Does CoolTone Work? | The Science of Magnetic Muscle Stimulation

Looking for an option to amplify your workouts? A way to increase muscle tone or firm muscles? CoolTone® is an FDA-cleared, nonsurgical treatment that uses magnetic muscle stimulation to tone, firm, and strengthen muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. The first step is to schedule a  consultation with our team to discuss your goals and map out a treatment.

How CoolTone Works

The science of magnetic muscle stimulation


Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (also called CoolTone) works by delivering electrical impulses that contract and relax the muscles. The CoolTone treatment relies on MMS technology, which bypasses the sensory nerves so there’s no pain during the treatment. That said, it’s like doing 20,000 squats (or crunches) in as little as 30 minutes. The CoolTone treatment uses applicators, which generate a magnetic field by having an electrical current run through a copper coil in the center of the handpiece that’s used during the session.


During a CoolTone treatment, a qualified provider will place one or two paddles on the targeted area, then strap them down using a velcro support system. Once the treatment is initiated, a large magnetic causes contraction of the muscle where the paddle is placed. The paddles can (and should) be moved or adjusted to intensify the contraction. The device itself also increases in intensity, so your provider will adjust the placement and device intensity during the treatment. 

Treatments last between 20 minutes (on the thighs) and 30 minutes (on the abdomen and/or glutes) per area. Multiple areas can be scheduled during a single treatment visit. 


Each CoolTone treatment is broken into 4 phases…

The treatment time is 20-30 minutes per area, and a series of treatments is recommended. At Element Body Lab, we recommend an initial series of 6-8 treatments, scheduled 2x per week for 3-4 weeks.


The phases of a CoolTone treatment are:

1. Warm up. During warm up, the muscles are prepared for a “workout” and the provider will adjust the handpiece to ensure proper placement and maximum engagement.  

2. Muscle toning and firming, with active recovery between. During this phase, the muscles undergo major contractions, often experienced as the more intense part of the treatment. The provider may continue adjusting the handpieces to ensure the most intense contraction and/or less discomfort on tendons and joints. Additionally, during this phase, the provider will increase device intensity as tolerated. More time under tension leads to more aggressive results, so the quicker we can get to 100% engagement, the better.

3. Muscle Strengthening, with active recovery. During this phase, maximal engagement continues. At this point, adjustment of applicators is less common, but we’ll ask for feedback to make sure you’re still feeling engagement.

4. Cool down. Finally, a cool down helps flush lactic acid and decreases the risk of soreness and fatigue after the treatment.

How often are treatments

What to consider when scheduling CoolTone


CoolTone protocol dictates an initial series of 6-8 treatments, scheduled 2-4 days apart (we recommend 2x per week), then monthly maintenance treatments for best results.  We don’t recommend scheduling the treatments faster than this cadence, as the recovery between sessions allows the muscles enough time to truly rest & leads to better overall results.


Plan to spend about 45 minutes at the office for each individual treatment day, including photos for documentation, signing consents, and the treatment itself. 


CoolTone results

CoolTone Before and After Photos