SAVE 20% on CoolSculpting® with Partners Card 2020!


The biggest discount of the year (valid on treatments and gift card purchases from 10/30/2020 through 11/8/2020.


Freeze Fat. Save Money. Save Lives.


We’re SUPER excited over here to be offering the biggest discount of the year… it’s actually the biggest discount we’ve ever offered for CoolSculpting®! We’re participating in Partners Card 2020, which means you can save 20% on your CoolSculpting® treatment and/or gift cards purchased from October 30th through November 8th, 2020 with the purchase of a Partners Card (from us or if you’re already a member. 

If you’ve purchased your Partners Card already, please reach out to a team member at and they’ll guide you through your online purchase. Please include your Partners Card # found on the back of your card or a screengrab of your digital Partners Card with your email.

Stick with us if you’re still confused and/or have questions about this whole process…

If you’re new… book a virtual consultation for your first step.

If you’re new to our practice, you’ll need a 1-on-1 video consultation with a CoolSculpting® Specialist. This can be done ahead of time (anytime between now and August 7th) to take advantage of the discount on CoolSculpting®.

Then… buy your estimated cycles online using your best guess.

Most importantly, you’ve got to PURCHASE YOUR PACKAGE during the discount window (valid 10/30/20 through 11/8/20). Download the templates in this video here then watch the video to DIY your treatment plan!

We’ll contact you within 48-hours with your next steps.

Once your purchase is made online, we’ll reach out within 48-hours on your next steps. You may need a medical clearance appointment prior to treatment if you haven’t already done that. We’ll guide every step of the way!

   So here’s the deal…

You’re should definitely buy a $75 Partners Card.  It’s a $75 donation directly to The Family Place, which is a great cause to support. It provides safe haven to victims of domestic violence and your $75 covers 1 night of safety for someone in your community that’s been impacted.

But it’s not totally selfless. In exchange for that donation, you’re able to take 10% off of restaurants and 20% off at retailers all across DFW that are participating in Partners card. There’s hundreds of participants, some of which you can shop online and some in person. 

Get ahead on your Christmas shopping, friend. And do it at a discount. Some of the places we’ll be hitting up during Partners Card 2020 include: West Elm, Athleta, Container Store, DryBar, Meso Maya, Nike & Kendra Scott.

The Dallas CoolSculpting® Experts at Element Body Lab (ahem, that’s us) are honoring 20% off CoolSculpting® purchases made during the Partners Card discount window. Since scheduling is limited, you’ll purchase your treatment within the window (buy it online here) & we’ll reach out to coordinate the rest at a time that works for both of our calendars.

Ready to do this thing?



You can take 20% off your entire CoolSculpting® purchase, in addition to our package pricing discounts. That adds up fast.  Check out our online store to browse total savings and see costs.


CoolSculpting® works by freezing away targeted pockets of fat between your chin and knees. It works because fat is hyper-sensitive to cold. Learn more about the process here.


Probably none. Maybe a pound or three. Ultimately, CoolSculpting® is a body-contouring procedure, not weight loss. If you’re looking to loose weight, we don’t recommend you pursue CoolSculpting®. Talk to our team if you’re interested in using CoolSculpting® as a catalyst in your weight loss journey.


The only way to know for sure is to schedule a 1-on-1 consultation and medical clearance with our team. It’s ideal for pockets of fat that are not responding to diet and exercise (and we see the best results on clients with a BMI under 30).


Cost varies from body part to body part, and from person to person. Check our our prices and packages page for example treatment plans and to learn more about cost.


Great question – Download the PDF template sizes and check out the DIY CoolSculpting® Assessment video online to take your best guess, or schedule a 1-on-1 video call for our best advice.


The fat is processed out of the body slowly through your lymphatic system. Essentially, you pee, poop, and sweat it out using your metabolic system over the course of 3 months. And once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. WOOHOO!

Always read the fine print...


There’s always a catch or fine print in anything. Here’s what you need to know about this promotion. First, we’re not affiliated with The Family Place in any way, other than thinking they support a great cause. We donate every penny of the $75 collected on your behalf and will provide you with a digital image of your Partners Card upon the transaction being complete. 


Good advice: We recommend you buy your Partners Card as early as possible in the promotion in order to get the most benefit from the discounts. Our discount alone will cover the cost of the purchase, but it’s good to save money and support other local businesses during this time.


Not everyone is a candidate for CoolSculpting® and if you choose to purchase a CoolSculpting® credit and/or gift certificate prior to having a consultation and/or medical clearance – you’re assuming the risk that you won’t be cleared for the treatment. All purchases during Partners Card Promotions 2020 are final. You may elect to gift your treatment credit to another person at no additional charge, pending their medical clearance.


 There are risks and side effects for CoolSculpting®. Ensure that you’re well informed on the procedure prior to purchasing a treatment credit. 


The bottom line:  All purchases made during Partners Card 2020 are final sale and non-refundable.