Madison’s Cool Journey

At Element Body Lab, patients are more than just another number. The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts at Element Body Lab want to know your story; who you are and why you’re choosing CoolSculpting. We also want to provide the perfect CoolSculpting experience in Dallas to our customers. That’s what this story is about.

“These are their stories…” (Queue the Law and Order theme!)

Just kidding. In all seriousness…

We want to introduce you to Madison. She’s 19 years old, active and healthy, and a student at Oklahoma University who drove all the way to Dallas to receive her CoolSculpting treatment. Why did she choose CoolSculpting in Dallas? Because she had a higher expectation when choosing a provider for her treatment. Before we get into that, let’s revisit our basics…

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is the safest and best way to target and kill unwanted fat, while avoiding the downtime associated with surgery. It’s amazing technology that’s had an FDA clearance since 2009 and over 7 million treatments performed. It’s the safest and best way to freeze away fat for good. It uses controlled cooling to target unwanted fat and your body processes the fat out using the lymphatic system. The scientific term for CoolSculpting is cryolipolysis – or using cold to break apart and kill fat.

CoolSculpting is a prescriptive medical device, meaning it’s a “medical procedure” and you’ll need to chat with a doctor (like Dr. Dauwe) to ensure you’re the appropriate candidate in your initial consultation. That brings us to…
The first step in your CoolSculpting journey should be an initial consultation. There, you’ll talk about your lifestyle and what you’re hoping to sculpt with CoolSculpting. You’ll need appropriate expectations and an understanding of what your CoolSculpting journey will look like.

Interested in learning more about the Science of CoolSculpting? Check out our blog on the Science of Freezing Fat.

Now onto Madison’s Cool Journey.

Madison found out about CoolSculpting from a few family members, who were treated and had wonderful CoolSculpting results. They were all treated at Element Body Lab in Dallas, but Madison lives in Oklahoma, so she decided to search for “CoolSculpting near me” on good old Google.

When we talked to Madison, she had in fact contacted another practice about CoolSculpting. OH, THE HORROR! She cheated, but she learned some valuable lessons along the way.

When she contacted the CoolSculpting office near her, the person who initially answered the phone and talked to her couldn’t answer her questions about general information. They were rude and cold on the phone, but maybe they had a bad day.

Then, when she arrived on consultation day, she waited for 30 minutes in the lobby before she was told that the person she’d be talking to still wasn’t at the office. What a terrible customer service experience. We were shocked.

At Element Body Lab, Dallas CoolSculpting Experts, we believe that every patient should be treated like a priority. This is a cosmetic procedure – something that is totally elective – and it’s a luxury purchase. Would you expect to have a long wait at a luxury car dealership? No. At Louis Vuitton? No. You shouldn’t have bad customer service with CoolSculpting either, but it happens.

She decided after having a consultation for CoolSculpting near her home, she would compare notes with the experience of her family members. She knew right away that she wanted to experience Element Body Lab and scheduled her consultation and same-day treatment with the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts when she was in town for a long weekend.

Madison chose to treat her double chin and her armpit fat with CoolSculpting. The cost of her CoolSculpting treatment was less than $2,000 per session. You can find out more about the cost of CoolSculpting on our prices and packages page.

We asked Madison if we could share her story. She was happy to review her CoolSculpting Dallas Experience so other clients could follow along.

Hey Madison…. Why are you doing CoolSculpting?

Madison, like most patients who walk through our doors, is active and healthy. She has a regular workout regimen and eats healthy, but still has some cumbersome fat that impacts her confidence. When we talked at her initial consultation, she mentioned being self-conscious about a few spots on her body and really wanting to change that, specifically her double chin and her armpit fat.

We get it. Looking good, feels good. Why waste energy being self-conscious when you can safely freeze off that pocket of fat and get back to life the same day? Why not freeze off your double chin and feel your best in photos? Why not sculpt away belly fat with CoolSculpting?

How do you even target double chin fat or armpit fat in traditional workouts? I’m sure we’ll get an email from some personal trainer, and if you’re that person – [email protected] will come straight to us. Send em in, folks!

Why would someone drive all the way from Oklahoma (or anywhere out of town) to get CoolSculpting in Dallas?

You should choose the best when it comes to CoolSculpting providers. Customer service and safety should be a priority to your CoolSculpting provider, as should their reputation and proof that they’re able to achieve amazing results.

Not all CoolSculpting is created equal. Not all providers have the same experience or care when it comes to delivering on the promises they make or prioritizing excellent customer service. Not all physicians overseeing CoolSculpting in Dallas are familiar with the best practices to develop a treatment plan, either.

You should make the decision on who you trust with your body based on many things. For Madison, she said she “truly believes Element Body Lab is the best in the business. Both [her] parents and her sister were treated by Jessie and their results are extraordinary and [she] want[s] something just like that.”

She loved getting to meet Dr. Dauwe and understand the physician’s involvement and expertise, as he recommended the pace of her sessions and the importance of full coverage of the targeted area with Jessie, her CoolSculpting provider. Dr. Dauwe applies the artistic approach he uses during liposuction to develop his treatment plans, bringing a unique touch to the practice at Element Body Lab.

We think that people should travel far and wide to receive CoolSculpting in Dallas with Element Body Lab because our philosophy is to be the best at what we do. If you can find CoolSculpting near you with the same level of care and professionalism, go for it.

What are you most excited about in your CoolSculpting journey?

Madison is most excited about her results. She’s most excited about her before and after photo after her 2nd session of CoolSculpting to her chin. She’s competing with her big sister to see who has the best results. We love it.

She’s also excited about wearing a racer-style top next summer, without feeling self-conscious about armpit fat. She’s always avoided tops that expose the armpit area, and she can’t wait to pick clothes without worry of unwanted fat.

We respect the privacy of our patients and are happy to showcase these results while you’re in office, or to email you photos specific to your interests once we’ve had a conversation. You can also follow us on Instagram if you’d like to see some of our own results from patients willing to share their story, like Madison.

If you’re ready to start your cool journey with CoolSculpting in Dallas, contact the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts at Element Body Lab by phone at 214-897-3996 or email at [email protected]. All you have to lose is unwanted fat, after all.

Until then,
Happy freezing!
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