Want to Hear a Scary Story? “I Bought CoolSculpting on Groupon!” OH NO!

Happy Halloween, Cool Kids.

Want to hear a scary story? This week, we heard the scariest thing of them all. “My brother was thinking about buying CoolSculpting on Groupon.”

OH, THE HORROR! This just might be the scariest thing we’ve heard at Element Body Lab, Dallas CoolSculpting Experts.

This story came up while catching up with a patient at her progress appointment after 2 rounds of CoolSculpting in Dallas at Element Body Lab. She told us about her brother, who was price shopping for CoolSculpting and found someone on Groupon. “He doesn’t live here, and he told me he was so impressed with my CoolSculpting results that he’s started looking for the cheapest CoolSculpting near him.”

We almost fell over.

Thank goodness for our lovely patient who talked her brother out of shopping based on cost of CoolSculpting alone. She was able to explain the woes of cheap CoolSculpting and convince her brother to invest in results and experience. But this inspired us to write a blog, because chances are someone out there is asking…

Should I buy CoolSculpting on Groupon?

This will be the shortest blog ever.

NO. Don’t do it. Do not buy CoolSculpting on Groupon.

The end.

Did you think that was all we had to say? Nope! Let’s talk about why it’s important to find the best CoolSculpting, not the cheapest and why we would never recommend you buy CoolSculpting on Groupon.

CoolSculpting on Groupon may mean….

They Lack Training and Experience

You’re not just paying for the treatment itself – you’re paying for the experience and training of your CoolSculpting provider too. Have you ever heard that old saying, “It takes 10,000 hours to become a Master at your craft”? You’re paying for the training and expertise of your provider to ensure you get the best CoolSculpting results.

If they’re on Groupon and they’re the cheapest CoolSculpting in Dallas (or wherever) then they’re probably not well-trained. They’re cheap for a reason. Be careful. Hands on training should be a big priority to your CoolSculpting practice, because results last long-term (more on that in a bit). They should have plenty of before and after photos to show of their own results, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

We recommend choosing a provider who is Certified in CoolSculpting through CoolSculpting University. This is a 3 day advanced training course and it’s not required, but does show that they value advanced training.

CoolSculpting on Groupon may mean…

They are not a Certified CoolSculpting Practice

Both the practice and provider should be certified, not just one or the other. If they’re offering CoolSculpting on Groupon, they’re technically in violation of a few regulations in place by CoolSculpting as a practice, so it’s doubtful that they’re Certified in CoolSculpting.

The practice advertising CoolSculpting on Groupon may be running the cheaper price to gain experience for a novice provider. It’s not worth it to relegate your results to an unexperienced provider, because there is such thing as botched CoolSculpting. SO SCARY.

CoolSculpting on Groupon may mean…

The Worst Customer Service Imaginable

If you’re considering CoolSculpting in Dallas, you will absolutely get what you pay for. Cheapest CoolSculpting does not mean the best CoolSculpting.

When you find CoolSculpting on Groupon, the practice you’re considering is willing to cut corners, and they’re sacrificing something. More likely than not, it’s the customer service they’re sparse on.

CoolSculpting is a luxury purchase and the cost of CoolSculpting includes your customer service fee. Consider the price differences between The Four Seasons and a No-Name-Motel. Both places give you a place to sleep overnight, but the customer service you will experience is much different. The level of professionalism is tied to the cost for CoolSculpting in Dallas. Gold-service customer experiences matter when it comes down to it. And you’re worth it.

CoolSculpting on Groupon may mean…

It’s not CoolSculpting. It’s a fake! BEWARE!

CoolSculpting is the safest and best way to freeze away unwanted fat for good. It is safe, well-monitored, and FDA-cleared for reduction in fat*. CoolSculpting holds the exclusive patent to freeze fat and it’s important to know that fakers exist. Some practices advertise “Cool Sculpting” when they’re not actually offering authentic CoolSculpting. It’s fake news, or fake CoolSculpting. But either way, it’s scary.

Why does using real CoolSculpting matter? CoolSculpting uses a temperature between -11° and -13° Celsius to target unwanted fat – it administers controlled cooling, while sparing skin, muscle, nerve, and other tissue. There are precautionary safety mechanisms in place to keep you protected and keep the treatment safe and effective.

Fake CoolSculpting machines do not have these safety protocols or mechanisms in place. Scary part? We’ve heard reports of freezer burn, damaged skin, or harm to patients who were treated with fake CoolSculpting devices. SCARY! Don’t do it. Run away.

CoolSculpting sets a minimally advertised pricing limit at $600 per cycle (or treatment area). You can learn more about the vocabulary of CoolSculpting and the difference between a cycle and a treatment here on our blog. This prevents price gouging in the market, but also lets consumers know quickly if someone is cutting corners.

If you’ve found CoolSculpting on Groupon (or anywhere for that matter) for less than $600 per cycle, then it’s probably a fake. Do not trust it, because you’re more likely to get hurt than to get a result. Fake CoolSculpting isn’t safe. You may get freezer burn, you may get hurt, or you may just waste your money.

CoolSculpting on Groupon may mean…

It’s Outdated or Old CoolSculpting Technology!

Technology evolves over time. The CoolSculpting technique has been updated to include new treatment areas, lower risk profiles, and more patient comfort without sacrificing results. They newest design of handpieces is called the CoolAdvantage Applicators and uses the same CoolSculpting device, but newer attachments.

Did the older technology work? Yep. But it was more uncomfortable, had a higher risk/safety profile and more adverse reactions. It also took longer. That’s like asking if a Nokia Brick cell phone works in comparison to an iPhone X. I mean, it makes phone calls, but it’s not the same.

We have heard of older or outdated technology still existing as a treatment option for CoolSculpting in Dallas. If you’ve found CoolSculpting on Groupon, it may be outdated or older technology, which puts you at a higher risk in safety and side effects, more discomfort, and less treated fat cells. If you’re going to pay for a non-surgical way to get rid of fat, trust us. You want the most up to date handpieces.

CoolSculpting on Groupon may mean…

You’re being TRICKED, not treated.

Maybe you’ve found a killer deal, and the cheapest CoolSculpting in Dallas. Maybe you’ve found a provider or practice who isn’t terrible at customer service, and they’re really offering authentic and certified CoolSculpting. Maybe it’s even the most up to date technology, and they’re decent at freezing away fat for good.

If they are advertising on Groupon and willing to break the rules around minimally advertised pricing, they are either desperate and/or greedy. No one likes a desperate person, and you shouldn’t be in this industry for the money.

They’re tricking you. They’re going to charge you for 1 “cycle” on Groupon, then you’re stuck with them, and that commitment in cost. Once you’re stuck, they’re going to charge you EXTRA for the additional cycles needed in your treatment.

Either way you look at this, they’re thinking about the money, not about your results. This practice is not looking out for your best intention. They want your money, not your loyalty or happiness.

Have you read our blog on red flags to look for when freezing fat? We talk about this there too.

You wouldn’t consider looking for a doctor on Groupon to perform surgery, would you? Remember: CoolSculpting is a medical procedure.

CoolSculpting is a medical procedure. It’s a prescriptive medical device, which means that in order to ensure safety, you should meet a high-level medical professional (like a doctor) to ensure you’re a candidate at your consultation. Part of the consultation journey with us is a free medical evaluation to ensure it’s a safe option and you are a candidate.

Finding CoolSculpting on Groupon may mean that you don’t get access to a physician or high level provider. Not everyone realizes that CoolSculpting is a prescription because it’s such a safe and easy way to get rid of fat without any downtime or medications.

Want a happier ending to the SCARY search for CoolSculpting on Groupon?

If you want a happy ending to your horror story of looking for CoolSculpting on Groupon, think again. Instead of looking for cheap, consider searching for “BEST” instead. With results being long term, you should consider the cost of CoolSculpting an investment into the body of your dreams, and into your own self-confidence.

Fat isn’t hair. It doesn’t grow back after CoolSculpting. Once it’s gone it’s gone for good. It’s much more difficult to repair botched CoolSculpting, although it is possible. You’ll end up spending a much higher dollar amount, and you’re compromising your own safety too.

Did you find CoolSculpting on Groupon? BE AFRAID. Be very afraid.

That sounds like the introduction to a horror film to our team of Expert CoolSculpting providers in Dallas. If the cost of CoolSculpting is what is holding you back, consider a monthly 0% payment plan with Element Body Lab, or ask about our loyalty programs to save some extra money. But please, do not buy CoolSculpting on Groupon. If you’ve already made that mistake and need help repairing botched CoolSculpting, give us a call at 214-897-3006 to see how we can help. We’re here, whenever you are ready.

Until then,

Happy freezing!
Element Body Lab,

The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts

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