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Sometimes, stubborn fat just won’t budge no matter how hard you work. Introducing CoolSculpting Elite, a nonsurgical treatment that eliminates stubborn fat permanently, with no downtime. Our office specializes in this treatment and is owned and operated by one of the few national trainers in the technology. Learn more at a free consultation.

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Unlike other practices that gatekeep their pricing, we do things differently. We offer transparent pricing, done membership style with options that fit your unique goals. Our most popular option is our Signature Plan, which includes up to 4 rounds of treatment to the same targeted area. On average, clients have 2-4 rounds of CoolSculpting to any area to achieve their desired outcomes.


Want advice on which plan is right for you? The best and only way to get that information is at a free consultation with our team. Click here to book online.


The highest trained team in Texas offering non surgical fat reduction with CoolSculpting Elite

Transparent Pricing. Dramatic Results.

Our office does things differently. We offer membership style pricing based on the body area being treated. While our pricin is simple and transparent, our treatments are not. Each client needs a customized treatment recommendation from our team to outline the plan and discuss what outcomes to expect.

Monthly Payments To Keep Cash Flow Convenient

We offer easy, monthly payments for clients to help keep cash flow convenient. Get pre-approved and see terms right here.

Permanent Results. No Surgery Required.

CoolSculpting works by freezing and killing fat cells in 9 different areas of the body. Once the fat is gone, it’s gone permanently. Our practice, unlike others, offers a guarantee on results. We customize our advice and deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients. When you’re a client here, you’re in good hands.

Stubborn fat has met it’s match with the highly trained team at Element Body Lab, who is proud to be one of the first in the nation to offer easy to understand pricing up to 50% off the All-New CoolSculpting Elite!


CoolSculpting Elite is the 3rd iteration of Allergan’s propriety treatment, and is the latest and greatest offering available for non surgical fat reduction. CoolSculpting’s history proves that it is the safest and most research non surgical treatment available for fat removal, with over 17 million treatments performed wroldwide.


CoolSculpting Elite works faster than it’s predecesor, freezing 2x the fat in 1/2 the time with it’s dual port access and multi-area treatment capabilities.


Element Body Lab offers private, clean, and comfortable facilities, and a weatlh of experience and training from our certified team, giving you safe, dramatic, and natural looking results. 


Our founder, Jessie Poole is one of the few National Trainers for CoolSculpting technologies, serving as an Allergan Medical Institute Faculty Trainer. 


Experience the difference at Element Body Lab, with locations in Dallas and Southlake, TX and eliminate stubborn fat permanently with CoolSculpting Elite.

Element Body Lab is proud to be the number 1 practice specializing in coolsculpting elite in Dallas and southlake, tx

our philosophy is simple. focus on 1 thing and be the best at it. so all we do is coolsculpting and cooltone.

CoolSculpting Elite

  • 18% LARGER handpieces
  • Treats 30% MORE tissue
  • Freeze 2x the fat in 1/2 the time with dual or quad sculpting
  • Sleek, updated look



  • Twice the time to treat
  • 1 applicator per machine
  • U shaped applicators treat less tissue and get worse contact for clients
  • Results took longer to be visible
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Trust Element Body Lab – The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts

Owned and operated by a national trainer on CoolSculpting Technologies

One of the first and only in the nation to offer a guanratee on results

We only showcase our own before and after photos, no stock photos or photos of other providers work.

Don’t take our word for it, read our 5-star reviews, all from CoolSculpting clients

Convenient Availability – we offer same and next day appointments

Our Expert Team

All of our providers have been expertly trained by Allergan’s CoolSculpting University and are certified in CoolSculpting Elite and CoolTone treatments and all treatments performed by our staff are overseen by a medical director in Texas.

At Element Body Lab, we center our treatment recommendations and advice around your unique anatomy and goals. We’ve sought out the very best team and continued nurturing their skills to provide you the best experience and outcomes available. 


Jessie Poole

Founder + Lead Body Contouring Specialist

Rosselen Castellar Parra 

Director of Services – Certified Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician, and Body Contouring Specialist

Tia Thompson

Licensed Esthetician and Body Contouring Specialist

Jenn McGregor

Body Contouring Specialist


Element Body Lab’s team of highly trained technicians could not be more excited to specialize in CoolSculpting’s latest technology – the CoolSculpting Elite. All of our team are certified, work under a medical director, and collectively, we are the highest trained team in Texas. 


Additionally, our founder, Jessie Poole is the most sought after National Trainers on the technology, meaning we have an in-house resource available that no other practice has. 




You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. let’s talk!

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