpting treatment areas for men include the abdomen, love handles, and double chin.


Male CoolSculpting Results

Not all CoolSculpting is the same. The provider and practice you use can make a big impact in the results you see as CoolSculpting is only a tool – and the results depend on the provider, not the tool.

It’s an exceptional technology, but what’s more exceptional is the skill of our expert level providers.


The male CoolSculpting results you’ve seen on this page are all of clients treated at Element Body Lab, in Dallas, Texas.


Want to see more CoolSculpting before and after photosSchedule a consultation with our team and we’ll hand select photos based on a quick conversation and devise a plan and cost for your treatment.

Male CoolSculpting Abdomen

Abdomen or belly fat is the most common CoolSculpting treatment area for men. No matter how hard you’re working at the gym, you may still have some stubborn fat in the lower abdomen, and often if that’s the case, CoolSculpting might be the perfect thing to help you achieve your goals. 


Male stomach CoolSculpting treatments can be focused specifically on the lower abdomen, or can encompass the full abdomen. The only way to know which plan is right for you is to discuss your anatomy and goals with a CoolSculpting provider at a consultation. 


Some clients have more volume in the lower abdomen, but still need to treat the entire belly in order to get an ideal outcome and natural looking results. The best thing about CoolSculpting? It works. But that’s also why choosing a provider who can get long lasting, natural looking results is key. 

Male CoolSculpting Love Handles

The second most common CoolSculpting treatment area for men is the love handles (or muffin top). Despite intense workouts, love handles can be the very last place to respond and are difficult to hide in slim fit tees. 


Love handles are one of our favorite treatments for men, because 1 or 2 sessions can make such a dramatic change in how men look both in and of their clothes. Whether it’s slim fit t-shirts showing love handles, the way you feel in athletic shorts or at the pool with your kids, or how a dress shirt fits a little too snug in all the wrong places, CoolSculpting is the  gold standard for fat reduction, but it’s not a weight loss procedure.


If the goal is weight loss, we recommend discussing your goals with a nutritionist or a personal trainer for ongoing accountability. But if the goal is body sculpting, or toning or trimming in specific areas, we’d love to chat! 




Male CoolSculpting Chin

CoolSculpting holds an FDA clearance for 2 specific treatments in the double chin. First, CoolSculpting is FDA cleared for the submental area, or directly under the chin centered under the face. Second, CoolSculpting is FDA cleared for the submandibular area, or the full jawline.


So whether you’re looking for less fullness directly under the chin or a more structured, defined jawline, our CoolSculpting dedicated providers are able to customize a treatment to help. 

If your goal has to do with skin laxity, it may still be worth a conversation as the world of aesthetic medicine is constantly evolving. As of 2022, there’s nothing in the CoolSculpting portfolio for skin tightening in the chin, but we can discuss what may and what may not be ideal at a consultation, based on our expert trainings.




Male CoolSculpting Chest

Male chest CoolSculpting is not FDA cleared, and therefore is not an area we treat as of 2022. Since there haven’t ever been any safety or efficacy studies, we can’t definitely answer the long term effects for treating breast tissue. Your safety is far too important to our team to treat non-FDA cleared areas, like the male chest.


Many of our colleagues and peers treat the male chest, and some see success. The treatment may be more uncomfortable as the nipple is drawn into the treatment area. Additionally, CoolSculpting only targets fat, but not breast tissue or other tissues that would be unavoidable during the session.


Again, no studies have been performed on the impact of cold energy and/or CoolSculpting treatments on breast tissue. Therefore, we do not currently offer male chest CoolSculpting. 


We can provide our feedback on current available treatments and recommendations on providers for such treatments at a free virtual consultation.


How much does male CoolSculpting cost?

CoolSculpting prices vary and are based on the time and resources needed for treatment, not on gender. 

If your recommended treatment is 1 session and 1 hour, price will be significantly different than another client who needs 3 sessions each 4 hours each.


We charge by the “cycle”, also called an applicator or handpiece. The number of cycles you need depends on the body area and your anatomy.


The best and most accurate way to get a CoolSculpting cost quote would be a virtual consultation. You can also see our CoolSculpting pricing sheet here if you’re not ready to chat with our team.


On average, clients spend between $3,000 and $4,000 on medium sized areas for CoolSculpting (like the love handles). Pricing starts at $750 and goes up, depending on the time needed for your transformation.


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