How to Prepare for CoolSculpting Treatment Day

Once you’re scheduled for your CoolSculpting session, the hard part is over. The education phase – or the time you’re working to figure out the cost and details of your treatment are much more difficult to navigate than how to prepare for treatment day.

Basically, there’s not much you need to do. CoolSculpting is a relatively simple procedure, from a patient perspective. You’ll need to block time on your calendar for the session and give yourself some wiggle room after the treatment as to not double book your calendar. Otherwise, there’s nothing major you need to do.

For clients with us at Element Body Lab, we’ll send specific instructions leading up to your session on how to prepare, that way you have the best CoolSculpting experience possible. Those instructions include:

  1. Once a year, complete your telehealth medical evaluation. If you have any major changes to your medical history or it’s been more than a year, please re-complete the evaluation. If you need instructions on how to complete this, please contact us via call/text at 214-897-3006.
  2. Drink plenty of water leading up to your session. The fat leaves the body through your lymphatic system. Being well hydrated is a great way to help your body after your session.
  3. Plan your workout after your session, not before. Working out can raise your body temperature, even just slightly, making it harder for the equipment to cool the fat. We recommend workouts after a session, not the morning of or right before.
  4. Wear something comfortable for the session. You’ll be sitting still on a treatment bed for a few hours, more than likely. Plan to wear something comfortable and nothing too tight. Opt for athletic wear, specifically joggers or sweats (not tights or yoga pants). Bring the tights or yoga pants, or whatever compression garments you might have with you to put on immediately after the treatment. We’d recommend wearing something you don’t mind getting dirty (or bring a change of clothes) that way if gel gets on anything during the session, you’re prepped for whatever is to come afterwards.
  5. Bring something to occupy your time. Again, you’re sitting still in a treatment bed for a few hours, more than likely. Bring an ipad and some headphones or a laptop with you so you can connect to our wifi and knock out work or binge watch some Netflix while here.
  6. Give yourself some wiggle room before the appointment so you’re not running behind or stressed out. It’s helpful to know where you’re headed. We’ll send you a calendar invite as a client of ours with specifics about parking and directions. You’ll find a photo of the building in the appointment confirmation leading up to your session. You may want to give yourself a few extra minutes to navigate the building, especially on your 1st session where you’re getting familiar with the office itself.
  7. Plan to block an extra 30 minutes on your calendar, in case we run over. It’s not common, but sometimes appointments run behind for many reasons. From you needing to take breaks in between cycles to finding the perfect placement of equipment, or even dreaded “pop offs” of equipment, you’ll want at least 30 minutes of wiggle room after your treatment so you’re not stressed trying to make it to the next thing.

We hope you have the COOLEST experience ever on treatment day. When you arrive at the practice, expect to complete some paperwork (we’re a digital practice, so you’ll sign everything on an iPad). Then, we’ll capture your “before” photos so we have documentation of your current body. You’ll spend about 10 minutes with a dedicated CoolSculpting provider to map out the treatment and ensure we’re targeting the places you notice. Then, you’ll get positioned and start the treatment itself.

The treatment itself entails:

  • cleanse and prep the skin
  • protect the skin using appropriate gel pads and/or liners designed for the equipment
  • place the equipment on targeted area using suction and/or support straps
  • ensure patient comfort
  • initiate cooling

Your provider will ensure you’re comfortable and explain the sensations based on the treatment area when you’re comfortable connected to the equipment. They’ll stay with you as long as you need to feel confident and comfortable before leaving the room for the remainder of the “cycle” or placement.

Looking for more feedback about recovery? Check out our CoolSculpting Recovery Guide.

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