CoolSculpting for Men

CoolSculpting is an FDA cleared, non surgical treatment to target unwanted, pinchable fat that doesn’t respond to diet or exercise. Here at Element Body Lab in Dallas, Texas, all treatments are customized to specifically address the body type and goals of the specific customer. Whether your a man wanting a slimmer waistline or to target belly fat or even a double chin, the first step is to schedule a  consultation with our team to discuss your goals and map out a treatment.

Can men get CoolSculpting?

Absolutely! Men can get CoolSculpting, because regardless of gender identification CoolSculpting works on pinchable fat that lies above the muscle wall. If you’re at or near your ideal weight and looking to spot treat specific areas, CoolSculpting is FDA cleared in 9 different areas.


Do you treat men with CoolSculpting?

 Yes, of course. About 60% of our patients at Element Body Lab are men! CoolSculpting is a common non-invasive, aesthetic procedure and is appealing to men because there’s no downtime.


What parts of the body can men treat with CoolSculpting?

 Men can treat all of the FDA cleared areas for CoolSculpting – the chin, abdomen, upper arms, back fat, love handles/flank, inner and outer thighs, banana roll, and distal thigh.


Most commonly, men treat the abdomen, love handles, chin, and arms. 


We do not currently offer male chest CoolSculpting as it has not been studied and identified as a low risk procedure for clients. Because the safety and efficacy has not been researched, we do not feel confident as providers to the long term effects of treating this area.



CoolSculpting Men Results

 Men typically desire a different aesthetic outcome or shape than our female clientele and as top trained providers, we are able to deliver exceptional results that align with our customers expectations. 

The following CoolSculpting male before and after photos are all of clients treated here at Element Body Lab, in Dallas, Texas. The photos have been shared with client permission.


Sharing before and after photos is not a requirement for our male CoolSculpting clients, but we’d love to share your results too! 

CoolSculpting is a fat freezing technology that uses controlled cooling to target, freeze, and eliminate fat cells from your body. At Element Body Lab, we offer a truly customized sculpting experience, as no two individuals have the same body type, nor do they have the same goals in mind. 

We take the art of CoolSculpting seriously, so we dedicated our whole business to it. Your CoolSculpting provider will be a certified provider with a training acknowledgement from CoolSculpting University, and work under a medical director. Ask to learn more about your technician or medical director at your free consultation, where you’ll meet the team.

During your treatment, a suction based CoolSculpting handpiece is placed over a gel pad on the treated area, then strapped on using velcro support straps. Once positioned, we support you and the machine using pillows and blankets to make sure you’re comfortable and can relax. Then, treatment is initiated. Once started, you can sit back, relax and drink a glass of wine or beer while scrolling on your cell phone or getting caught up on emails. (BYOB!)


NO. 1

From start to finish, we offer the most convenient booking and treatment options. Schedule your consultation and treatment online, receive all instructions in your calendar invite, and arrive on treatment day. Additionally, we offer the highest trained providers, the most up to date technology, and are CoolSculpting DEDICATED.

NO. 2

On treatment day, you can watch television, get caught up on work from a laptop, listen to music, or just hang out with your CoolSculpting technician during the treatment. Element Body Lab was built with men in mind, so it’s clean and comfortable, and most importantly… private.

NO. 3

After freezing away your fat, there’s no downtime after the session. Return to life, the gym, home, or the office. Get back to life and enjoy your results, which will develop over the course of 3 weeks to 3 months.

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CoolSculpting for men is a highly recommended, safe and effective fat reduction technology that delivers significant results to men and women all over the world. At Element Body Lab, we focus on confidence and getting rid of the unwanted fat that distracts you from your best life.