Does CoolSculpting work on Arms?

You may be wondering “Does CoolSculpting work on arms?” and researching whether or not CoolSculpting is the right procedure to achieve your goals. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, especially if you live in or near Dallas (or are willing to make a trip to DFW for your treatment).  

Does CoolSculpting work on the Arms?

CoolSculpting is ideal for treating the unique contour of the upper arms. It works by delivering suction and precise cooling to the area with customized applicators (also called handpieces). CoolSculpting plans are customized based on your unique anatomy and you can learn more about CoolSculpting for arms in this in-depth guide, including what to expect, how many treatments are needed and why CoolSculpting for arms is the preferred way to reduce fat easily and safely… or by scheduling a [free] virtual consultation with our team of CoolSculpting specialists! CoolSculpting arm before and after CoolSculpting works by administering controlled cooling – and since plans are customized, it can be the perfect way to address unwanted fat in the arm and armpit areas.  

What to expect during CoolSculpting Upper Arm Treatment…

The first step in the CoolSculpting for arms journey is to attend a free virtual consultation with a dedicated CoolSculpting specialist to discuss applicator sizes and handpieces, expectations and results.   CoolSculpting upper arms treatments are customized based on your unique anatomy, and each client’s arms [and goals] are different. The average length of an upper arm ranges from 4.5″ to 9″, depending on anatomical build and height. Depending on the length of the arm, the equipment used during treatment will vary!   Why does this matter? Why does the length of the arm come into play with a CoolSculpting treatment?   Because in order to achieve a natural-looking result with CoolSculpting for arms, you’ll need to ensure full coverage of the fat-pad. We have multiple sizes of handpieces and we may need one handpiece or three handpieces to achieve the coverage you’re looking for on each arm.   Pinchable arm fat   With each handpiece that’s applied, there’s a cost associated. The industry term for “handpiece being applied” is called cycle – and you buy and pay for CoolSculpting by the cycle. You can learn more about the cost of CoolSculpting Dallas here.   On treatment day, you’ll arrive and have your “before” photos taken. Then, the treatment markings will be mapped on using precise measurements and a unique technique, which our CoolSculpting dedicated providers have mastered.   A protective gel pad will then be placed on the skin, the suction applicator placed, and controlled cooling will be administered while you sit back and relax for a 35-minute “cycle.” If multiple cycles are needed, the same process will be repeated. You can check out what happens during a CoolSculpting upper arm treatment [and see one happen live] right here.  

How many treatments are needed for CoolSculpting Arms?

No matter the size of the handpiece used, or the number of handpieces used during your treatment day,  you should expect a 20-25% reduction [on average] in the fat layer treated with each round. If you’re looking for a subtle difference, you may only need 1 CoolSculpting session. Most clients have two to three rounds of treatment prior to achieving their long-term goals with CoolSculpting for arms.   Part of the journey with your CoolSculpting consultation is to visualize the outcomes from a CoolSculpting Upper Arms treatment…   … That means looking at before and after photos of other clients with a similar anatomy, similar demographics, and similar results to what you’re looking for. At your free virtual consultation, we’ll pull before and after photos of other clients we personally have treated here at Element Body Lab, so you’re not only confident that CoolSculpting on arms works, but that we’re the best providers to fulfill your CoolSculpting treatment.   CoolSculpting Dallas Specialist   You’ll notice a difference with each and every session. Many clients purchase just one round of treatment at a time (between 2-6 cycles to achieve full coverage of both arms) to space out their full treatment costs, and to take the CoolSculpting journey a little slower. We’re a no-pressure business and will give you ALL of the information you need to make the most educated decision around moving forward with CoolSculpting Upper Arms.  

Why is CoolSculpting the preferred treatment for reducing fat in the arms?

CoolSculpting received an FDA clearance in 2018 for the upper arm and since, has become the safest and best way to treat unwanted fat in the upper arm and armpit fat areas. We prefer the CoolSculpting upper arms treatment for reducing fat in the upper arms because of the superior results you see, the lack of scars [when compared to a surgical procedure], and the safety aspects behind CoolSculpting.   When we talk about “superior results” we mean natural looking, even results. Unlike other procedures, which can leave you lumpy and uneven, CoolSculpting administers controlled cooling, and with the right provider, can provide AMAZING results that are long-lasting, and look incredibly natural, all without having to go under the knife or live with scars.   CoolSculpting for arms is FDA cleared, safe and proven technology to address unwanted subcutaneous fat in many areas of the body. Some of our personal favorite treatments are CoolSculpting love handles, upper arms and chins.   Still have questions? Schedule a free virtual consultation with our team to discuss your unique anatomy and goals. Virtual consultations are free – and booking is just a couple of clicks away.  

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