CoolSculpting Inner Thighs

No matter where you are in the CoolSculpting journey, we are here to:

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  • Let you know what to expect and help you choose a CoolSculpting provider.
  • Explain how much CoolSculpting inner thighs costs


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Why Choose Element Body Lab?


We’re the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts – the first, best, and only CoolSculpting dedicated business in Dallas. Lots of places offer CoolSculpting, just like lots of places offer haircuts. Pick your CoolSculpting provider wisely. When you select Element Body Lab for CoolSculpting inner thighs treatment, you can be assured that all of our specialists are highly trained in body contouring and you’ll receive the most natural-looking CoolSculpting inner thighs results.

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Step 1: Schedule a virtual consultation.

The first step in any CoolSculpting inner thighs journey is a consultation. We will answer your questions and walk you through the process so you only have to make one trip to the office – on treatment day! Plus, you can also see CoolSculpting inner thighs before and after photos so you know what to expect.


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You can treat the inner thigh, the outer thigh, or beneath the buttock (called the banana roll) for a 360-degree leg approach.

Step 2: Schedule your treatment.

We offer treatments on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and are usually booked out about a week in advance. Plan to spend about 2 hours with us on treatment day to treat both inner thighs (treatment time is 35-minutes per leg).


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Step 3: Freeze your fat and get CoolSculpting inner thighs results fast.

On treatment day, we take before photos and place markings on the inner thighs to map out your CoolSculpting inner thigh treatment plan. Then all you do is sit back as we freeze away your inner thigh fat. You can expect CoolSculpting inner thigh results to develop over the course of 3 weeks to 3 months. Your second session can be scheduled 4+ weeks later.


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There’s no downtime after inner thigh CoolSculpting, just return to normal life!

Element Body Lab

Am I a candidate for good CoolSculpting inner thigh results?

If you’ve never experienced CoolSculpting before, you may be wondering if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting inner thighs. If you notice a pocket of pinchable fat along the inseam of your jeans, you’re probably a good candidate.

CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared for treating the inner thigh, the outer thigh, or underneath the buttocks (called the banana roll).

Depending on your inner thigh CoolSculpting goals, we can treat:

  • a distinct pocket of fat on the midline of the leg, sculpting the visual step off (aka bulge) on the inner thigh
  • a combination of inner thighs, outer thighs, and/or banana roll treatments for a more dramatic 360-degree approach.

You can schedule a virtual consult to learn more or check out this blog.

How much does CoolSculpting inner thighs cost?

The cost depends on your anatomy and the goal you have in mind. Each treatment plan is unique so the exact CoolSculpting inner thigh cost varies.

CoolSculpting is priced “by the cycle”. A cycle refers to every application of the machine to the body. Most clients need 1 cycle for each leg to sculpt the inner thigh. Most clients have 2-4 rounds of treatment before they achieve their desired CoolSculpting inner thighs results.

You’ll notice about a 20% reduction of the layer of fat with each round of treatment and can continue treatment until the desired CoolSculpting inner thighs results are attained. 

The average CoolSculpting inner thigh cost ranges from $1,500 to $3,600.

Want a Monthly Payment?

What happens during CoolSculpting inner thighs treatment?

When you first arrive on treatment day, we will take before photos. Next, we mark the treatment area in Sharpie (don’t worry, we’ll remove it before you leave). Then using a suction handpiece, we administer controlled cooling and freeze your fat. It takes 5-7 minutes for you to go numb, then you’re left to chill for 35-minutes per leg. We remove the handpiece, massage the area, and then repeat the same process to the other leg. Once complete, you’re free to return to your normal life with no downtime required.

What happens after CoolSculpting inner thighs treatment? Will there be swelling?

There are risks and side effects in any procedure, and CoolSculpting inner thighs treatments are no different. Typically, when the handpiece is removed, the skin is red and firm to the touch. This usually resolves after about 15-20 minutes. Here’s a picture of what that looks like on the chin, but the redness will be the same on an inner thigh.

Temporary numbness is the most common side effect, but redness, swelling and bruising may also occur. Check out the full patient safety data sheet for more info on risks and side effects.

Inner Outer Thigh CoolSculpting Results

What happens to the fat after it’s frozen? How long until I notice my CoolSculpting Inner Thighs results?

Once the fat is frozen it changes texture and an inflammatory response is triggered in the body. White blood cells digest approximately 20-25% of the frozen fat cells. Your body naturally disposes of the treated fat cells through your lymphatic system and they are excreted through your normal waste over the course of three weeks to three months. Learn more about how CoolSculpting inner thighs works or schedule a virtual appointment and we’ll explain the process in detail.

Most of our clients return between six and eight weeks after treatment for their after photos, to review their CoolSculpting inner thighs results and decide if they would like additional sculpting. You can schedule an additional treatment at that time to avoid multiple trips to the office.

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How many cycles do I need for Inner Thigh CoolSculpting? How many sessions for the best CoolSculpting inner thighs results?

You’ll need one cycle to each leg for inner thigh CoolSculpting. That means one application or handpiece to each leg per session.

The number of CoolSculpting inner thighs treatments you need depends on your desired outcome. You’ll notice a 20-25% reduction in the inner thigh fat with each round of treatment. Most clients do 2 to 4 sessions for Inner Thigh CoolSculpting, depending on their starting point and their desired outcomes.

During your virtual consultation, we can discuss your expectations and determine your exact CoolSculpting inner thighs cost based on your goals!

CoolSculpting chin results
Thighs before and after CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting Inner Thigh reviews


…Knowledgeable, accommodating, professional and goes out of [the] way to ensure you get the best results… I highly recommend if you are seeking Cool Sculpting you use the BEST!


I cannot say enough great things about Element Body Lab and Jessie. Coolsculpting works, but you have to choose the right provider. I had treatments performed at a different company and had a terrible experience… I just love this place and highly recommend it!

I was thrilled to see this place was was inside of a doctors office and I liked getting to meet a plastic surgeon for good advice. Well deserved 5 star review status for this place. The customer services is great. The people are skilled & detail oriented.

Element has to be one of the best CoolSculpting providers available… [they] treat you like royalty!

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