CoolSculpting Love Handles

Love handles can be a tough place to target with traditional diet and exercise – so when stubborn fat just won’t budge, freeze it away with CoolSculpting Elite with our team in Dallas, Texas. 👇 (Not in DFW? Find a provider near you here.)

Does CoolSculpting work for Love Handles?

CoolSculpting is the safest and most proven technology for unwanted fat and it’s FDA cleared to treat the sides of the body (otherwise known as the “love handles” or flanks). It was first FDA cleared for flanks in 2009 and since then, there’s been over 100 peer reviewed scientific journals proving it’s safety and efficacy. Moreover, here at Element Body Lab, love handles are our 2nd most popular treatment area, right behind CoolSculpting abdomen treatments. 

Who is a candidate for CoolSculpting Love Handles?

The only way to know if you’re a candidate for CoolSculpting love handles is to schedule a free virtual consultation and chat with a medical professional. CoolSculpting is a prescriptive medical device, so you will need a full medical evaluation in order to be compliant with medical board laws in Texas. That’s all part of your consultation journey here at Element Body Lab.


That said, clients who usually respond well to the CoolSculpting love handle treatment have pockets of pinchable fat that’s pliable and soft. Ideal CoolSculpting love handle candidates are at or near their ideal weight and looking to spot treat specific areas, not looking for overall weight loss.


The fat needs to be pliable and soft in order to draw into the cooling cups and based on texture, there may be more ideal options for you. Great news is consultations are free with our team and we’re happy to point you in the right direction as to whether CoolSculpting is the best choice or if you should research or pursue other options. 


CoolSculpting Love Handle Before and After Photos

All photos you’ll see are of clients treated here at Element Body Lab in Dallas, Texas. CoolSculpting results can vary greatly from provider to provider. Not all CoolSculpting is the same, because the technique of the provider and/or practice makes a large impact in the results you’ll see.

Think about it like this… all hairdressers use scissors, not all haircuts are good. At Element Body Lab, our philosophy is simple – to focus on 1 thing and be the very best at it. For us, that’s providing exceptional CoolSculpting results in a friendly, customer-centric environment. 

 Check out our full CoolSculpting before and after photo gallery here.


How many treatments will I need for CoolSculpting Love Handles?

On average, patients notice a 20-25% reduction of the tissue treated after each CoolSculpting session. This is on a bell curve, with some clients responding a little more aggressively and some a little less.


How many cycles (aka treatments) you’ll need will depend entirely on your anatomy. The best (and most accurate) way to determine the number of treatments needed for CoolSculpting love handles is to attend a consultation. There, you’ll talk to a dedicated CoolSculpting provider and show them the area you’re interested in treating (like your love handles). Together, you’ll decide on an ideal outcome and in turn, number of treatments and sessions needed to achieve your goals.


CoolSculpting is priced by the *cycle* – which is an industry term referring to each treatment administered during an office visit. Often, clients are receiving multiple cycles (or treatments) to achieve full coverage of a single area.


Some clients only need 1 treatment to each lower love handle to achieve full coverage, but pursue multiple sessions to see a *more aggressive* result than what 1 CoolSculpting Elite session can provide. 


Here’s an example of  CoolSculpting Elite Love Handle Results. 👇👇


But treatments are customized and clients all have different goals in mind. Here’s another example of  CoolSculpting Elite Love Handle Results. 👇👇 But this client wanted a more narrow waist and exaggerated hourglass. Her plan looked entirely different (because her anatomy and goals were different).

How much will CoolSculpting love handles cost?

Cost varies from person to person because treatment is customized to meet your unique anatomy. On average, CoolSculpting love handles costs $2,700-$4,500 per session but can range anywhere from $1,500 to $6,000+ for a full transformation. We post our pricing sheet online and offer free virtual consultations because we understand the importance of cost as a determining factor in whether the treatment is right for you.


CoolSculpting is priced by the treatment (or cycle). Each time the equipment is hooked up to your body, there’s a cost associated with it. Think about it like this: you buy gas by the gallon, but you buy a full tank of gas. You buy CoolSculpting by the treatment (or cycle), but you pay for a full session (or multiple sessions) at one time. 


Unfortunately, there’s not a way around a consultation to determine cost because no 2 people have the exact same anatomy or goals in mind. There’s no pressure to book at a consultation – it’s just a way for us to answer the question as to cost & give you our expert CoolSculpting opinion!  


Not ready to do that? Check out our pricing sheet right here.


CoolSculpting Love Handles Risks & Sife Effects

 There are risks and side effects in every decision you make and CoolSculpting is no different. Normal side effects include redness, swelling, bruising and numbness after a CoolSculpting treatment. More rare side effects exist and should be researched prior to pursuing treatment.


Check out the full patient safety data sheet here or attend a consultation with our team and we’ll send over the CoolSculpting consent form, including the instance rates for all side effects. 


CoolSculpting Love Handle Pain?

If you’ve had a CoolSculpting treatment and are experiencing pain after your session – discuss it with your CoolSculpting provider. Discomfort is to be expected for a few days after the session, including tenderness to touch or a feeling of a “deep bruise”.  During the recovery period, we usually recommend that our clients drink plenty of water, use Alastin TransFORM Body Treatement 2x per day (morning and night), wear compression, do light stretching daily (along with any typical workout routine), and avoid sun exposure of the treated areas.


For clients who experience sharp, shooting pain after CoolSculpting Love Handles, we have a deeper discussion about Late Onset Pain, which is a known (but rare) side effect for CoolSculpting. This can happen as the nerves fire back together, but is experienced like glass under the skin or “zingers” in the treatment area. When experienced, it usually lasts 3-11 days and is worst at night. Compression, alternating ice/heat, and other advice can help mitigate or lessen the pain. 


If you’re in pain, please let your CoolSculpting provider know so they can communicate it with the overseeing medical professional and document it in your chart. This educational content is not a substitute for medical advice. 


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