What to Expect at a CoolSculpting Consultation

[Updated 7/12/2021]

At Element Body Lab, our goal is to make the CoolSculpting experience a little easier to navigate. 


So we’re breaking down the FAQs and each step of the process so you know what to expect and can get the information you’re looking for in the easiest and most convenient way (which sometimes means on the other side of a cell phone or computer screen).


When you start the process of researching CoolSculpting, just about everyone you talk to is going to recommend you go in for a CoolSculpting consultation to have all your questions answered.


But why? Because CoolSculpting is a totally customized procedure – and the entire experience is depending on the part of the body you want to treat, your unique anatomy, and your goals with pursuing body sculpting.


So here’s when you’re ready to take the next step and have a 1-on-1 conversation, here’s what to expect in your consultation journey:


Your CoolSculpting Consultation Starts With Intake Questions and Online Booking

At Element Body Lab, the first step is to attend a virtual consultation, or a more casual introduction to answer your general questions around the technology and get a price quote for the places you want to start seeing a change.


Why virtual? Because we want to make this the easiest treatment possible. By answering your questions virtually, we’re able to book a treatment day so you only have to make 1 trip to our office. You’re busy, we get it. This cuts down on needing multiple office visits (and allows us more flexibility with scheduling).


When booking your virtual consultation, you’ll complete all of our intake paperwork and upload a photo of the area you’re wanting to discuss. That’s how we’ll be able to discuss the area on a video call! 


You’ll also fill out some generic intake paperwork – basically all the same information you’d provide for any medical facility – including allergies, medical history, etc. along with some detailed information about lifestyle, diet, and exercise routines. 


We want to know medical history during your CoolSculpting consultation journey because this technology does have exclusions (aka contraindications) and considerations. If you’ve had a hernia or any surgeries in your abdomen area and are seeking treatment for belly fat, then we need to know about your history with that! We want to know your lifestyle so we can ensure CoolSculpting is the right fit for you.


You’ll have the opportunity to discuss all of the information provided with our medical director or a high level provider who’s well trained in the CoolSculpting treatment, risks, and side effects. 


Then You’ll Have 1-on-1 time with a Certified CoolSculpting Expert (and your medical clearance appointment)

Your CoolSculpting consultation (or initial educational visit with us) is designed to help identify your goals, discuss the CoolSculpting technology, provide general information about the team and mission of Element Body Lab, and make sure you feel confident and comfortable during your entire time with us. 


We set aside our undivided attention to:

  • answer any questions you have about freezing fat,
  • explain how CoolSculpting works in a relatable way,
  • talk about what to expect on treatment day and after,
  • discuss the cost of CoolSculpting for your unique anatomy and goals, 
  • review our own before and after photos for patients treated here – by us – so you can understand what results to expect and set expectations,
  • discuss what happens if CoolSculpting didn’t work
  • get you familiar with the training and process at our practice, and
  • talk about the next steps towards freezing your fat…


Once you’ve had your basic questions met, you have the opportunity to speak with a high level, trained medical professional to ensure you’re a candidate and discuss all risks and side effects. 



The treatment plan for CoolSculpting can be as aggressive or as conservative as you’d like. Your voice matters, because ultimately – this is your investment, and these are your results. We’re here as experts in the technology to help guide you in your CoolSculpting journey.


 We’ll Give You Our Best Advice…

Your results are our reputation and we do not take your investment of time or trust in us lightly. Our rule is to always provide you with the best advice possible.


Sometimes, it’s about how many rounds of treatment we think you’ll need to meet your goals. Or what areas you’ll also need to address in order to achieve the goal you outlined.


Sometimes, it’s advice on great workouts to target that trouble spot and enhance your CoolSculpting results. Sometimes, it’s advice on what to bring or wear for your CoolSculpting treatment.


And sometimes… sometimes, we tell you that you could be better served by a different option or technology and refer you to the right experts in that trade. 


Not everyone who walks through the doors of our business at Element Body Lab is even a candidate for CoolSculpting. 


At your virtual consultation…

You’ll Get Your CoolSculpting Price

Once we’re able to discuss the target areas you’re wanting to sculpt, we can provide a detailed price estimate for your treatment.


We’re honest and open about pricing and are the first business in Dallas to openly post our pricing on our website. While treatment plans are customized, the basics are the same. We charge on average $600 per cycle (or application to the body). Prices can (and do) vary based on the treatment plan, but you can visit our CoolSculpting pricing and packages page to see a few of our most popular treatment plans or sign up to download our in office pricing sheet.


Our two most popular treatment areas are abdomen and flanks (or love handles). Most abdomen CoolSculpting treatments cost between $3,000 and $4,000 but pricing varies widely depending on you, your anatomy, and your goals.


Do you want more information on CoolSculpting?

That’s our mission. To answer your questions in the easiest and most convenient way. Book your virtual consultation for some 1-on-1 attention to answer your specific questions.


Whether you’re considering CoolSculpting because of a trouble spot you notice every time you get dressed, or if you’re considering using CoolSculpting to target those spots that won’t respond to healthy lifestyle routines, we know that how you feel in your own skin impacts your confidence and your self-perception. It changes how you feel in work meetings, at the pool, and how you feel day in and day out.


CoolSculpting is magical, when done by the right person. But not all CoolSculpting providers have the same level of artistry or same capability of delivering great results.


It’s all about the artistry of body contouring along with using the technology to accomplish your goals. If you’ve got a little bit of fat? That’s great. If you’ve got a long way to go, CoolSculpting may give you the push you need to make the positive lifestyle shift.


Element Body Lab, Dallas CoolSculpting Experts for Your Best CoolSculpting Experience

Everything we do at Element Body Lab, day in and day out, is to help Dallas CoolSculpting patients have the best experience possible. From results, to the education around how CoolSculpting technology works, and even the actual in-office experience…. our philosophy is to give the best there is to give.


So if you have a question about CoolSculpting, book a virtual consultation with our expert team. There’s no pressure, no judgement, and we promise to give you the best advice we can. 


If you’re looking for a CoolSculpting provider, keep in mind that our philosophy is to focus on 1 technology and be the best there is.


At Element Body Lab, it’s about more than the CoolSculpting technology alone! It’s about the entire experience. We care about the comfortable treatment chair, the well trained providers who back their results with a guarantee, and that when you walk into the office, you feel right at home. There are no stuffy waiting rooms, no crammed treatment rooms; just a bright and open space that you’d want to spend a few hours hanging out and freezing away unwanted fat for good.


Enjoy your research. Schedule your virtual consultation when you’re ready to take the next step. We’d be honored to participate in your journey.


Until then,
Happy freezing

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