Defining CoolSculpting jargon: a Guide by Element Body Lab

Updated 11/10/2023

At Element Body Lab, we take pride in being the leading CoolSculpting providers in Dallas, committed to ensuring our clients make informed decisions about their transformative journey. Understanding the industry jargon is crucial, so let’s unravel some commonly used terms, providing you with a comprehensive guide to navigate CoolSculpting conversations effectively.

1. CoolSculpting Unit: Cycle, Treatment, or Area?

The terminology used for CoolSculpting units can vary, causing confusion. However, the most widely accepted term is “cycle,” representing each application or placement of the CoolSculpting machine on the body. Knowing this is essential when discussing costs.

Element Body Lab Terminology:
We refer to each placement of an applicator on the body as a cycle. This aligns with industry standards, allowing you to understand the pricing structure accurately. Much like buying gas by the gallon, you rarely buy just a cycle; you invest in a full treatment.

2. CoolSculpting Area: Targeting Specific Body Areas:

When we mention a CoolSculpting “area,” we are specifying a particular body region targeted for sculpting. The number of cycles required depends on the area’s size and the handpieces used. It’s crucial to differentiate between “area” and “cycle.”

Element Body Lab Terminology:
We use “area” to describe an individual body part targeted for treatment, often requiring multiple cycles to achieve full coverage. For example, the abdomen is an area that may need 2-6 cycles for comprehensive sculpting.

3. CoolSculpting Treatment: Rounds, Sessions, or Visits?

A CoolSculpting treatment involves multiple cycles, targeting one or various areas. The terms “treatment” and “session” are used interchangeably, sometimes causing confusion. Understanding that a sesion comprises multiple cycles is key.

Element Body Lab Terminology:
We refer to each individual office visit as a session. A session can encompass multiple areas, each requiring several cycles for full coverage. For clarity, we distinguish between cycles and sessions in our terminology.

4. CoolSculpting Applicator or Handpiece: Equipment Terms

Providers may occasionally price CoolSculpting per “applicator” or “handpiece,” focusing on the equipment used during the procedure. This can be confusing, but it underscores the importance of the equipment in achieving optimal outcomes.

Element Body Lab Terminology:
When discussing applicators or handpieces, we refer to the shape or size of the handpiece. This emphasizes the artistic aspect of CoolSculpting, where applicator selection and placement play a significant role in the final outcome.

Real-Life Example:

For a client seeking a full midsection transformation:

  • Area: Midsection – Abdomen and Flanks (2 areas)
  • Cycles: 6 cycles for full abdomen coverage, 4 cycles for love handles (flanks); total cycles per session = 10
  • Sessions: With an ambitious goal, we recommend 3 rounds of treatment, totaling 3 sessions
  • Applicator: Customizing the plan, we use larger applicators on the lower abdomen (C150) and smaller applicators on the upper abdomen and flanks (C120) for impactful and natural-looking results.

Understanding these terms ensures you navigate CoolSculpting discussions with confidence, especially the conversation around the cost of CoolSculpting. If you have questions or need further clarification, our Dallas CoolSculpting experts at Element Body Lab are here to assist you. Book a consult to chat with us one on one.

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