How Do I Find the Best CoolSculpting Near Me – Especially if I Don’t Live in Dallas.

We were blessed with the gift of major passion to freeze fat, and that means we’re total nerds about the technology and all the intricacies of CoolSculpting, along with answering questions that we get every day. One of those questions is about how to find the best CoolSculpting near me – because we know not everyone lives near us.

CoolSculpting is all we do at Element Body Lab, and we love it. Our providers are singularly focused, and our medical director specializes in aesthetics, so he brings a comprehensive understanding of the industry, while allowing the providers here to refine their skills and artistry with the CoolSculpting technology.

But not everyone finds a provider like us. Not everyone finds The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts at Element Body Lab on the first try, even if they live in Dallas. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of practices to choose from when freezing fat and it’s confusing AF to be honest. So…

We’ve got 3 pieces of advice when your Google Search Bar Reads:
“Best CoolSculpting Near Me”

# 1 – Ask your friends, then do your own homework!

Your may have a friend with a firsthand experience with CoolSculpting nearby. They’ll be honest with you because they love you. Take their advice (but don’t forget to do your own research too). They may be the kind of people who picked the first person on a google search, they may have chosen based on price alone, or they maybe didn’t do any research at all and were recommended CoolSculpting while getting laser hair removal or something.

That’s not you, because you are here. You’re the kind of person reading this blog and doing your homework. Good for you!

Let’s tell you a story.
Once upon a time…

(It wasn’t so long ago, actually) We had a CoolSculpting patient at Element Body Lab (let’s call her Sally). Sally was traveling internationally and meeting up with friends. Sally and her friends were finishing up a bottle of wine (or two) and dishing about their lives, while getting caught up. They were all raving about how great Sally looked – and Sally told them about her CoolSculpting results from 1 round of CoolSculpting with Element Body Lab.

Sally had been treated with CoolSculpting at another spa in Dallas prior to finding Element Body Lab and had a lackluster result and a poor experience with her previous provider.  

Sally told her friends, “I wouldn’t trust anyone besides Element Body Lab now that I’ve been treated there. CoolSculpting is more complicated than I realized and if I’m spending money, I want the best experience – results included. I want to pick someone great at it, because it can be expensive, but totally worth it with the right provider.”

Sally’s friends were intrigued (and perplexed). A quick Google search revealed hundreds of locations nearby offering CoolSculpting, and they didn’t know where to go. Sally told her friends to come visit her in Texas and see Element Body Lab for the best CoolSculpting. But her friends couldn’t wait after seeing the CoolSculpting results from Sally’s photos. 

You may not live in Dallas. We will forgive you.

Sally didn’t want her friends to have a bad experience, no matter what city they lived in or where in the world they were treated with CoolSculpting. That’s why Sally ended up texting Jessie, her CoolSculpting Specialist in Dallas, asking for advice on the best CoolSculpting providers in London and in Miami, where her friends lived.

Maybe making a trip across the country or world isn’t feasible to do CoolSculpting. I mean, CoolSculpting is a luxury purchase, but it’s also a convenient purchase. You want to find the best CoolSculpting near me (or you), but not break the bank in travel fees.

That’s why we’re putting this together, friends.

Just like we mentioned above, ask your friends about the best CoolSculpting near me, but do your research too. They may have experiences, they may not. Either way, take their advice and then consult our good friend, Google.

#2 – Ask Google: Once you’ve found a business, look at their Google Page, Website & Social Media.

When looking for the best CoolSculpting near me, the most popular way people say they do research is online. No shocker there. When consulting Google for advice on CoolSculpting, we want to give you a bit of direction. 

First up, it’s not about who shows up on the #1 spot on google. That does show something, but it’s not the only factor to consider… 

Here’s what you should look at:

*Look at their Google Page*

This is probably the most neglected part of the research process. Checking out a business on Google – like their actual Google Page is important. It has their reviews, their updates, any news releases or special offers, along with proof of their know-how in interacting with their customers.  You can find their google page by searching for their actual business name in google. (i.e. – “Element Body Lab” in the search bar). It’s the box of information you’ll see over on the right-hand side.

The thing we recommend you pay closest attention to is the reviews – and RESPONSES from the business. This tells you how the business owner and/or manager interacts and responds to both positive and negative feedback. You want to choose someone who accepts criticism with grace, and accolade with gratitude.  More likely than not, they’ll have reviews on multiple products or procedures, so pay attention to the CoolSculpting Reviews and satisfaction rates, but don’t neglect how they respond overall. They’re sending a message there…

Check for their own CoolSculpting results, on the google page – not just stock photos. They should be easy to find by googling the business name. If they don’t have CoolSculpting results on their Google Page, then they’re likely not proud of them or lack the business know-how on getting them listed. Either way, pick another provider.

*Look at their website*

Once you’ve looked around the google page and checked out reviews (and responses) and you’re satisfied, look at the website of your CoolSculpting near me practice. 

The website should be easy to read, visually appealing, and unique in design. CoolSculpting is a luxury purchase and the website should be informative, and beautiful. There should be before and after photos, answers to your top FAQs, and an easy way to access a CoolSculpting Specialist to schedule a consultation.

If it feels like you’re living in 1995 on their website, pick another CoolSculpting practice and start back at the top. The website is how you’ll get your first impression of the business. It validates their business savviness, and lets you know their education level as a practice.

We’ve broken our website down to be an easy to use guide on CoolSculpting. You can find information based on body part, you can find the cost of CoolSculpting and prices by body area with example CoolSculpting treatment plans (you’ll need a consultation to make sure you’re a candidate), and you can find unique video content that we’ve recorded. This is all so you can get to know us and our office space before you walk in the door. It’s designed to make CoolSculpting easier to understand for people like you. That’s what a website is for, right?

*Look at Their Social Media*

The website is how you’ll get to know the business and the google page is how you’ll understand their overall reputation and how they deal with criticism and praise. When it comes to social media, now that’s how you’ll get to know the people inside the business.

Social platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow for conversation and authenticity with followers. It’s a place where you flex your creative style while educating too. It’s informative, it’s funny, it’s relevant, and it’s unique. It’s how you get to know the people themselves, not just the business. 

I mean… would you go on a blind date with some stranger without stalking their social media first? Probably not. Welcome to 2019. Finding a CoolSculpting provider is kind of like that. First, you want to make sure they’re legitimate people (their website), then you want to make sure it’s safe and you’re in good hands (their reputation and reviews), then you want to make sure you actually like them (their social media). It all matters and works together. 

#3 – Ask Us. Trust the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts for a referral for CoolSculpting near me.

If all else fails and you’re still overwhelmed, you can phone a friend at Element Body Lab.  We’re in the CoolSculpting business to raise the bar and help. You knew that. 

We’re happy to do some research by asking around from folks we know. We’ve got friends freezing fat from London to Miami and even in Bozeman, Montana.

We’ve worked hard to build relationships with other likeminded businesses and CoolSculpting providers inside and outside of Dallas, TX. We would be happy to help guide your search. Maybe we will convince you that a trip to visit us is worthwhile after all. Who knows.

We’re only a phone call away and can be reached at 214-897-3996 or email by at [email protected] to answer all of your CoolSculpting questions or to help find the best CoolSculpting near me.  Got a question you want featured on the blog? Send it our way.

Until then,
Happy freezing! ❄️
Element Body Lab, The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts

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