Elevate Your Fitness Journey with CoolTone in 2024!

Welcome to the future of fitness, where cutting-edge technology meets your workout routine. In this blog, we’re diving into the transformative world of CoolTone—a revolutionary muscle-toning treatment that’s not just changing bodies but redefining how we approach fitness. Let’s explore how CoolTone can be your ultimate workout companion, helping you kickstart your journey, break through plateaus, and enhance your overall exercise routine.

Unlocking Muscle Engagement with CoolTone:

Embarking on a fitness journey can sometimes feel like navigating uncharted territory. CoolTone, however, is here to guide you through the maze of muscle engagement. Say goodbye to the frustration of not quite hitting the right sensation or targeting specific muscle groups. With CoolTone, clients experience a level of muscle engagement that’s nothing short of a game-changer.

Imagine having the expertise of Pelvic Floor Therapists from Mommas in Motion at your fingertips. We’ve joined forces to support clients who grapple with finding the right engagement in their core or glutes to access their pelvic floor and also understand how to appropriately brace during treatment and use breath to facilitate improved results. It’s a partnership that embodies our commitment to ensuring you get the most out of your fitness journey.

Jessie Poole, our founder, shares her personal CoolTone journey: “After my treatment on my glutes, I felt a whole new level of engagement during exercises like deadlifts or bridge lifts. It added that extra spark to my home workouts, making them more fulfilling than ever.”

Breaking Through Plateaus with CoolTone:

Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts face plateaus. That’s where CoolTone steps in to shake things up. It’s not just for those starting out; it’s a secret weapon for athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone diligently working out.

Meet our clients who, initially skeptical due to their established workout routines, took the CoolTone plunge. Their success stories tell tales of breaking through plateaus and reaching new heights. And it’s not just anecdotal—the science backs it up. A functional changes study showcases how CoolTone can be the catalyst for transformative fitness breakthroughs.

Enhancing Your Exercise Routine:

Now, let’s talk about synergy. CoolTone isn’t a replacement for your workout; it’s the dynamic duo that takes your routine to the next level. Imagine the counterbalanced strength of treating both front and back muscle groups—say, glutes and abs. It’s the missing piece that amplifies your overall strength.

And here’s the secret sauce: alternate your focus areas during CoolTone treatments. Treat specific muscle groups with CoolTone while focusing on alternate areas during traditional workouts. It’s a dance that ensures a balanced physique and optimal results.

As we wrap up, remember the importance of recovery. CoolTone is a powerhouse, but even powerhouses need a breather. Allow a cadence of 48+ hours between treatments to let those muscles recover before diving back into action.


For the entire month of January 2024, you can purchase CoolTone for $200 per treatment (min. 6 purchase), which is our lowest price for CoolTone to date. In 2024, your fitness journey deserves a partner that goes beyond the ordinary. Find details about the sale and purchase online right here.

CoolTone isn’t just a treatment; it’s a transformative experience. It’s the friend that kicks off your workout routine, the ally that helps you conquer plateaus, and the companion that enhances your entire exercise regimen. So, are you ready to elevate your fitness journey with CoolTone? The future of fitness awaits!

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