How to find the best CoolSculpting near me

As you start researching CoolSculpting near you, you may find a lot of practices and providers, or you may find very few. What’s important to know is that not all CoolSculpting is created equal. It’s a tool, like scissors to a hairdresser, and you want to find the best practice and provider near you to deliver the results you’re looking for.

That’s why we’ve put together this video on how to pick a CoolSculpting provider, but keep reading too… we’ll pull out our top 3 tips to find the best CoolSculpting near you later on the blog. 👇👇

Was that helpful? Bet so.

So let’s dive a little deeper. How do you find the best CoolSculpting near you? Well, if you’re in Dallas-Ft. Worth area, we’d love to talk. If you’re willing to travel to DFW for your sessions, we’re here and ready! You can use this button to book your virtual consultation (the first stop in your journey).

But in case you’re not local to DFW here’s what to look for…

1. Find a practice or provider that specializes in CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting dedicated providers are unique – not all practices who offer CoolSculpting have a specialist. If there’s no specialist, it’s probably a good sign that they’re not busy enough to support someone dedicating all of their attention to the craft.

2. Look for a locally owned business (not a national brand).

National brands, while great at a LOT of things, will limit you in access to the business owner. There’s [sometimes] less attention to detail, which will impact your overall results. That may mean you need to look past the first few options on google…

3. Read reviews!

Finding a reputable practice that has great reviews is SO important. Probably the most important thing of them all. The reviews should mention CoolSculpting. Better yet, they should mention the provider by name! Both the reviews and the responses to the reviews can give you a good feel for who the business is and what they stand for. Sometimes big businesses have lots of reviews, but nothing about CoolSculpting. Maybe they’ve got many clients thrilled with their services in dermatology, but they only recently started their CoolSculpting business… wouldn’t you want to know that?

There’s a handy tool to find a CoolSculpting provider near you from the makers of the technology. Any certified CoolSculpting practice should be listed here, so it’s a great place to research local businesses.

Again, we can’t stress the importance of reading reviews to you. Reviews are a patient’s firsthand experience. You wouldn’t shop on Amazon without reading a review, so why would you let someone do a long-lasting medical procedure without doing your due diligence and looking at references and reviews.

Other pro-advice when looking for the best practice near you…

  • Ask them if they’ve been treated.
  • Ask to see a portfolio of their work.
  • See if they’ve been to CoolSculpting University
  • Find out what version of the technology they use… as of 2022, the most up to date technology is the CoolSculpting Elite.

Best of luck in your CoolSculpting journey. If we can be of any assistance and you’re looking for a practice in Dallas, Texas… we’re ready when you are!

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