CoolSculpting Gift Card Sale! Holiday Promotion 2021

The season of SAVINGS is here. And you can save an extra $50 on your CoolSculpting session right here.

Starting on 12/1/2021 and while supplies last, you can purchase up to two $100 gift cards for $75 each to use towards your CoolSculpting in Dallas! Really, this Allē gift card can be used on anything in the Allergan portfolio, but as a CoolSculpting dedicated business, we hope you use it towards freezing your fat with us. Check out all of the terms and exclusions for the sale here.

Now… maybe you’re wondering if you can buy these gift cards or even our services as a gift for the holiday season. If that’s what you’re looking to do, here’s our advice.

Only buy CoolSculpting for someone if you know they want it. CoolSculpting is a fat-reduction procedure, a full on body-contouring service. While everyone here would be THRILLED to have the gift of CoolSculpting for Christmas under our tree, you want to make sure that it’s received in a positive way, not as an insult. If you know your friend or partner is interested in the treatment, then go for it.

Keep in mind, they’ll still need to complete a medical evaluation and consultation prior to the session being booked, even if you buy them a CoolSculpting gift card. Consultations are the 1st step, and allow us to determine the amount of time and resources we’ll need for the session. A medical evaluation is required to keep us compliant with medical board laws, but both the consultation and the medical evaluation can be performed virtually.

If you want a physical gift card to wrap and put under the tree, make sure to send our team an email and let us know. We keep CoolSculpting credits on file internally, but are happy to load a physical CoolSculpting Gift Card and mail it or schedule a time for you to pickup when you’re available and our office is open.

In order to know how much to buy, you’ll need a consultation. The Allē gift card is a safe bet, because it works on a lot of things in the Allergan Portfolio (including botox, fillers, and a skincare line). Our services start at $750 and vary in price based on the unique anatomy of the client and their goals. Usually, clients purchase about 6-cycles (aka $3600 worth of CoolSculpting) for each session, so that’s a safe bet, depending on the part of the body they’re interested in treating.

If you want more information on the cost of CoolSculpting, check out our pricing page.

Happy freezing & happy holidays! Enjoy the discounts & make sure to follow us on Instagram where we roll out any patient savings or deals as soon as they go live.

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