First-Timer’s Guide to a Great CoolSculpting Experience

Maybe you’re thinking about experiencing CoolSculpting for the first time. If that’s the case, you’re not alone! CoolSculpting is the world’s #1 choice for non-surgical fat reduction and it’s one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the market today. Why? Because freezing away fat for good is cool.

Chances are you’ve got a friend or family member who had a CoolSculpting experience and liked their results. At Element Body Lab, we’ve successfully built a business around achieving noticeable, visible results and positive word of mouth referrals after cold freezing fat cells for happy clients.

But maybe you don’t know anyone – maybe you’ve never tried CoolSculpting before and you don’t know where to look for answers to your (important) questions! You can count on Element Body Lab – the CoolSculpting Experts of Dallas – to help make your CoolSculpting experience a great one. This guide to all things CoolSculpting will help you better understand this popular fat removal treatment and help you figure out whether it’s the right option for you.

First Up – What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is one of a handful of non-invasive options to get rid of fat. It’s FDA-cleared and works by isolating pockets of pinchable fat and exposing them to intense, controlled cool temperatures with a CoolSculpting machine. The freezing cold temperature destroys and kills the fat cells without damaging any other surrounding tissue. The fat cell death takes a period of weeks to months, because your body naturally flushes the destroyed cells away using your lymphatic system.

What all that leaves you is a slimmer appearance, longer/leaner lines, and less fat in the treated areas! The best news? Fat destroyed by CoolSculpting doesn’t ever come back! Most patients treated (86% in clinical studies) see improvement in body contour, reduction in the fat layer, and lose inches in the treated areas.

Biggest Mistakes Made in the CoolSculpting Experience

The biggest mistakes that people make in their CoolSculpting experience is assuming they have too much or not enough fat. It’s totally normal to wonder if you’re a candidate for CoolSculpting, or what makes an ideal candidate for the treatment. Some people even assume it’s a type of weight loss procedure (it’s not!) or that it will help people who want to lose a significant amount of weight for health reasons (more on that later).

To be frank, CoolSculpting is best for people who are happy with their weight, or for people who are at the end of their weight loss journey. Why? Because CoolSculpting doesn’t lead to a substantial change in the number on the scale. It does however lead to a substantial difference in the way you look. It’s designed to remove stubborn deposits or pockets of fat that aren’t responding to exercise, healthy diet, or any other weight loss measures.

Think about it like this. CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing technique that helps you put the finishing touches on your physique by sculpting and shaping pockets of isolated fat. So if it’s just CoolSculpting inner thighs? Bingo. Want to focus on your midsection (belly fat/love handles) then let’s get to chilling.

What Can a CoolSculpting Machine Treat? And Where Does it Work Best?

The CoolSculpting  machine can work on isolated pockets of pinchable fat in many areas in the body. We have different sizes and shapes of applicators so your provider can customize your treatment plan to meet your goals. We consider ourselves artists by nature and take great attention to think about the overall outcomes. Applicators (aka handpieces) are available for:

  • Under the chin
  • The upper arm
  • The inner thighs
  • The abdomen
  • The outer thighs
  • The hips (love handles, muffin tops, flanks…)
  • The back
  • The upper knee (distal thigh)

But pretty much any pocket of fat can have the same principals applied to customize your individual plan for cold freezing fat cells. Even atypical (or unusual) presentations of fat perhaps after a surgery can be treated! One of the most common examples of this is the residual fat after a c-section.

CoolSculpting works best on isolated pockets of fat and is best for places you’re looking for “improvement”. For larger pockets of fat, or for areas where there’s also a concern of skin laxity, you may want to consider surgery. 

We see the best results on discrete, or small pockets, of fat. The more pliable, the better – that’s because the tissue is more easily drawn into the handpieces. We talk a lot internally about “target markets” or “ideal candidates” and find that patients who are most satisfied with their outcomes or results started their CoolSculpting journey between 5 to 35 pounds from their ideal weight and understand that this is not a weight-loss procedure. It’s body sculpting.

Okay, You’re Ready to Experience CoolSculpting. Now How Do You Find a Great Provider?

Fantastic! We hope you allow Element Body Lab the opportunity to impress you. But wherever you are and whatever you decide, you’ll want to consider a few factors on your cool journey.

First – you’ll want to make sure your CoolSculpting provider has the right kind of training. CoolSculpting providers should have attended and graduated from CoolSculpting University, the official hands-on, clinical training program created by the manufacturers of the CoolSculpting technology. Knowledge on this procedure evolves over time – you’ll want to make sure their training is most up-to-date and that they can confidently answer your questions from the very first phone call. None of this “you’ll have to schedule a paid consultation” mumbo-jumbo.

It’s also a good idea to check out what areas the providers can treat, and how quickly. Some offices have outdated technology that takes 2x as long (and is 86% less comfortable! OUCH). If you’re wanting to treat multiple areas at once, it can be worthwhile to find out if the office offers Dual-Sculpting – which uses 2 applicators to treat different areas simultaneously. With time being our most valuable asset, we’ve invested in the ability to save yours… and we’re committed to only offering the most up to date technology available on the market at Element Body Lab.

Most importantly – check their online reviews and see if they have a track record of success with their own before and after photos. Any qualified CoolSculpting practice should be able to let you speak with another patient who’s happy, will have their own personal CoolSculpting experience and success, and can produce their own results. Their results should be impressive. You know how you have good hairdressers and bad hairdressers? Well… there’s good CoolSculpting providers and bad ones too. A bad haircut will grow out, but bad CoolSculpting results? Not so much…

Which brings us to the final question you should ask your CoolSculpting provider to ensure they’re the best! Repeat after me: “In the unlikely event that I’m not satisfied with my CoolSculpting results, what then?” At Element Body Lab, you know your investment in yourself is protected – because we back our results by the Body Lab Promise. Why do we do this? Because your results are our reputation. And we’re in this together.

What Should You Do Before Experiencing CoolSculpting the First Time?

Not much. There’s really nothing major you need to do to get ready for a treatment, other than your homework in choosing the best CoolSculpting provider. Depending on your current weight, you may consider a regimen to shed a few pounds to enhance your CoolSculpting results. But if you’re at your goal weight, you’re good to go!

At Element Body Lab, we provide recommendations to any scheduled patient on preparing for their CoolSculpting treatment. Basically, it’s our tips and tricks to be more comfortable on treatment day. These recommendations can vary depending on your medical history and conversation with our medical team. Doctors orders often include instructions on medications.

Best general tips we can provide to prepare for your CoolSculpting treatment?

  • Drink plenty of water! Most people are dehydrated so try to double up on water.
  • Wear comfortable, full coverage (we recommend all black) undies for your photos.
  • Bring a change of clothes. There is a gel pad used during treatment, and it’s super sticky and can get on what you wear (it’ll come out with water).
  • Avoid aspirin if you can. It increases bruising.
  • Schedule early! Results take ~3 months so you’ll want plenty of time before whatever you’re getting ready for.

What About After a CoolSculpting Treatment? What Should You Do to Help Along Results?

Our favorite part about the CoolSculpting experience is that there’s little to no downtime. Everyone tolerates the treatment differently, but we encourage you to jump right back into life with regular activities and no delays. Want to go take a workout class? Great. Got a big presentation at work? No problem.

Keep in mind that everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Normal side effects can include redness, swelling, bruising, numbness, tenderness, etc….. On top of that, it takes a while before you see results. Depending on how quickly you metabolize the destroyed fat cells, it can take up to 16 weeks before you’re at your final result after CoolSculpting.

Remember that CoolSculpting is not a free pass! It’s in addition to your efforts with healthy lifestyle choices. We talk about the Trifecta Effect – and how SO often after CoolSculpting treatments with Element Body Lab, our patients are more dedicated in their diet and exercise efforts. We think that getting over the hump of frustration around unwanted body fat can help inspire and motivate you! At least, that’s what happened in our own personal success stories.

Why Choose CoolSculpting with Element Body Lab?

You’ve got options when it comes to getting rid of fat. From liposuction to other non-surgical alternatives, the time has never been brighter to be on the hunt for a solution. So why pick CoolSculpting? And why Element Body Lab?

For one, CoolSculpting is the gold-standard in safety and is proven to work. Over 7 million treatments have been performed, so it’s definitely not the new kid on the block. There’s also over 100 peer reviewed research articles proving that the science is there, and your CoolSculpting results will last. People who get CoolSculpting usually see a 20-25% reduction (on a bell curve) in the amount of fat in the treated area. Results compound too… so you can get greater reduction by doing multiple rounds of sculpting.

Another thing, CoolSculpting is way more convenient than most other options. It’s not right for everyone, but if CoolSculpting is a fit for you and you can avoid the downtime and recovery process of surgery, why wouldn’t you? With CoolSculpting, you’re paying for the luxury of not going under the knife. You don’t have to put your life on pause to get the results you’ve always wanted.

But not all CoolSculpting is created equal. Element Body Lab was built for this very reason – because Dallas deserved a better option when it came to CoolSculpting providers. Jessie Poole, the founder and CoolSculpting technician at Element Body Lab brings intimate knowledge of the treatment and years of experience to the table.


Trust the experts at Element Body Lab in Dallas, Texas to guide your treatment. Consultations are free, so all you have to lose is stubborn fat.

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