Why the CoolSculpting Experience Is Different at Element Body Lab

At Element Body Lab – our philosophy is simple. Focus on CoolSculpting and be the best at it. That means giving you a better experience when it comes to freezing away fat for good.

Today on the blog, we’re talking about why the CoolSculpting experience is different at Element Body Lab… and more broadly, what you should expect when you search for CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting Dallas Treatment

The CoolSculpting Experience

According to the studies produced by Allergan, the makers of the CoolSculpting technology – about 35 million people would stand up and raise their hand when asked if they’re interested in CoolSculpting. That’s a lot of interest. But what most people don’t understand is the actual CoolSculpting experience or typical journey of CoolSculpting client.

The experiences you’ll have vary widely from practice to practice. There’s little regulation on who can offer the technology – the only hard-an-fast rule is there must be a physician involved to purchase a device, since it’s technically a prescription.

Other than that, it’s the wild west out there.

The rules vary state to state on who is allowed to do a treatment – with some states requiring a physician to be involved and others requiring literally no training. Even in Texas, it is required to have an overseeing medical professional involved in the diagnosis and development of the treatment plan, but there are no required trainings for the provider administering the treatment. If you’re interested in checking out the compliance notes from the Texas Medical Board, they’re listed here.

That in mind, when you’re searching for a provider, there’s lots of information you should be paying attention to, but the CoolSculpting experience should look like this:

  • First you do some research online
  • Then, narrow your search down to 2-3 providers
  • Reach out to the practices you selected and schedule free consultations, either in person or virtually. Meet the provider, team, ask about their training and tour the facility. Gather the information so you can pick the best CoolSculpting practice for treatment.
  • Finally, decide on your preferred practice, make a deposit and schedule your treatment.

An easy way to narrow your research phase when it comes to the CoolSculpting experience is to look for a CoolSculpting dedicated provider. Element Body Lab is the first, best, and only CoolSculpting dedicated practice in Dallas – but we know there are some focused and specialized providers out there too. Pick someone who is focused on 1 technology because it allows them to refine their own skills and be masters of the craft they focus on. We believe in focus. We believe in specialty. That’s why we don’t use our chiropractor to deliver our babies, right? 


What it’s like getting CoolSculpting 

When we talk to our clients who have had experiences with other practices or providers, we’re often appalled. We’ve heard it all – that the provider didn’t know their name all the way to a treatment room that’s cold, dark, and crammed.

At Element Body Lab, we believe CoolSculpting is a luxury purchase, and we treat it the same. We have a private, dedicated CoolSculpting facility near Walnut Hill & 75, with 2 CoolSculpting suites flooded with natural light and built with you in mind. When we ask our client’s what it’s like getting CoolSculpting with us versus other places, the normal response is “night and day different.”

For us, we want the whole CoolSculpting experience to be easy. We’re here to answer your questions by phone, or by text and online. We want you to feel like you can research any question you have on our website, which is why we write these blogs and spend so much time organizing the site to be user friendly.  We know that you wouldn’t be reaching out to us if you didn’t want an honest opinion, so if you’re considering CoolSculpting vs. liposuction or any other procedure, you’ll be given the opportunity to chat with a knowledgeable provider and even our medical team regarding what’s the best option for you.

We built this business for you, and we wouldn’t be in business without you.

CoolSculpting Dallas Specialist

Jessie Poole, our dedicated CoolSculpting Specialist is the highest trained provider for CoolSculpting in the State of Texas. She worked for the company who developed CoolSculpting before she opened the doors of Element Body Lab. Now, she works as a certified CoolSculpting provider under a licensed medical director, but she also continues to develop her skills. She attended the highest level of training offered by CoolSculpting University, Clinical Masters and graduated their program in November 2019.  She now serves as an AMI Faculty Trainer, training providers across the nation on the best practices for CoolSculpting.

Jenn McGregor is another CoolSculpting Specialist at Element Body Lab. She started her career in aesthetics learning from our founder, Jessie Poole and also works under the oversight of a licensed medical director in Dallas. Jenn is a CoolSculpting Certified Provider, has graduated CoolSculpting University, and has a portfolio of work to showcase her unique skill as a body contouring specialist.

Why we opened The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts

We were inspired to launch Element Body Lab because we had a dream. We wanted to give Dallas customers a key resource, and a place where they knew they would get the best.

For us, it’s not about the money – but it is about the results. It’s about the reputation and the changes we’re able to make in people’s lives. We love it when people tell us that they are thrilled they found us, and we work hard to catch more eyes every day. We want you to have the best, and we work hard to deliver on the commitment to offer the best CoolSculpting in Dallas. 

Coolsculpting banner logo

We know you want to freeze your fat. We want to help. We know you want to try CoolSculpting, so we specialized in it. We know you want the best CoolSculpting experience, so we constantly refine our own process to give it to you.

We opened Element Body Lab, the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts for one reason – it was for you. We believe that Dallas deserves the best because this is our home. We love CoolSculpting almost as much as we love our hometown. 

When we tried to have our own fat frozen, we knew we had to change the CoolSculpting experience for our friends. What it’s like getting CoolSculpting needed an upgrade, and no matter where you go – we’ve raised the bar. Every practice in Dallas is trying harder for you…. And that’s because of us. We coined the term “CoolSculpting Expert” and now it’s regular jargon. Do not be fooled. There can only be 1 Dallas CoolSculpting Expert and that’s Element Body Lab.

Meet the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts at Element Body Lab

If you’re wondering what it’s like to get CoolSculpting, we’re only a phone call away AND you can book us online. Our consultations are free, and you’ll meet our expert team who is here to help. There’s no pressure, there’s no judgement, and there’s only one thing to lose – unwanted fat.

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