How to Find the Best Place for CoolSculpting

The interest for CoolSculpting is SKYROCKETING. More and more people are interested in freezing their fat – because with CoolSculpting you can see some amazing results [leaving you feeling more confident and slimmer in the places that are SO TOUGH to change or target with a normal diet and exercise], all without having to go under the knife. CoolSculpting science and technology is safe and proven with 9-FDA clearances and 8 million treatments performed worldwide.


With the interest for CoolSculpting rising, what do you [a new patient] need to know to find the best place for CoolSculpting?


Where’s the best place for CoolSculpting?

You may know that CoolSculpting is the best way to get rid of unwanted fat. You may know that CoolSculpting is the safest and most proven technique for non-surgical body sculpting.


But what you may not know is that CoolSculpting is a TOOL – like scissors to a hairdresser. You won’t get the same results no matter where you go, because not all CoolSculpting is created equal.


What we mean by that is that each provider has their own level of skill, professional technique and protocol in their business and/or practice. While CoolSculpting is an amazing technology, you’ve got to pick the right person with the right level of skill to deliver exceptional CoolSculpting.


For the sake of clarity [and because you might prefer to watch a quick video] here’s how to pick the best place for CoolSculpting or how to select the right provider for your treatment:




CoolSculpting Training Requirements:

CoolSculpting is a Class 2, Prescriptive Medical device, which means in Texas all treatments must be overseen and delegated by a physician, and compliant with some specific rules around delegation and medical evaluations.


But the protocols aren’t the key to success or how to find the best place for CoolSculpting, because the overseeing physician isn’t the one performing the CoolSculpting treatment itself.


The overseeing medical provider is essentially there to make sure the treatment is safe and that all medical board laws and regulations are being adhered to. This is HUGELY important, because CoolSculpting is a prescription – with risks and CoolSculpting side effects.


What is the required training for CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting requirements include extremely basic training. In order to advertise or offer CoolSculpting, you need only a medical director or overseeing physician and basic “Practice Certification.”


That basic Practice Certification includes a didactic training [also known as a power point type training]. That’s it. That means someone’s receptionist could be their CoolSculpting provider too. Now, some receptionists are ACTUALLY amazing CoolSculpting providers, but some aren’t.


What is CoolSculpting University? Is CoolSculpting University required?

The next level up in training involves attending an in-person intensive training course at the CoolSculpting Corporate headquarters. At CoolSculpting University, providers get deeper into the protocols and hands-on training available from the makers of the CoolSculpting Technology. CoolSculpting University – is a three-day, in-person training that’s much more hands-on for providers. It’s not a required training to be a CoolSculpting provider.


CoolSculpting University Certified is the bare minimum of what you should be looking for to find the best place for CoolSculpting or to qualify a provider to treat you. Make sure they have personally attended, not just that someone in the practice has.


There’s an additional, more advanced level of training available from CoolSculpting University. The best place for CoolSculpting or the highest trained providers should also have a certification from CoolSculpting University, Clinical Masters. It’s an MBA level program [aka more advanced] – including an additional three-day hands-on training. CoolSculpting University, Clinical Masters is the highest level of training or certification available from CoolSculpting for providers.


The Two Biggest Factors to Find the Best Place for CoolSculpting…

While hands on training and certification definitely matter in the world of CoolSculpting and are key things to keep in mind when shopping for the best place for CoolSculpting, the TWO BIGGEST [and more important] factors to find the best place for CoolSculpting are: EXPERIENCE and REVIEWS.


When you’re thinking about really seeing exceptional results, keep in mind that nothing, and we mean nothing, trains as well as  HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE!


Hands-On Experience Equals A Portfolio of Before & After Photos of Clients the Provider Personally Treated.

To find out if your provider or practice is the best place for CoolSculpting, ask for a portfolio of their own, in-house before and after photos to show results of clients they’ve treated.


This proves not only that CoolSculpting works, but that the PROVIDER is able to deliver on the promises they make. Just make sure the photos they’re showing you are photos of their own clients, not practice photos of other providers, and definitely not stock images.


[Did you know all of the photos on our website, Instagram, and that we share during consultations are photos of our own work? That’s pretty special.]


Once you’ve validated their skill & that they’re able to deliver on the results you’re looking for, the second KEY factor in finding the best place for CoolSculpting for yourself is…


CoolSculpting Dallas Reviews

Well, maybe not CoolSculpting Dallas Reviews if you’re not in Dallas. But read the reviews of other clients who have been treated by the practice AND the provider.


Even if they can get you the results they’re promising, you want to REALLY like your provider. You’re making sure you like them and that you trust them.


The easiest way to research the best place for CoolSculpting is to read CoolSculpting Dallas Reviews. Look at google reviews. See what other people say about them – are they warm and inviting? Likable? Do they make you feel comfortable within the treatment room?


Here at Element Body Lab, we have over 50 [FIFTY] 5-star CoolSculpting Dallas Reviews.  That’s all people who are sharing their CoolSculpting Dallas Experience – so new clients [like you] can find the best place for CoolSculpting.


When reading CoolSculpting Dallas reviews, make sure to look for the providers name – because most practices have multiple providers offering treatment. Also, we’re one of the FEW dedicated CoolSculpting businesses in America, and we’re the only dedicated CoolSculpting business in Dallas. So while reading those CoolSculpting Dallas reviews, make sure they’re about CoolSculpting.


At Element Body Lab, that’s easy. Because all we do is CoolSculpting. That means every review is about CoolSculpting – and we’re locally owned and operated in Dallas, Texas.


We’ve built our reputation of CoolSculpting Dallas reviews based on honesty, integrity, building TONS of trust with our clients – and being the most likable people in the fat-freezing game.


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