We want to give you the best CoolSculpting experience in Dallas.

No two people are alike. No two CoolSculpting practices are alike. Let me tell you about Element Body Lab. 



It started with the question “if not now… when?

The vision of Element Body Lab started on my couch, with the help of my husband (the tall glass of water standing next to me in this picture). We dreamed of working for ourselves, of financial freedom, and being able to raise some cute little babies one day. We were both raised in Dallas by some tough love parents who taught us each the values of hard work and having fun.

I was working a job as a sales rep for the makers of CoolSculpting (then called Zeltiq). I taught people across 5 states how to do the treatment & helped them be more successful.

I was really frustrated with work 1 day after a CoolSculpting training. It didn’t make sense to me how or why people ran their businesses the way they did. I had worked in the industry for about 5 years, and with CoolSculpting for about 2 years.

I REALLY loved my CoolSculpting results & I believed in the technology. But when friends asked who to go to for a treatment, I hesitated. I felt like there wasn’t anyone really excelling in CoolSculpting in Dallas. To put it nicely, people in this industry are rarely kind – to their clients, to their staff, or to themselves.

So, it hit me… if these people can own their own businesses & work for themselves, why not me? 

I remember hearing a story about a woman in business who said, “bigger dummies than me have figured this out”. With that, I just swung for the fences and went for it.

 The day I put in my notice to quit my day-job for the makers of CoolSculpting so I could open Element Body Lab, I was terrified & second guessing myself… My sweet, wonderful husband asked me, “if not now, when?” 

So with a whole lot of elbow grease, a cheap laptop, & the help of Google… I opened our doors.

Element Body Lab

What’s a “body lab”?

I came up with the term Body Lab because I didn’t want to own a medspa. I added the word Element as an internal compass to always remind me of our basic elements of business – kindness, authenticity, hard work, and choosing joy.

Why this was absolutely crazy…

  • I’m not a doctor. CoolSculpting is a prescription in the state of Texas. So I had to find a doctor to help me build this thing from the ground up. They had to help write protocols to keep clients safe, and oversee all the treatments. I’ll forever be grateful to my first medical director – Dr. Dauwe – who believed in this business, this procedure, and in me.
  • I don’t come from money. Did you think CoolSculpting was expensive? Try buying a machine. We weren’t wealthy. I didn’t just have a trust fund lying around. Hustle is my love language. I’m so thankful for the friends and family who stood by me, loved me hard through starting a business, and invested their own money into this brand to make it happen. Without them, this wouldn’t ever have been possible.
  • I don’t always know the answer. I don’t have a fancy business degree. I’m not an old white guy in a suit who’s parents forged this path… I’m your friend, Jess – showing up and busting my freaking tail to build something YOU’LL LOVE. And you know what… if bigger dummies than me can figure out how to do this, so can I.

But here’s the thing. Despite all the reasons it was crazy to do this… it actually worked.

Raising the bar for CoolSculpting in Dallas was always the dream. The dream we thought would take years to make real. But then something happened. People found us online. They booked consults & invested their hard-earned money in us. They loved us, loved their results, happily left reviews, and told their friends.

Our clients believed in a Dallas girl trying to build a STELLAR business.

The support, purchases, and reviews helped us change the CoolSculpting market in Dallas forever. It’s remarkable. No matter who you choose to freeze your fat, they’re going to do a better job than they used to. I couldn’t be more proud of the brand and business we’ve built. 💙

And I do not for one second take an investment in Element Body Lab lightly. You picking us as your CoolSculpting practice means you helping me live out my wildest dreams.