Preparing for Your CoolSculpting Transformation: A Step-By-Step Guide

Congratulations on taking the exciting step towards a sculpted you! As your CoolSculpting treatment day approaches, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for the journey ahead.

1. Post-Education Phase Ease

The challenging part of understanding the costs and details of your CoolSculpting treatment is behind you. Now, the focus shifts to preparing for the upcoming session, a relatively simple and patient-friendly procedure.

2. Calendar Blocking

Ensure you’ve set aside dedicated time on your calendar for the CoolSculpting session. Allow some flexibility after the treatment to avoid any scheduling conflicts. The simplicity of the procedure means there’s no major preparation required.

3. Element Body Lab-Specific Instructions

For clients at Element Body Lab, specific instructions will be sent leading up to your session to enhance your CoolSculpting experience. These instructions typically include:

  • Completing your telehealth medical evaluation annually or when there are significant changes to your medical history.
  • Staying well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water before your session to facilitate the body’s natural fat elimination process.
  • Planning your workout after, not before, the session to avoid raising your body temperature, making it easier for the equipment to cool the fat.
  • Choosing comfortable clothing, preferably athletic wear like joggers or sweats, and bringing compression garments to wear immediately after the treatment.
  • Bringing entertainment such as an iPad or laptop to occupy your time during the session.
  • Allocating extra time before the appointment to navigate the building, especially on the first session.

4. Wiggle Room

Give yourself some extra time before the appointment to avoid running behind or feeling stressed. Familiarize yourself with the location details provided in the calendar invite, including parking and directions. Blocking an additional 30 minutes on your calendar allows flexibility in case the session runs over.

5. The CoolSculpting Elite Experience

When you arrive for your CoolSculpting session, anticipate completing some paperwork digitally on an iPad. “Before” photos will be captured to document your current body. Spend about 10 minutes with a dedicated CoolSculpting provider to map out the treatment areas. The treatment involves cleansing and prepping the skin, protecting it with gel pads and/or liners, placing equipment using suction and/or support straps, ensuring patient comfort, and initiating cooling.

Your provider will stay with you, explaining sensations and ensuring your comfort before leaving the room for the treatment cycle. For more insights into recovery, refer to our CoolSculpting Recovery Guide.

Get ready for the COOLEST experience on your treatment day, and let the transformation begin! ❄️✨

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