Can I do CoolSculpting at Home?

FAQ: Can I do CoolSculpting at Home?

CoolSculpting is awesome. You’ve seen it on TV and heard about it all over – people everywhere are choosing the non-surgical fat-freezing technique to see a slimmer, more ideal figure, whatever that means. We love CoolSculpting at Element Body Lab because it offers such a customizable approach to body-contouring, and the results you’ll see are amazing.

On the blog today, we’re talking about an FAQ that’s come up more and more recently. We’ve seen those ice pack belts online, too. You’re wondering if you can do CoolSculpting at home… so here’s the skinny.

Can I Do CoolSculpting at Home?

We wish we had better news for our DIY folks in the house. The only at-home way to target fat for good is old faithful – diet and exercise. As far as spot reducing or body contouring, CoolSculpting is the way to go, and it’s not really an at-home procedure. It’s a medical device, and most doctors aren’t too keen on having at-home appointments. It’s not very time effective, or very safe for the providers. Can you imagine having to screen all of our appointments to make sure we weren’t walking into a trap?! We know you’re not a creep, but there are creeps. (If you don’t believe us, go listen to some true crime podcasts on Spotify. #murderino #SSDGM)

But for the sake of science, we tried one of the techniques found online for DIY CoolSculpting and have an update for you…. The ice belt technique didn’t work.

That’s because CoolSculpting takes precise cooling technology in order to trigger a programmed cell death in a safe and effective manner. The DIY CoolSculpting option isn’t going to work, because the temperature you need to reach to trigger the fat-cell destruction isn’t cold enough with ice itself.

If you’re dead-set on doing CoolSculpting at home, consider hosting a pop-up party, like the old-time Pampered Chef parties. We love those! You can do CoolSculpting in the comfort of your own home, you’ll just have to provide us with snacks and friends to talk to. An effort like this has to make sense for both you and for us, so let’s talk about it offline. More often, people decide to host this party at our office because of the safety involved, along with the clean-up efforts afterwards. We can host the party at our office, and our cleaning team can take care of us afterwards so your house isn’t post-party dirty! We thought you’d like that…. You’re welcome.

Can an ice pack freeze fat like CoolSculpting?

Nope. The type of controlled cooling needed to freeze fat to a temperature to trigger apoptosis (aka natural, programmed cell death) isn’t possible with ice. Your body is too warm, the ice melts too quickly, and it takes selective targeted cold to make CoolSculpting work.

We’d love to believe that an ice pack could freeze fat, but it’s snake oil. There’s no way. If it would work that easily, then people living north of the wall (aka north of the Colorado border) would all be walking around outside in bikinis all winter long and look super slim and trim. It’s cold up there, right? Second example, athletes have been taking ice baths for a really long time, and they don’t seem to be noticing any apoptosis either. We rest our case.

Cryolipolysis aka CoolSculpting is the only way to freeze fat for good.
CoolSculpting is the name-brand for a technical procedure called cryolipolysis. The folks who own CoolSculpting have the exclusive patent to freeze fat for the time being, and it’s pretty advanced medical technology. 

The term cryolipolysis means “using cold to break apart [or kill] fat” and it takes selectively cooling the fat to a specific temperature for a controlled time. Specifically, the CoolSculpting device gets down to between -11 and -13 degrees celcuis (and hold the fat cell at about +4 degrees celcius) for a specific time to trigger the cell death. There’s thermometer gauges inside of the CoolSculpting handpieces to monitor the temperature of the skin & underlying fat, and to ensure this whole thing is happening. It’s pretty cool how smart that machine is.

There’s no cheaper alternative because of the patent on the scientific process. For now, you’ll want to trust the tried-and-true version developed by Zeltiq, an Allergan Affiliate in order to see results. Otherwise, you’re just icing your belly/love handles/wherever. It’s not really doing anything, other than changing the temp of the skin for a little while.

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Want to talk about CoolSculpting at home (or at our place?)

Let’s talk. We’re only a phone call away at Element Body Lab and we pride ourselves on being the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts. We can set up a free consultation or answer any general questions you have by phone. After you’ve met with our team and had your first treatment, we’d even consider some at-home parties, so you don’t have to leave your house. LOOK AT THAT. You can do CoolSculpting at home, you’re just going to have to have a cool provider willing to travel. 

You can schedule your first visit Body Lab by calling 214-897-3006 or emailing

Until then,
Happy freezing!
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