CoolSculpting FAQ: Do I Need a Workout Regimen After CoolSculpting to Maintain my Results?

CoolSculpting is the safest and best way to target and freeze away unwanted fat for good.

But CoolSculpting isn’t a free pass – it’s not a catch-all solution to avoid your regimen of diet and exercise after CoolSculpting. Did you hear that?

It’s important to remember, CoolSculpting is best when used in conjunction with a heathy diet and regular activity and/or exercise. Jessie (our CoolSculpting Specialist) talks about “The Trifecta Effect” of combining diet + exercise + CoolSculpting for a more transformational approach.  

She can tell you her own personal story of going from a size 12 to a size 4 after being treated with 3 rounds of CoolSculpting (over the course of 2.5 years), and incorporating at-home Beachbody workouts from her living room. She uses her own story as one of many examples of a typical CoolSculpting Dallas journey.

Protect your investment. If you aren’t already working out, use CoolSculpting as a catalyst to inspire healthier habits.

There’s no need to change your diet or exercise program after your CoolSculpting treatment to maintain your results, but CoolSculpting is an investment. Wouldn’t you want to protect that investment?

You wouldn’t buy a Porsche and not put insurance on it. Why would you buy CoolSculpting and not exercise? That just doesn’t add up. 

The cost of CoolSculpting varies, but no matter what area you treat or target with cold fat removal, you’re looking at spending hundreds to thousands of dollars. That type of money should inspire you to make some healthier decisions, like workout out.

Everyone should exercise, regardless of CoolSculpting.

In the words of our friend Elle Woods, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot [other people] They just don’t.”

Everyone should exercise. There’s no reason to not be putting in 30-minutes of activity per day to keep your body healthy and your mind happy. You don’t need to change your diet or exercise program if you already have one in place in order to maintain your CoolSculpting Dallas results.

If you’ve been steadily maintaining your weight and are looking for a spot reduction of targeted areas using CoolSculpting, then there’s no reason to change it up or double down. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Way to go, champ!

If you’re not exercising or working out regularly, we find that our CoolSculpting clients in Dallas naturally start a program or routine to stay a little healthier. CoolSculpting acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy, in that way. You’re suddenly not so frustrated by that one area that won’t budge, so you crank it up in your workouts. You’re seeing the results you’ve wanted for so long, that you’re not bothered by adding an extra run in to your routine. Or you see your bank statement and want the best CoolSculpting results possible, so you work out more. Whatever the reason, we’re glad it happens.

You don’t need a new workout regimen after CoolSculpting to maintain your results.

You need a workout regimen, period to maintain a healthy/balanced life.

The best advice we have: Prioritize your health and use CoolSculpting to get rid of the areas that aren’t responding to diet and exercise. Don’t neglect the diet + exercise aspect of this investment.

You’ll be happier, and happy people don’t kill their CoolSculpting Specialist.

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