The Top 5 Fat Freezing Treatments for Targeted Fat Reduction

In our pursuit of the ideal physique, conventional methods like dieting and exercise often fall short in addressing stubborn pockets of fat in specific areas. Thankfully, advancements in cosmetic procedures have introduced non-invasive solutions, with fat freezing treatments leading the charge. 

If you’re intrigued by the efficacy, safety, and advantages of fat freezing for targeted fat loss, you’ve landed on the right page. Let’s embark on a detailed exploration of fat freezing treatments, encompassing their mechanisms, effectiveness, safety considerations, customization, long-term results, and more.

Understanding Fat Freezing: How It Works

Fat freezing, scientifically termed cryolipolysis, represents a non-surgical approach to targeting and eliminating fat cells by subjecting them to freezing temperatures. This technique capitalizes on the principle that fat cells are more vulnerable to cold exposure than surrounding tissues. During the procedure, specialized equipment is employed to precisely target areas holding undesirable fat deposits, chilling the fat cells to a level that prompts their natural cell death without causing harm to the skin or neighboring structures. Learn more about how coolsculpting works for fat reduction.

Descriptive image depicting the process of CoolSculpting treatment.

Mechanism of Action of Fat Freezing

During a fat freezing treatment, an applicator is placed on the body using light vacuum suction, then supported using velcro and straps. The suction draws the fat into cooling cups, and a heat extraction process works to change the texture of the pocket of fat in the targeted area. 

This change in texture triggers an inflammatory process called apoptosis, or natural programmed cell death. Clients may experience redness, swelling, bruising, and/or numbness in the treatment area, along with an increase in macrophages if examined under a microscope. Macrophages essentially digest the frozen fat, which is eliminated slowly over the course of 6-14 weeks through the lymphatic system.

Does Fat Freezing Permanently Remove Fat?

One of the most enticing attributes of fat freezing treatments lies in their potential for delivering permanent results. Upon undergoing the freezing process, fat cells crystallize and subsequently are destroyed. Over time, these damaged fat cells are metabolized and eliminated from the body through natural processes. 

Unlike conventional weight loss methods that merely shrink fat cells, fat freezing yields permanent results by reducing the actual number of fat cells in the treated area, facilitating sustained fat reduction in the targeted areas.

Safety Considerations and Precautions

The manufacturers provide a treatment protocol, but technique is learned and honed as a provider through experience. Some providers are highly trained and understand the artistry needed to get the best placement of machinery during the treatment, leading to more impressive results. Ensure when selecting a provider that you choose the highest quality, and don’t shop based on cost alone.

Prior to treatment, a full medical history will be reviewed, and any contraindications or considerations worth discussing will be covered by a medical professional.

Contraindications for treatment include distinct allergies to cold, allergies to propylene glycol or rubbing alcohol, hernia on or adjacent to the treatment area, and surgical scars or incisions less than 6+ months old, depending on underlying factors. It’s crucial to discuss all considerations with a qualified provider and/or review the full patient safety data sheet.

The Importance of Selecting a Qualified and Experienced Provider

When considering CoolSculpting, it’s crucial to select a provider with the necessary expertise and experience to ensure safe and effective treatment outcomes. While CoolSculpting is a prescriptive medical device, the oversight for optimal safety and results may vary among providers. 

At Element Body Lab, we stand out as a top choice for individuals in the DFW area or those willing to travel for treatment. Our team, led by one of the few National Trainers on CoolSculpting technology, prioritizes not only the presence of pinchable fat but also factors such as the appropriate amount of fat for today’s equipment capabilities, realistic expectations, and the ideal ratio of fat to skin. Our team is all highly trained and vetted to ensure our clients get the best possible outcomes. 

By choosing our qualified and experienced providers, clients can trust that they are in capable hands, receiving personalized care and achieving the desired results safely and effectively.

Customization and Treatment Planning

Treatment plans are customized based on individual patient goals and body characteristics. There are currently 9 FDA-cleared areas, from chin to knees, and applicators are placed based on factors such as the peak of the fat, taper lines marking the fat pocket, natural skeletal system and curves of the body, and the number of sessions recommended based on the amount of tissue and the overall ideal shape the client desires. Providers also consider what they’re leaving behind to ensure the best possible outcome.

Diagram of coolsculpting target areas on the body

Long-Term Results and Patient Satisfaction

People are often astounded by our reputation – it almost seems too good to be true. Part of what sets us apart from other practices is that our team is honest about the outcomes we can achieve and only takes on clients we’re confident we can help. 

Our recommendations are fine-tuned to get ideal outcomes, and we back up our training and technique with a guarantee on results, called our noticeable results promise

Factors that can influence the longevity of results include lifestyle habits, genetics, and major health changes. Maintaining weight long-term is the best way to maintain results. Fat cells can duplicate when they hit a critical cell size or with major weight gain, so it’s essential to stay active and healthy.

Consultation and Realistic Expectations

The importance of a consultation is to evaluate the client’s individual anatomy and goals and to develop a plan with all of that in mind. Before and after photos of our own clients are reviewed during consultations to establish realistic expectations and open a clear line of communication on whether the results align with the client’s goals.

Types of Fat Freezing Treatments

An array of fat freezing treatments exists, all grounded in the fundamental principles of cryolipolysis to target and obliterate unwanted adipose tissue. Notable options include:

  • CoolSculpting Elite: CoolSculpting Elite represents the latest advancement in CoolSculpting technology, featuring 18% larger handpieces that cover up to 30% more treated tissue per session. With its established brand name, safety record, and state-of-the-art applicators, CoolSculpting Elite emerges as the optimal choice for individuals seeking fat freezing treatments.

  • Zeltiq: This is synonymous with CoolSculpting, leveraging controlled cooling to diminish fat in specific bodily regions.

  • CoolSculpting: As the premier fat freezing treatment, CoolSculpting offers personalized protocols for targeted fat reduction. CoolSculpting is the main brand and includes older version of the technology, such as the Legacy machine and the CoolAdvantage handpieces, both older and outdated versions compared to what is available today. 

  • SculpSure: Distinguished by its utilization of laser technology, SculpSure delivers controlled heating to eradicate fat cells, presenting an alternative to traditional fat freezing modalities.

  • Cryo Fat Freezing: The gold standard and extensively researched technology for fat freezing is CoolSculpting. Cryotherapy, also referred to as cold therapy, involves the application of low temperatures for medical purposes. It has diverse applications, such as treating tissue lesions, alleviating muscle pain, reducing swelling post soft tissue injuries, and stimulating the inflammatory response. It’s important to be cautious of cryo fat freezing treatments that are not certified as “CoolSculpting” as they lack the safety data to demonstrate their effectiveness and long-term viability.

Exploring Other Non-Surgical Freezing Treatments

Beyond the realm of fat freezing treatments like CoolSculpting Elite, several non-invasive procedures harness freezing technology to address diverse cosmetic concerns. 

CryoSkin provides an array of treatments such as CryoFacial and CryoToning, utilizing cold temperatures to boost collagen production, tighten skin, and mitigate cellulite. Additionally, Venus Freeze amalgamates multi-polar radiofrequency with pulsed electromagnetic fields to administer thermal energy, fostering collagen synthesis and skin firmness. 

However, it’s crucial to note that practices promoting “cold sculpting” or “cold body sculpting” might lack the scientific validation and safety assurances upheld by FDA-approved treatments like CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting holds the exclusive patent on using cold to kill fat until at least 2029.

CoolSculpting Certified Practice

Top 5 Fat Freezing Treatments for Targeted Fat Reduction: By Area

When it comes to honing in on specific body areas for fat reduction (or looking for targeted fat loss), various fat freezing treatments excel in addressing distinct regions. Let’s delve into the top 5 treatments tailored to combat stubborn fat in common trouble spots:

  1. Abdomen: The #1 fat freezing treatment clients seek is the abdomen. Stubborn belly fat can persist despite healthy diet and exercise. CoolSculpting reigns supreme in targeting abdominal fat, boasting precise applicators conducive to addressing diverse abdominal contours and fat distributions.

  1. Love Handles: Right behind stomach fat, the love handles or muffin top are a priority when it comes to fat freezing treatments. CoolSculpting emerges as the frontrunner in tackling love handles, leveraging specialized applicators tailored to the body’s contours to effectively combat excess fat in this region. For men specifically, the love handles and chin are the primary areas of concern when considering a fat freezing procedure.

  1. Chin: CoolSculpting’s CoolMini applicator provides an ideal solution for diminishing submental fat, commonly known as a double chin, facilitating a non-invasive approach to sculpting and defining the jawline. The updated Elite technology has a similar designed applicator, called the C80 which can be customized to target directly below the chin, or alternatively, along the full jawline to chisel more definition and ditch a double chin.

  1. Upper Arm Fat: Extending its versatility, CoolSculpting now targets fat in the upper arms, commonly referred to as the “batwing”, utilizing specialized applicators to address these areas and sculpt a smoother, leaner looking arms.

  1. Thighs: Whether targeting the inner thighs, outer thighs, or both, CoolSculpting’s adaptable applicators offer an effective means of combating stubborn thigh fat, facilitating comprehensive treatment plans tailored to individual needs.

Learn more about how CoolSculpting works for fat reduction.

In conclusion, fat freezing treatments have revolutionized the field of cosmetic procedures, offering a safe, effective, and non-invasive solution for targeted fat loss. At Element Body Lab, owned by one of the few National Trainers on CoolSculpting technology, we take pride in providing personalized care and exceptional results to our clients. With locations in Dallas and Southlake, TX, our friendly and professional team is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their desired body contours through the latest advancements in fat freezing technology.

When it comes to selecting a provider for CoolSculpting, expertise matters. Our team prioritizes factors such as the appropriate amount of fat for today’s equipment capabilities, realistic expectations, and the ideal ratio of fat to skin. By choosing our qualified and experienced providers, clients can trust that they are in capable hands, receiving personalized care and achieving the desired results safely and effectively.

During a consultation at Element Body Lab, we evaluate each client’s individual anatomy and goals, developing a customized treatment plan tailored to their needs. Our approach is transparent and honest, with before and after photos of our own clients reviewed during consultations to establish realistic expectations and ensure clear communication on the potential outcomes.

Whether you’re looking to target stubborn belly fat, love handles, chin, bra fat, or thighs, our expertly trained staff can guide you through the process, ensuring a customized treatment plan that aligns with your goals and anatomy. As pioneers in the field, we’re committed to delivering noticeable results and helping our clients feel confident and empowered in their bodies.

Schedule a consultation with Element Body Lab today and take the first step towards achieving your dream physique with CoolSculpting.

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