How To Speed Up CoolSculpting Results

So maybe you just heard that you can target stubborn fat using the CoolSculpting treatment, which freezes away unwanted fat for good with no surgery, needles or downtime. But wait… there’s a catch! Results take at least a few weeks to develop, and more commonly, several months!

So what can you do to speed up CoolSculpting results?

Understanding The CoolSculpting Procedure

Before you start worrying about how to flush out those dead fat cells from the treated area, it’s important to understand the CoolSculpting Procedure as a whole. CoolSculpting is a medical treatment and it’s not for everyone.


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Finding out if you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting involves attending a consultation with a qualified provider. During that consultation, we’ll discuss your medical history and any concerns or contraindications based on your specific anatomy, goals, and medical background.


Depending on what you’re looking to achieve, a CoolSculpting treatment recommendation will be put together, which may involve multiple office visits to the same targeted area.


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After the Cool Sculpting treatment, the fat cells are flushed out of the body using your lymphatic system. Most patients don’t notice any changes to the body immediately as the lymphatic system takes time to flush out the treated fat cells.


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Picking the right provider and right treatment plan will speed up and improve your CoolSculpting results

The right provider will know how and where to place the CoolSculpting handpieces to get the most dramatic CoolSculpting results. There’s a true technique to the treatment, it’s not as simple as clicking a button.


Prepping Your Body Before CoolSculpting Treatment and During Recovery

Based on your unique anatomy, goals, and medical history, your CoolSculpting provider should give you advice based on the targeted areas being treated to achieve best results.


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Stay Hydrated – Drinking Water

One of the best things that you can do leading up to your appointment and afterwards would be to increase your water intake. CoolSculpting relies on your lymphatic system for the fat removal process so it’s essential to get enough water. Staying hydrated is the best way to help your body and ensure the quickest recovery and lymphatic flush.


Some clients prefer ice water, but find that they drink much slower. Room temperature water is easier to drink in high volume, especially during an exercise!


Compression Garments

Compression garments feel great during the healing period for some people, especially those with an active lifestyle. Others hate the feeling of compression after treatment. Compression will help your body recover quickly and speed up the results slightly based on many client’s experiences.


Healthy Diet and Exercise

Once you’ve been treated, the fat cells will naturally be flushed out in the treated area. Patients expect an average reduction of 20-25% of the tissue treated to be eliminated after the controlled cooling of the treatment. CoolSculpting results are long term, and will stay present amidst fat gain and fat loss with natural weight fluctuation. To enhance your results or speed up the timeline, double down on exercise and pay attention to eating patterns.


Unhealthy eating habits can undo the investment. With tremendous fat gain or weight gain, the fat cells can hit a critical cell size and duplicate. To maintain the number of fat cells, maintain your activity levels, participate in aerobic exercise, and pay attention to your diet. Weight gain has to do with calories in vs calories out, so exercise is a great way to counterbalance any overages you have due to diet.


When choosing foods before and after treatment, it’s essential to keep in mind calorie intake vs. output. While drinking water is great, making sure your nutrition is on point is even better. Choose whole foods and forgo processed options. Make sure you’re getting enough fiber to help with the lymphatic system as well. Exercise will also stimulate your lymphatic system, aiding in that timeline to results.


Unfortunately, there’s no free pass in life. You’ll have to maintain your healthy lifestyle choices, including your diet, exercise routines, and weight to maintain your results long term.


Post Treatment Massage

After a CoolSculpting procedure, the provider should administer a post CoolSculpting massage to aid in the blood flow and maximize the results. The massage lasts for two minutes and enhances results, clinically showing an improvement of over 67% when studied.


After your treatments, you can expect redness, swelling, bruising and numbness. To enhance your results, you can also massage the treatment area, spending special attention to areas of the skin that feel firm or sensitive.


Alastin Transform Body Treatment or Other Topical Treatments

After the CoolSculpting procedure, the skin does naturally retract with time due to the gradual process of fat leaving the body, as long as there’s healthy skin integrity prior to treatment.


During a consultation, you’ll speak with a provider, medical professional, and/or doctor to discuss any risks or side effects. If you’d be better served by considering alternate procedures, you’ll be notified.


Our team specializes in CoolSculpting technologies but occasionally, a client’s final results would be better served by liposuction combined with skin excision or tummy tuck procedures to focus on their goal and ideal outcome.


Most of our patients don’t report any issues with skin after their three months to result. We recommend that our clients go home with a topical product called Alastin TransFORM and apply it to the area for at least a few weeks. During application, the treatment area can be massaged to stimulate the metabolism and help your body process out the fat.


This topical treatment works to help retract the skin and promote healthy collagen production in all areas, including the abdomen, chin, midsection, arms, or thighs.

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Find out if CoolSculpting is Right For You

The first step is to talk to a qualified provider to discuss your options. Our team is located in Dallas, Texas and offers clients in DFW CoolSculpting and CoolTone services to address unwanted fat for clients who are active and healthy. We also offer CoolTone which promotes muscle tone and strength.


Our team of highly trained providers will work one on one with you to educate you on the CoolSculpting Process, how to speed up CoolSculpting results, and answer any questions you have about the options available to you.

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