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5 Ways To Know You Are a CoolSculpting Candidate

Ok Cool Gang. It’s time to get personal. It’s time to answer the burning (cooling) questions you’ve been asking. The number 1 question people want to know is “How do I know if I’m a candidate for CoolSculpting?” and really, the best and only way to know is to come in for a consultation with the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts at Element Body Lab. You’ve heard us time and time again explain that CoolSculpting (at least in Texas) is a prescription and you’ll need to meet with someone with the authority to write that prescription (cough, cough… a doctor) in order to confirm that. But today, we’re speaking a bit on the top 5 signs that you’re a candidate for this fat freezing technology. It’s pretty simple to understand so let’s dive right in…

1. You may be a candidate for CoolSculpting if you have pinchable fat.

So maybe you don’t have any pinchable fat on your body. If that’s the case, this blog is not for you. You’re a modern marvel and we don’t know how you  do it. It’s impressive, really. It’s commitment, we know. Move along, child. You’re not welcome here. (Just kidding, all are welcome, but this is going to be a raging waste of your time.)

For the rest of us, the equation is simple. You’ve got to have enough fat to pinch and pull away from the body. At Element Body Lab, we have multiple sizes of handpieces to customize your CoolSculpting in Dallas treatment to meet your body.

It’s like Goldilocks says – not too big, not too small… when selecting your CoolSculpting applicator – choosing the right handpiece can make a world of difference. It’s about ensuring that you’re following the anatomy and getting the best and most amount of contact with the cooling plates found inside of the CoolSculpting devices’ cup-style attachment. It’s pretty cool, right?

So if you have pinchable fat that you’d love to ditch, you can freeze it. It’s got to be that pinchable, squishy type of adipose (aka fat) tissue and you’ll need a physical exam to confirm it’s the right type of fat.

2. You may be a CoolSculpting candidate if you’re an adult.

CoolSculpting is the procedure most doctors choose for adults seeking to freeze off fat for good, but avoid the typical downtime associated with surgery. See what we did there? It’s for adults, only. Sorry, kids! SCRAM!

CoolSculpting works by changing the texture of the fat cell and triggering a programmed cell death. It’s so effective because of how fat works in the body. Our medical director, Dr. Phillip Dauwe can dive deep and get real, passionate, and nerdy about how you have a predetermined number of fat cells in your body that’s fairly set by adolescence. There are a few genetic factors that can play into this, and you’ll want to review your personal medical history with someone who’s got the initials behind their name to back up their knowledge set. If you’re thinking about CoolSculpting in Dallas, Texas, there’s lots of people claiming to be the best. We’re here to back up our talk with walking the walk. Here’s the skinny on what you need to know…

Once you’ve developed all your fat cells, they distribute based on your genetics. That’s why some people are pear shaped, some people are an athletic build, and there are those of you who have that beautiful hourglass (or for our men in the crowd, have that superman build). CoolSculpting is body-contouring because we’re killing fat cells in a specific area. That’s why you can say BYE FELICIA to those pesky love handles or blast off belly fat if you’re the right candidate for CoolSculpting in those areas. There is not an age limit for CoolSculpting mandated by the company or by any governing entity (like the FDA or the Medical Board). All of that said, if you’re a child (or below the age of 18) you should not do CoolSculpting and are ineligible for treatment with the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts. It’s not personal, though. We feel it’s important to be fully developed and to fight the epidemic of fat shame, especially in young adults!

Do us a favor and wait just a hot minute. Make sure you can vote before you try to freeze your fat in Dallas or seek CoolSculpting in Dallas to change the shape of your body. If you’re an adult and can make an informed decision on behalf of your own health and the inherent risks involved in this procedure, you may be a candidate for CoolSculpting.

3. You may be a CoolSculpting candidate if you’ve got the right expectations (aka you’re looking to enhance the body you have).

Like we said like two paragraphs ago, CoolSculpting is body contouring. It’s sculpting away specific pockets of unwanted fat. We find the customers looking for CoolSculpting in Dallas who are happiest with their CoolSculpting results (and leave the best CoolSculpting Dallas Reviews) when they are looking to spot reduce or target a specific area. It may be their belly fat, may be their inner thighs, may be a few spots but in a sequence by priority.

It really doesn’t matter how big you are or how small you are when wondering if you’re a CoolSculpting candidate. Of course, there are aesthetic considerations that you’ll need to weigh in on – which is why we have a dedicated Dallas CoolSculpting Specialist to walk you through what to expect, along with a plastic surgeon as a Medical Director who can talk to you about the differences between CoolSculpting (non surgical) and Liposuction and/or a Tummy Tuck. You’ll want to know what the best choice is for your body, and we’re here to help uncover that journey with you.

If you’re wondering if you’d be a better candidate for CoolSculpting or Surgery, it’s best to talk with folks who have a good understanding on both. We’re focused on just one thing – body sculpting. Our Dallas CoolSculpting Specialists focus acutely on just one technology – we use CoolSculpting because it’s the name-brand and gold-standard when it comes to a non-surgical approach… BUT every patient who walks through our doors talks to a board-certified plastic surgeon to receive the best advice Dallas can offer.

Dr. Phillip Dauwe will be able to discuss skin quality (and whether you should be concerned about skin laxity after your CoolSculpting Treatment), how aggressive you should be with your cold fat treatment (aka – how many rounds of fat freezing you should expect) and whether there’s any health considerations you should be thinking about when choosing the best option for you.

Here’s the best advice we have…. If you’re seeking improvement over perfection CoolSculpting is the safest and best way we know to avoid surgery and get transformational results by freezing off fat. Be honest though… what do you want to look like in 6 weeks? In 6 months? In 6 years?

Also, you’ll need to think about your lifestyle. Which brings us to….

4. You may be a CoolSculpting candidate if you’re active and fit, but there’s just that spot you can’t budge.

No matter what body-contouring procedure you choose – it’s not a free pass! The happiest CoolSculpting customers in Dallas, Texas supplement their treatment with healthy diet and exercise! So join a gym and get yourself a fit-fam. Freeze off your unwanted spots that are diet and exercise resistant. Then toast to the body of your dreams (with champagne or beer or actual toast.) It’s that easy!

If you’re frustrated by unwanted fat that is covering up your hard work at the gym, we get it. Looking good feels good. You should do something about it. We’re all about living a balanced life and we practice what we preach – we’ve coined the term “The Trifecta Effect” when you combine diet, exercise and CoolSculpting to look and feel your absolute best. CoolSculpting works well on the right candidate, it works better on the right candidate with the right expectation, and it’s works best on the right candidate with the right expectation AND the right lifestyle to maintain their results, protect their investment, and make them the happiest with their investment in themselves.

Our advice when considering CoolSculpting in Dallas: Eat the carbs. Drink the wine. Go to the gym. Sit in our chair. It all works together.

Investing in your health journey means more than just one fix. It means combining your efforts and attacking fat from every direction. We’re here to help make it 20% easier (per session) and let us tell you… once you freeze off your unwanted fat it becomes so much easier to show up and push that much harder at the gym. Suddenly, you’re noticing your arm fat a bit less so that extra chin up is worth it. You’re feeling sexy in your new jeans that fit like a glove, so grabbing a salad instead of a burger is just fine. Cheat days are good too, and remember….

If you can’t burn it, freeze it.

5. You may be a candidate for CoolSculpting if you’ve been treated before with another practice who didn’t deliver on the results you expected… because not all CoolSculpting is created equal.

Alright. We’re going to toss a bit of shade here. We know you’re going to love it. Jessie said it best when she was caught on camera saying, “All hairdressers use scissors but not all haircuts are good.” YES CHILD! Say it a little louder for the people in the back.

Not all CoolSculpting is equal, especially in Dallas. CoolSculpting follows the same rule as above. Lots of people offer CoolSculpting in Dallas. It feels like you can find a CoolSculpting machine on every block. So how do you know where to get CoolSculpting in Dallas? Easy… start with us. If you don’t start with us, you can ask this question to any CoolSculpting practice and see how they handle it.

“In the unlikely event that I’m not happy with my CoolSculpting results,
What are you willing to do about it?”

At Element Body Lab, we talk with people every single day who wonder why they (or their friend… they always have a friend!) didn’t get the results they wanted from CoolSculpting. Maybe they were a part of the tiny percentage of the population that doesn’t respond, but that’s not likely. It’s almost non-existent (although it is possible). Chances are, something else happened. Here’s a list of a few reasons you (or your friend or that girl on the internet) didn’t get the results they should have:

  • The client didn’t get a physical exam by a licensed medical professional (a medical doctor, or an appropriately appointed Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner) and they had a medical condition that should have excluded them and saved them money
    • Yep, CoolSculpting may not work if you have certain conditions
    • *CoolSculpting is a prescription in the state of Texas and you’re required to meet with a physician or high-level medical professional to ensure you’re the right candidate and be treated in compliance with the Texas Medical Board. You knew that, right?
  • The client didn’t have the right treatment plan to address their concerns with unwanted fat, or more specifically what they’re ideal outcome would look like
  • The client’s provider was more concerned with making money than with listening to the actual problem the client had with their body
  • The treatment plan was developed without an artistic eye, or without understanding of how to achieve the results the client wants
  • The provider didn’t place the handpieces for maximum impact to make a dramatic change
  • The handpiece didn’t make full contact with the targeted fat, and no cooling was administered (YES, that can happen.)
  • The client didn’t get the advice they needed for pre-treatment recommendations to ensure maximum results
  • The client didn’t get the advice they needed for post-treatment recommendations to ensure results
  • The client thought CoolSculpting was a free pass and put on a significant amount of weight after being treated
  • The client never had a before and after photo reviewed
  • The before and after photo was so poorly shot that you can’t notice the change
  • The provider had no business performing aesthetic treatments to begin with (cough, cough… were you treated by someone’s receptionist?)
  • The client would have been a better candidate for an alternate procedure based on their expectations
  • The office has outdated equipment that’s not in full functioning order
  • The client didn’t receive authentic, certified CoolSculpting
    • (Helpful hint: If your Dallas CoolSculpting practice is charging less than $600 per “cycle” it’s likely not certified or authentic)

Shall I continue? Nah. We’ll save that for another time. Enough about them. Let’s talk about US!

Element Body Lab has just one focus – CoolSculpting. It’s all we do. We’re raising the bar for the Dallas CoolSculpting customer. We want to help you feel your best because we know how much it changed our lives. We’ve all been treated with CoolSculpting and can answer your questions as a first-hand, paying customer. Yes, we pay for our own treatments too. We’ve invested in this technology personally for our own treatments, it’s part of the job. We then bet our life savings on building this business because we believe in the power of the technology and feel like Dallas deserved a better CoolSculpting experience.

That’s why we’re so passionate. That’s why we offer multiple machines so we can dual-sculpt (or treat both sides of the body at once). We know that your time is valuable, and we aim to get you back to your life as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer flexible hours so the busy Dallas client can schedule their CoolSculpting treatment at their convenience. That’s why we offer the highest trained providers in the state and continue pushing for education and ongoing training, including an upcoming Masters Course through CoolSculpting University. WOOT WOOT!

And most importantly… that’s why if in the unlikely event you’re not happy with your CoolSculpting results, we’re here to make it right. Ask about our Body Lab Promise, or our guarantee on giving the best CoolSculpting results Dallas has to offer. We’re real people, sitting on our couch writing this blog and living our best and most authentic lives. We want to participate in your coolest journey yet – the investment in yourself and in a CoolSculpting journey with us.

Interested in being treated with CoolSculpting and nearby Dallas (or willing to make a trip to meet us)? Give us a call at 214-897-3006 or email the team at to schedule your free consultation. Meet our Medical Director, Dr. Phillip Dauwe and our fearless leader, Jessie Poole who is the most passionate fat-freezing machine you’ll find anywhere.

Until then,
Happy freezing!
Element Body Lab, The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts


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