How long does CoolSculpting last?

CoolSculpting works by freezing and killing unwanted fat – and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good! CoolSculpting results are permanent. Interested in learning more about whether CoolSculpting is right for you? Then schedule a  consultation with our team in Dallas, Texas.

How long does CoolSculpting last?

CoolSculpting results are permanent.

CoolSculpting uses cold energy to change the texture of treated fat cell, then cause your body to naturally flush those treated fat cells out.  What this means? Results last long term and the best way to protect your investment is to maintain healthy diet and exercise so you can maintain your weight.


CoolSculpting freezes and kills a percentage of treated fat cells, but the remaining cells left behind can get bigger and smaller with weight gain and loss. For you, that means you can still gain and loose weight naturally, in the shape we have sculpted. There’s no such thing as a free pass and you will need to prioritize healthy lifestyle choices to protect your figure, just like you would do before a CoolSculpting treatment.


The long-term effects of CoolSculpting have been studied. Two patients who underwent a single-sided treatment to their flank were followed for up to 9 years with results documented via photograph amidst weight loss and weight gain. 


Despite weight fluctuations and time, results were noticeable on the treated flank for the entirety of the time they were documented. After the study ended, the alternate side was finally treated with CoolSculpting to give these two patients more symmetry! 


So, if you’re wondering how long CoolSculpting lasts, the great news is the results last as long as you maintain your weight. But there’s no such thing as a magic wand, so you do need to maintain healthy diet and exercise in order to best take care of your investment and your body.

How long does swelling last after CoolSculpting?

On average, expect soreness and swelling for up to 2 weeks after CoolSculpting.

During a CoolSculpting treatment, a suction based applicator is placed on the body, then cold energy is used to change the texture of the fat cell. In turn, an inflammatory process is triggered, ultimately leading to a natural, programmed cell death.


The whole process is called cryolipolysis, which is the technical procedure for the name-brand CoolSculpting treatment we know and love.


Clients usually experience redness, swelling, bruising, and numbness after a CoolSculpting treatment. On average, our clients report the redness going away after a few hours to days. The tenderness and swelling usually lasts somewhere around 3-10 days after a CoolSculpting treatment, but clients have reported swelling lasting over 2 weeks. That isn’t common, but can happen.


Usually, clients feel like they can resume normal activity with little to no downtime after their treatment, but CoolSculpting is a medical procedure so you should expect some mild discomfort after the session.

How long does pain last after CoolSculpting?

Pain is subjective and every client’s experience is different. discomfort after coolSculpting should improve daily! 

Usually, clients report the most discomfort after a CoolSculpting treatment on day 2 or 3, with improvement thereafter each day. We rarely have clients call and report “pain” at all, but when we do, here’s our best advice.


Ensure you’re using compression – it will help with the recovery process! Drink plenty of water to help your body naturally flush out the inflammation and treated fat cells. Alternate ice/heat for 20 minutes on/off but be careful – the skin is likely still numb. Use the recovery cream our practice sent you home with! The botanicals and ingredients are all formulated to help with the discomfort and inflammation after your treatment. Trust the process, your body is healing and needs time to recover!


For about 15% of the patients we treat at Element Body Lab, there’s a side effect called Late Onset Pain. The risk factor for Late Onset Pain is lower from a national perspective, as reported by CoolSculpting technology, but we notice it fairly often for our clients. Clients who get “Late Onset Pain” often report feeling sharp, “zinger” like sensations in the treated area that progressively gets worse, starting at day 3-5 post treatment.


For these clients, we recommend the same advice for recovery as above, unless it’s interfering with life, sleep, or work. For those clients, we usually recommend a call with our clinical team and medical intervention to resolve the nerve pain for comfort purposes. Thankfully, clients who get Late Onset Pain usually only have the side effect for 3-5 days, but based on research the average timespan of the effect is usually 3-11 days.


If you were treated at Element Body Lab and are afraid you have Late Onset pain, please contact your treating provider as soon as possible at 214-897-3006.

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