5 Red Flags to Look For When Freezing Fat

We know you’re thinking about freezing fat with CoolSculpting and we wanted to send some advice your way.  Element Body Lab, the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts has your back.

Researching? Trying to figure out what to ask at your CoolSculpting Consultation? Consider these 5 red flags to look for when freezing fat, especially in Dallas.

Red flag #1: If you aren’t met with gold-standard customer service from the very first phone call, it’s not going to get any better than that.  If your CoolSculpting Provider doesn’t show up excited and educated, try again somewhere else.

That initial phone call is your first impression. It’s the first date. If you don’t get met with gold-standard customer service and a quick response to your question, there’s is another CoolSculpting practice in Dallas *like Element Body Lab* that really wants your business, and wants to help you live your best (frozen fat) life.

CoolSculpting is a luxury purchase. It’s an investment in yourself. You wouldn’t expect poor customer service at a luxury handbag store (like Louis Vuitton) would you? Why shouldn’t you expect the same high-level of service for your CoolSculpting in Dallas?

At Element Body Lab – customer service is our foundation. We’re here, in this business for you. If we can be doing anything better, say the word.

Red flag #2: If you don’t meet with a physician, NP or PA in your CoolSculpting Consultation Process (aka before your treatment), you’re not talking to the appropriate person and the right time.

You need a high-level medical professional to review your medical history and perform a physical exam. They’ll develop a treatment plan, giving you the best advice and ensuring you’re well informed on the risks for CoolSculpting.

For most clinics or offices in Dallas offering CoolSculpting, there’s no high-level medical professional involved in the initial consultation. That’s against lots of rules (specifically Texas Administrative Code 193.17), and it’s one of the many reasons Element Body Lab is so unique in design. It makes us special and professional in a way that you can’t even imagine.


Chances are, you’re going to have a great recommendation for CoolSculpting, but you may be a better candidate for something else. You should know what’s best for you in body sculpting. 

Red flag #3: If your provider doesn’t show you their own fat freezing results (aka – they only show you stock photos) it’s because they aren’t proud of their own work.

Your CoolSculpting provider should readily show you their own results and reviews.

It takes an artist to sculpt a body…

…and not all CoolSculpting Providers bring the same level of clinical excellence. Have you ever considered… all hairdressers use scissors but not all haircuts are good.

CoolSculpting is the same.

Pictures are worth 1,000 words and seeing the real results of CoolSculpting Dallas patients will help you understand and trust your provider.  If your provider doesn’t whip out before and after photos of their own clients, ask them to review some of their own CoolSculpting results. Ask them to see results from patients who were recommended similar treatment plans, or patients who have similar builds as you have.

At Element Body Lab, we have hundreds of photos we can review with you. All you need to do is call or email us to start that conversation.

Red flag #4: Jack of all trades makes a master of none.

Everyone claims to be the best CoolSculpting in Dallas, but are they? Have you ever seen someone claim to be the experts in this, this, AND THIS TOO? 

Can we speak candidly? This isn’t the good ole days where the bartender is the tailor and the town dentist. Your CoolSculpting provider should do CoolSculpting.

A simple google search will show you no other facility offering CoolSculpting in Dallas is dedicated to only one craft or skill. At Element Body Lab, all we do is CoolSculpting. We’re the first, best, and only CoolSculpting Dedicated business in Dallas. That way you can freeze easy knowing our reviews – they’re about CoolSculpting; our photos – they’re only CoolSculpting; and our reputation was built on giving the best CoolSculpting in Dallas.

Red flag #5: If you don’t absolutely love the provider, and they aren’t eager to work with you, they aren’t trying their hardest. 

Listen up. Don’t give your hard-earned money to someone who doesn’t want your business.

Element Body Lab is built on authenticity and we don’t take your investment in CoolSculpting lightly. We hold this industry to a higher standard. Our rules for the team are to show up 1) with a servant’s heart, 2) with integrity and kindness towards all, 3) with clinical expertise, and 4) with passion beyond belief.

You should do business with the people you like, who really value you as a customer. You’ll be talking to your CoolSculpting provider for months over the course of your treatment. Spend time with people you like.

We offer the best of the best. If you have any feedback on how we can improve the experience, we want to know, real time. We’ll ask you along the way to ensure you’re happy but look at the Dallas CoolSculpting reviews from Element Body Lab, as they speak for themselves.

We want to give the best CoolSculpting has to offer because this is our home, and you deserve it, Dallas. We hope you love us, because we love you.

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Until then,

Happy freezing!  ❄️
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