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How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost in Texas?

The number 1 question we get at Element Body Lab is how much does CoolSculpting cost? It’s understandable to wonder how  much CoolSculpting costs – before you walk through the doors of a business, you want to know what to expect as far as the price goes. It’s often the first question, before someone even asks about our credentials, training, or experience with CoolSculpting. 

Since it’s the most important question our customers have, we’re talking cost of CoolSculpting today on the blog.

We’re going to compare and get honest about how much CoolSculpting can cost in Texas. We’re going to compare the price of CoolSculpting, and even go into the cost per area, so you’re armed and dangerous when making that first call to a CoolSculpting Specialist of your choice. Keep in mind, we believe price shopping is a great thing, and we’re all for a budget – but the cost of CoolSculpting in Texas is  not the only factor when considering freezing away your fat. 


Treatment plans are customized, which means the cost of CoolSculpting in Texas varies.

The first thing you need to know is that CoolSculpting is a customized treatment. It’s not a one-size-fits-all type procedure. The price of CoolSculpting is determined based on your anatomy and your goals.  But what does that mean?

First you need to know if you’re even a candidate for CoolSculpting. That requires a physical exam by a high-level medical professional, because CoolSculpting is a prescription. The medical professional you’re talking to is making sure CoolSculpting is a safe option for you, medically speaking. They’re also ensuring you get the best and safest CoolSculpting experience, results included.

Then you need a customized treatment plan, based on the body area you’re considering treating. When you look at the CoolSculpting technology from a bird’s eye view, the treatment plan depends on what your body currently looks like, what you’d like for it to look like, and how aggressive (aka how much time) it’s going to take to bridge that gap. Larger areas take more time than smaller areas – so the CoolSculpting cost per area for the chin is going to be much different than the CoolSculpting cost for an abdomen. Additionally, if you’re a smaller person or looking for subtle changes, your price of CoolSculpting will be much cheaper than someone with a little more fat to freeze.

Expect to pay for CoolSculpting by the “unit” aka “cycle”.  Every time a CoolSculpting handpiece is placed on the body, the practice has an associated cost. The cost of CoolSculpting will vary from place to place, but universally – everyone charges by the “cycle”.  A cycle refers to the application of CoolSculpting to that specific area.  For example – you would need to place a CoolSculpting handpiece at least one time on each love handle for a transformation to the flanks. If you’re being charged $600 per cycle, the cost of CoolSculpting for the flanks would be at least $1200 per session.

While you’ll pay for CoolSculpting by the cycle, the number of cycles will vary based on body part and your personal build. You may weigh 100 pounds, you might weigh 1,000 pounds, or you may be somewhere in between. You may have scars or stretch mark that need to be taken into consideration, you might be really fit and athletic, or you could be a total couch potato. Each one of these situations begs a completely different response on behalf of your CoolSculpting provider when asking the question – how much does CoolSculpting cost?

The average cost of CoolSculpting by area

You can expect the average price of CoolSculpting to start at about $600 per cycle, no matter the area you’re targeting. The number of cycles you’ll need to purchase in order sculpt away the fat that bothers you will vary based on the area itself. It’s truly impossible to give an exact quote without seeing you live, & in color. 

Understanding the price of CoolSculpting 

Jessie Poole, the dedicated CoolSculpting Specialist at Element Body Lab in Dallas, TX explains price to customers using two scenarios. Botox is her favorite comparison, but gallons of gas is another unique way to understand how the cost of CoolSculpting is determined.

If you understand how Botox is priced (by the unit) and how an injector customizes the placement of Botox to address the concern of the customer – you can apply the same idea to CoolSculpting. While the price of CoolSculpting is about $600 per cycle, the number of cycles needed to transform an area is unique to the body and goals of the customer.

If you’ve never priced Botox, then consider a gallon of gas. Gas is priced by the gallon, but the number of gallons needed to fill up a tank is unique to the car. You also need more gas to get you across the nation than you do to get across the Metroplex. 

The average cost of CoolSculpting for the abdomen is between $1,200 and $3,600 per session, and the number of sessions varies based on your goals. The average cost of CoolSculpting for the chin is between $600 and $1200 per session. Each body area requires a different number of cycles to achieve full coverage. Each unique body requires a different treatment plan to ensure full coverage and maximum contact which is how you get the best results with CoolSculpting. Without a formal consultation, it’s impossible to give a price quote, but you can see standard treatment plans to understand how pricing works online on our Element Body Lab – Dallas CoolSculpting Experts website

Treatment areas for men and women

Everyone is different, and you shouldn’t hesitate from going in for a free consultation with an expert CoolSculpting practice to determine your unique cost to transformation. Don’t be afraid to ask them about price on the phone, however. We’re totally comfortable discussing price before you walk in the door, and then customize our treatments once we have you in-office. 


Monthly Payments with 0% Interest!

CoolSculpting prices vary from person to person, from body part to body part, and from practice to practice. 

At Element Body Lab, Dallas CoolSculpting Experts, we offer our clients 0% monthly payments through Care Credit and through GreenSky, to make the cost of CoolSculpting more affordable.  These 2 options offer 3rd party lending to our clients to break their CoolSculpting transformation down into a monthly payment.  Most patients at Element Body Lab spend somewhere between $300 and $500 a month on their CoolSculpting transformation when using financing for CoolSculpting.


How much does CoolSculpting cost in Texas? Comparing the cost of CoolSculpting across the great state of Texas.

The cost of CoolSculpting in Texas should be comparable, no matter the city. Larger Metroplex areas are likely a little more expensive than small towns, especially if you have a provider with years of experience. From East Texas to the panhandle, everywhere you go will be about $600 per cycle. The price for CoolSculpting is kept competitive and similar across all markets, because the parent company (Allergan) has parameters in place to prevent price gouging.

The more experience the provider has, the more likely they will stick to a minimum of $600 per cycle. The quality justifies the price increase, because the more experience you have the better your skill and technique. 


Good isn’t cheap. Cheap isn’t good. You get what you pay for with CoolSculpting.

Have you heard the story of Picasso’s “Dove of Peace” Napkin Art?

Once upon a time, in a Paris café, an admirer of great art spotted Picasso. He approached, asked if Picasso would do a quick sketch on a paper napkin and Picasso agreed. He swiftly executed the work, handed back the napkin and asked for a hefty fee in exchange. The admirer, shocked and appalled says: “How can you ask for so much? It took you a minute to draw this!” “No,” Picasso replies, “it took me 40 years.”.

This maybe our favorite story concerning price variations between practices based on experience. Experience is what brings quality, and quality justifies cost.  With art, and with CoolSculpting – it’s the experience of your provider matters. You’re paying for the training, the results, and the artistic capability to deliver on the promises being made.

 If you’ve found a price less than about $500 per cycle, then there’s a high likelihood that you’re not getting certified CoolSculpting, or that there’s some other red flags you should be picking up on, like an untrained provider. The cost of running a CoolSculpting business is high – and in this industry you’ll get what you pay for. Cheap CoolSculpting isn’t good and good CoolSculpting isn’t cheap.


How much does CoolSculpting cost in Dallas? Comparing the price of CoolSculpting in DFW.

We’ve found that our Dallas clients are surprised with how simple our pricing strategy is once they come in for a consultation. Most CoolSculpting practices in Dallas are intentionally being confusing with their pricing, because they don’t understand how to explain this technology, or because they’re trying to confuse you to take advantage of your pocketbook. 

If someone can’t answer the question of cost by phone in a way that’s easy to understand, then they don’t have a good grip on the technology. While prices vary, it’s easy to understand if you know how the technology works.

We’ve had multiple patients come into Element Body Lab who have been looking for the best price for CoolSculpting in Dallas and be surprised to find out that other practices are charging double for half the result or number of applications as what we charge. They’re running vague and misleading “discounts” offering 25% off CoolSculpting without being clear on their standard pricing. That’s not the case here. What you see is what you get. We value your time, and we value price transparency. We’re not in this industry to be greedy, but we are here in this space to offer the best CoolSculpting in Dallas. Learn about our mission by talking to one of our team members, we’re just a phone call away. While our prices aren’t “cheap” they are fair, competitive, and worth the investment.

Determine the cost of CoolSculpting with a free consultation at Element Body Lab – the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts

Our consultations are free because we know that cost is the number 1 question. We want to raise the bar and provide a no-judgement environment where you’ll never be rushed or pressured. We want to answer all of your questions and educate you on the coolest way to freeze away fat for good.

Jessie Poole and Dr. Phillip Dauwe

Give us a call at 214-897-3006 to schedule your consultation.  Come meet our medical director, Dr. Phillip Dauwe and our CoolSculpting Specialist, Jessie Poole in Dallas, Texas. All you have to lose is unwanted fat.

Until then,
Happy freezing!
Element Body Lab, The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts


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