Defining CoolSculpting Terms: Cycles, Sessions, and Treatments

At Element Body Lab, we pride ourselves on being the best CoolSculpting providers you’re going to find. There are plenty of places you can go to freeze your fat off, and we want you to pick us, especially if you’re in or around Dallas.

But no matter who you pick to freeze away body fat, there’s a few terms that get tossed around in the industry that you should know. Every office or practice that offers CoolSculpting, in Dallas in particular, seems to use these terms differently. So we’re speaking truth to the bull and teaching you the industry jargon you should know.

What is… a CoolSculpting UNIT:

“cycle,” “treatment,” or “area”

Is it all the same thing?

CoolSculpting units can be referred to as a cycle, a treatment, or an area. Each office may use a different terminology, but the practice understands the word CYCLE.

Educated CoolSculpting customers in Dallas should ask…

“What is the cost per cycle of CoolSculpting?”

Vocabulary is most important to make sure you’re not getting bamboozled when it comes to cost. When you’re thinking about the price of CoolSculpting, it’s integral that you understand – cost is tied to your treatment plan and CoolSculpting is priced by the “unit”. Treatment plans will vary based on your anatomy and the goal you have in mind, along with your provider’s understanding of the CoolSculpting technology when developing the treatment plan.

We wish everyone used the same vernacular when talking about CoolSculpting so clients like you could understand this… but at most places in Dallas, a CoolSculpting “unit” is referred to as a cycle. Some offices call this an “area,” others a “treatment,” and others still refer to it as an “applicator”. It’s all the same.

Ensure that you’re being charged per unit, aka application of the device to your body. Ask your CoolSculpting provider to clarify the cost per cycle of CoolSculpting It’ll help level the playing field and understand how their CoolSculpting cost compares to other practices.

Pro tip: If the answer is all over the place and the person responding can’t drill down to a specific price per cycle, you might be picking a provider who cares more about your money than your experience. They are keeping their pricing model confusing so they can charge you whatever they want.

When referring to a unit of CoolSculpting,

we prefer the term CoolSculpting Cycle

A “cycle” refers to every application or placement of the CoolSculpting machine to the body. This is the appropriate jargon in the industry and what CoolSculpting refers to as their unit of sale. This is our preferred term when referring to CoolSculpting Dallas cost, and to be frank – CoolSculpting should be charged by the cycle.

In the same way that Botox is priced per unit or gas is priced by the gallon, CoolSculpting’s equivalent term is a cycle. CoolSculpting’s parent company, Allergan, strictly monitors the price of CoolSculpting to prevent price gouging in the market. Anyone charging less than $600 for a CoolSculpting cycle is in violation of the terms of the policy and is likely not offering authentic CoolSculpting.

Pro tip: Be wary with anyone offering a CoolSculpting price less than $600/cycle…. Practices who are offering deep discounts, advertising on Groupon or incentivizing you to purchase multiple cycles at a lower cost are likely cutting (important) corners to allow the price to drop.

At Element Body Lab, we offer easy to understand pricing (by the cycle). CoolSculpting results are an investment in yourself. Consider your cost of CoolSculpting in Dallas as simple as this: You get what you pay for. You should be paying $600 per cycle. It should be honest, easy to understand, and up front.

When referring to an area of the body,

we prefer the term: CoolSculpting Area

When you’re thinking about a CoolSculpting “area” with Element Body Lab, we’re talking about a body area or the general area we’re focusing on sculpting with your CoolSculpting treatment. The number of cycles (or units) will depend on the size of the area and the size of the handpieces we’re able to use.

Some practices in Dallas refer to a cycle as an area when advertising their CoolSculpting cost. Why? It’s to make you think a treatment area is cheaper than it is. Don’t be sold snake oil. There, we said it. We acknowledged the elephant in the room.

Common treatment areas can include CoolSculpting armpit fat, abdomen, love handles, bra fat, back fat, chin, and more. You may need multiple cycles to achieve full coverage of the area with your CoolSculpting Treatment. We’ll show you this in person. You get the final say in what you want to target and what’s appropriate for your budget with CoolSculpting.

And finally, that brings us to our outlier terms that can (sometimes) be used to confuse the Dallas CoolSculpting customer, especially when it comes to cost.

When referring to our equipment used,

we prefer the term CoolSculpting Applicator or Handpiece

Occasionally, you’ll find the rare practice who prices per “applicator” or per “handpiece.” As if the CoolSculpting cost wasn’t confusing enough, these people are our (least) favorite.

An applicator is a term that refers to the equipment your CoolSculpting technician uses to administer controlled cooling from the device. The applicators vary in size, along with shape to accommodate different body areas and body types. They’re these attachments that add on to the CoolSculpting device so your CoolSculpting technician can customize your treatment to your body.

Four CoolSculpting machine heads

If your CoolSculpting practice prices per applicator (or handpiece), they’re really pricing based on the equipment they’re using. They could be using this to mark up their most commonly used equipment or penalizing you based on your body type.

Not at Element Body Lab. We’ll certainly educate you on the equipment and let you know what your treatment plan entails, because we think you want to know that stuff. This term is really referring to a “cycle” if you’re thinking about cost of CoolSculpting.

What is… a CoolSculpting Treatment: Understanding a Treatment vs. a Session

Your CoolSculpting treatment should refer to the entire treatment plan. That may mean multiple body areas (each consisting of multiple cycles). We use “treatment” and “session” interchangeably, depending on if you want to break your treatment down into multiple days for the sake of your schedule.

Consider a session the same way you would think about a session of Pilates. You may have multiple workouts or exercises during your single Pilates session, but you’re just there once. You may have multiple cycles (or units) of CoolSculpting to get full coverage of a body area, but you’re only there once. Maybe you come back for another session to target a new area, or maybe you come back for another session to achieve additional sculpting to the same area.

A CoolSculpting session is the visit to the practice – it may include one cycle and it may include sixteen. We don’t know your budget, we haven’t discussed your goals, and we haven’t reviewed your anatomy.

That’s what your consultation is to figure out!

Are you confused?

Here’s a real-life example:

Let’s say you’re scheduled in Dallas with us on Tuesday from 7am to 11am for your CoolSculpting treatment. You may be sculpting your abdomen and flank areas and using 6 cycles. If you wanted to break that treatment down, you may come Tuesday from 9-10 for one session and Wednesday from 10:30 to 1 for your second session.

You may also come back 30-45 days later for your 2nd session of CoolSculpting to the same areas, with the same number of cycles you used on your first treatment day. Maybe your 2nd session is different than your first. We don’t know. You’re reading a blog, not talking with a real person.

On that note, why don’t you talk to a real person? We’re just a phone call or an email away and would be honored to walk you through this whole thing. Promise, it’s not that scary, and we’re really nice. Call or text 214-897-3006 to talk to the Dallas CoolSculpting experts or email us at [email protected] and we’ll talk soon!

Until then,
Happy freezing! ️
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