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CoolSculpting for Men

You’re working hard at maintaining your fitness (as often as you can), but maybe you still have some undesired fat somewhere – on your chest, abdomen, love handles or back area. CoolSculpting for men can target fat cells in these specific body areas, leaving behind a more chiseled and sculpted view. At Element Body Lab, we specialize in freezing away fat with CoolSculpting in a modern, comfortable, and not-too-frilly atmosphere. Clean, bright and spacious is what we’re going for. 

We offer a welcoming, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, and we want your business. When men and women are looking for a non-invasive, safe, and reasonably priced option to spot reduce fat, we’re here. No fuss, nothing extra; just CoolSculpting from real people like you who’ve also been treated. It starts with a consultation to understand your goals so we can partner with you to get rid of those stubborn layers of fat that just don’t budge no matter how hard you try. 

Some parts of your body accumulate more fat than others for many reasons. The most common “trouble” areas we CoolSculpt for men are love handles, the abdomen area, under the chin, and the back. Expect about a 20-25% reduction in the fat layer after just one treatment session and a 40-50% reduction after two sessions.

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary fat freezing technology that uses controlled cooling to target, freeze, and eliminate fat cells from your body. At Element Body Lab, we offer a truly customized sculpting experience, as no two individuals have the same body type, nor do they have the same goals in mind. 

We take the art of CoolSculpting seriously, so we dedicated our whole business to it. Your CoolSculpting provider will be a certified provider with a training acknowledgement from CoolSculpting University, working under the medical direction of Dr. Phillip Dauwe. Ask to learn more about your technician or medical director at your free consultation, where you’ll meet the team.

Element Body Lab Sculpts:


5 Reasons Men Choose Element Body Lab


This non-surgical contouring treatment targets and freezes stubborn fat. No surgery, no needles, no downtime. Get back to the gym the same day, if you’d like. In the months following your CoolSculpting treatment, the frozen fat cells go through a natural cell death, leaving behind a more sculpted physique. Check our gallery to see results yourself.


Men can watch television, get caught up on work from a laptop, listen to music, or just hang out with their CoolSculpting technician during their treatment. Element Body Lab was built with men in mind, so it’s clean and comfortable, with an extra wide bed and surround sound too.


Element Body Lab offers the most up-to-date fat-freezing technology from CoolSculpting, as well as multi-machine treatments to save you time. We call this dualsculpting.


Abdomen treatment plans for men typically range in cost from $1,200 to $3,600 per session, depending on your anatomy. Often, men choose to treat their abdomen and love handles for a more dramatic transformation and to feel more confident in their slim-fitting button up shirts.


CoolSculpting treatments for the male chest may require additional testing or multiple office visits prior to medical clearance. Treatment plans for male chest CoolSculpting typically include 2 rounds of treatment, based on your response rate. Our medical director may recommend a surgical alternative after discussing your specific concerns and anatomy at your initial consultation.

CoolSculpting for men is a highly recommended, safe and effective fat reduction technology that delivers significant results to men and women all over the world. At Element Body Lab, we focus on confidence and getting rid of the unwanted fat that distracts you from your best life. 

Interested in Male Chest CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting targets different body areas in men and women, with over 9 FDA-cleared areas. The most common non-FDA cleared (but still treatable area) is the male chest. Male chest CoolSculpting is the most common fat reduction treatment sought after by men who do not feel good about that bulging layer of fat on their chest region and who are trying to avoid surgery. It’s important to have a physical exam with a physician who can determine the cause of excess chest volume, because that determines whether you’ll respond at all (or if it could cause any adverse reactions).

If you are a candidate, you can maintain your results with proper diet and regular exercise for a lifetime. No surgery, no anesthesia, no downtime and no pain. This procedure can be performed in a less than an hour, and you are ready to carry on with your normal routine activities after.

Element Body Lab understands that men also have societal norms. Men also want to look good with a sculpted physique. That’s why we are here – to help spot reduce unwanted fat and get you back to enjoying life. 

We Love Happy Patients!

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I went in for a consultation a few weeks back to go over certain areas on my body to freeze. YAY!! I loved how personable, welcoming, and informative Jessie was! She answered all of my questions and so much more! I am definitely looking forward to scheduling my appointment in the coming weeks! I highly recommend Element Body Lab!

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Megan Manchester

Jessica more than exceeded my expectations when coming to her for my coolsculpting experience. Her studio at Lemmon Avenue is clean, bright, and very comfortable! Before my treatment, Jessica went over everything to expect during, and after the procedure, and answered every question I had. Her professionalism gave me no question in my mind that I had come to the right place! After getting the green light from one of her doctors, the experience began! I have been to another clinic for coolsculpting in the past, but nothing compares to the comfort at her studio! She made sure I was totally comfortable throughout the entire process. After I left, I received a few emails over the next week and a half from Jessica checking in on my results and what I should be expecting that day. What a nice touch! I will definitely be back in the future to see her and recommend anyone who is thinking about getting this amazing treatment done to book a consultation with her and meet her in person! She is the best of the best!

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Karina Longley

Loved my Coolsculpting treatment at Element Body Lab. Jessie's the best! She loves her work and enjoys explaining the process and tells you just what to expect. Loved my "day at the spa," and look forward to seeing Jessie again at my next treatment.

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Linda Coleman

Jessie was wonderful! The cool sculpting process was so easy and relaxing! Five star service!

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Shannon Howle

Element has to be one of the best CoolSculpting providers available. I have had four areas treated in the last 30 days, and I can already see subtle results in the first area I had done.

Jessie is genuinely passionate about this technology, an expert in her field, and is able to recommend the appropriate course of treatment for your unique anatomy. She performs treatment with precision and patient comfort is a top priority. The reception area is open, clean, and inviting and the treatment room itself is spacious, comfortable, and flooded with natural light. Communicating with Jessie is a breeze and scheduling is flexible with patient convenience in mind.

I previously had an area treated by a different provider in 2017. While they did not do anything wrong, the level of care and quality of service was nothing compared to what you will experience at Element. At the other place, the doctor was contacted via video call. At Element, the doctor is on site. The nurse at the other place had difficulty getting a good seal on the handpiece and her approach to placement of the handpiece was much less scientific than what I experienced at Element. The treatment room at the other place was cramped and windowless and the nurse never checked on me until the cycle concluded. Jessie will be present throughout the procedure, popping in to check on you or just staying to chat if that is what you desire! There was no follow up care at the other place aside from a printed handout and scheduling the after photo. Jessie is in touch the very next day and throughout recovery.

Element treats you like royalty!

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Jenn Tee

I’ve had coolsculpting twice and got great results. Jessie makes it easy and worked with my busy schedule. 🌟five stars ❣️

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Shane Boseman

My experience with the Element Body Lab was phenomenal. Jessie Poole is an expert in CoolSculpting, and is extremely personable, which helps you feel comfortable with the entire process. The results I’ve had are amazing! After single treatments in my abdomen and arms there is a huge difference in just 3 months. If you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from CoolSculpting, I highly recommend setting up a consultation with Jessie.

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Savanah Todd

What a great experience! First off, Jessie is awesome. She covered everything to expect perfectly, was flexabile with scheduling and never pushed me on making any decisions. She spent the day chatting with me, keeping me laughing and not thinking about any uncomfortableness due to the CoolSculpting machine. Speaking of, my procedure was no more uncomfortable than I was told to expect. The cold and tingling sensation only lasted for five minutes or less for each application, so if you're resisting CoolSculpting de to fear of pain, stop waiting and do it! My time at Element Body Lab was fantastic, and I highly recommend you check out Jessie and team. I'll report back after my procedure; I can't wait to see the results!

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McKenzie Meloy

Truly the best cool sculpt facility in Dallas. I went to three to get a little advice on the dad bod and this was BY FAR the most professional and the cost was beyond competitive. I would avoid other places unless you want a comparison with your own eyes.

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peter todd novick

Jessie has been amazing throughout this entire process. She is extremely knowledgeable, accommodating, professional and goes out of her way to ensure you get the best results (even if it means she holds the machine in place just for your peace of mind for the entire session ). I highly recommend if you are seeking Cool Sculpting you use the BEST!

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Dallas Reveiwer

The value of this service is 5+ stars! The procedure is easy and safe and I didn't feel any pain. There's no needles and no down time which makes the process very convenient. AMAZING service from Jessie. She is a professional at what she does- she's knowledgable, passionate, driven , and focused. She cares about her customers and follows up.

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Alex Weber

Jessie is amazing!! She is so passionate and thorough in walking me through the whole CoolSculpting process, knowing what to expect & making me feel so comfortable. I was able to see results after one session, so I booked more! She definitely has made me feel more confident after having a baby. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about coolsculpting. It was the easiest and most Painless procedure! And it works!

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Lindsay Sikes Nicholson

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