The Holiday Guide to Body Sculpting: Gift Ideas & Tips from The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts

Yall, it’s that time of year. Where did 2019 go? How is it already ALMOST CHRISTMAS? It seems that the years are flying by quicker than ever and we’re finding ourselves overwhelmed and under-prepared this holiday season. You too? There’s power in numbers and we’re glad we’re not alone!


If you’re anything like us, you’re hustling around and trying to avoid the last-minute gift purchases… and you’ve got people asking you “what do you want for Christmas this year?”


The DREADED text. Oh, no.


Here’s what happens in our head… Um, I don’t know. I have no idea… what do you want? I want that too. I should ask for something practical and adult-like… like towels. Doesn’t everyone need towels? Or clothes. But that’s hard to shop for…


And then out of the mouths of babes comes the response… “I don’t need anything, don’t worry about me.”



Sound familiar?


We were talking with friends at a holiday gathering this year, and this was a universal truth, especially for the women in the group.


How is it that as we get older and know more, we’re less inclined to ask for the things we really want, and are having trouble investing in for ourselves?


That’s when the topic of CoolSculpting or body sculpting as a Christmas gift came up. One gal, brave and bold, asked her husband for CoolSculpting for Christmas! You’re a genius, friend. We went home thinking about it and loved the idea… so today on the blog, we’re diving into a holiday guide to CoolSculpting.


We’re going to cover when it’s appropriate (and when it’s not) to give the gift of body sculpting. How do you ask for it? And most importantly, what’s the best way to navigate the holiday deals, specials and get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to the season of freezing.


Why CoolSculpting gift cards (or treatments) make sense the most during the holiday season…


It’s our very favorite time of year to have CoolSculpting ourselves. Cooler weather helps navigate the recovery from CoolSculpting! We’ve talked before on the blog about why cooler weather brings the best reason to get CoolSculpting, but let’s revisit our top reasons. There are normal side effects that you should prep for, including soreness, redness, swelling, bruising and/or numbness. You should always prep for these side effects, even though they don’t happen to everyone. There’s other risks and considerations to know about, which will be discussed at your free consultation. Here’s a few reasons we love CoolSculpting during the holidays:


  • Schedules are light so taking off a day from work to get your treatment is easier.
  • Taking it easy for a couple of days to recoup from the numbness and temporary soreness is easy to do while binging the Hallmark Holiday movies!
  • The typical swelling you see (or even bruising) after CoolSculpting as a side effect can be hidden much easier under a sweater than in a bikini.
  • Results take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months, so CoolSculpting over the holidays means you’ll be bikini ready for Spring!




When it’s appropriate to gift or receive body sculpting for Christmas…


But then there’s the question… is it appropriate to ask for or to give someone body sculpting this holiday season? Maybe yes, maybe no. Depends on who you’re giving it to and why…



If you’re thinking of giving body contouring to someone this holiday season – follow the hard and fast rules that follows.


Only give the gift of CoolSculpting if that person has asked for it.


Do not give someone CoolSculpting if they haven’t mentioned it to you.


If you want CoolSculpting, don’t be afraid to add it to your Christmas List.


Know your crowd. If it seems like it could be offensive, avoid it. If you know they’d love it, no questions asked, go for it!


That’s the best way we can answer that question. Can you imagine someone giving you CoolSculpting or any body sculpting procedure if you hadn’t told them that you wanted it? WHAT IN THE WORLD? Hey… you could use a little less fat, honey. NO WAY. Don’t do it.


But everyone is different. Maybe you’ve had an open conversation about that one pocket of fat that won’t budge. Maybe you’ve been talking about how much you wish you could get rid of that belly bulge, or your muffin top. Maybe you’ve been treated, and you wanted someone else to experience what it’s like to get CoolSculpting… but just be mindful, and don’t push your own opinion on someone else’s body on them. If they haven’t brought it up, maybe avoid it or go out on a limb and ask them before you buy a CoolSculpting gift card.


What you don’t want to happen…. You don’t want your SUPER COOL gift to be misinterpreted as an insult. You don’t want to offend your partner or your friend, or to give an amazing (and frankly, expensive) gift card for CoolSculpting only to be offending the person on the receiving end.


So, ask them… if you are comfortable buying it, ask them before you make the purchase. Often, gift cards aren’t refundable, so you’d want to be sure. You also want to know that they’re a candidate for CoolSculpting & that they’ll be thrilled when the unwrap their holiday gifts!



CoolSculpting is a prescriptive device in Texas. That means you need to meet with a high-level medical professional, like our medical director or another physician or high level provider to check that you’re a candidate for CoolSculpting & to develop the appropriate treatment recommendation. Until you know the treatment recommendation, it’s difficult to gift.



What if you want to ask for CoolSculpting for Christmas…


On the flip side, if you’ve been in for a consultation and know that you’re a candidate, don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family what you’re saving up for. Ask for the COOLEST gift ever, in the form of gift cards! We know firsthand that the cost of CoolSculpting can add up, and having help to make it more affordable is amazing. Christmas gifts in the form of CoolSculpting gift cards can make your treatment goals a reality! Most medpsas and providers offer gift cards for their services in body contouring and we at Element Body Lab would be happy to wrap up gift cards to put under the tree for you this year. (We won’t even charge you to wrap it up… BONUS!)




How to ask for CoolSculpting this Holiday Season…


Step 1: Schedule your free consultation to meet our team. You’ll get a physical exam to ensure you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting.


Step 2: Talk with a CoolSculpting provider about CoolSculpting cost and your treatment goals. Make sure they have on file who can and cannot be talked to about your treatment, otherwise the practice will deny even knowing you when someone wants to buy a gift card for you.


Step 3: Talk with your friends and family. Let them know the thing you really want this holiday season is body sculpting. Tell them you’ve been working on a healthy lifestyle including diet and exercise & you’ve decided to invest in yourself in the form of CoolSculpting.


Step 4: Have your friends buy gift cards. Have your friends contribute to your CoolSculpting treatment “fund”. And live your best (frozen) life with the help of your friends and family in the form of a gift card for body sculpting.



Everyone’s journey is different. This could be a great way to navigate asking for body sculpting this holiday season, but you just as easily could gift yourself CoolSculpting.


CoolSculpting can be broken down into monthly payments with little to no interest – which means you could have a transformational result for about $200 a month. Gift cards can be used to help with the cost, but so can monthly payments. Sacrificing a fancy dinner here and a few Starbucks orders there, and you’re well on your way to fitting CoolSculpting into your budget.


And finally, we’re onto discounts and deals…


How to navigate getting the best deal for body sculpting this holiday season…


Everyone wants a deal around the holidays. Between Black Friday Specials and 12 Days of Christmas promotional activity there’s always something you can be taking advantage of. Don’t forget to pick your provider based on reputation and results… don’t just shop for the cheapest CoolSculpting, shop for the best CoolSculpting. Once you’ve picked your provider, don’t be afraid to ask about discounts on CoolSculpting either. Discounts are going on, no matter what time of year it is. If you’re looking for cheap CoolSculpting, here’s the best advice:


  • Follow the practice you’d pick as your top provider (ahem, that’d be @elementbodylab) on social media. Promotions and specials are almost always shared on social, so keep in the know with the practice that way!
  • Check the website for any discounts available – read the blogs and their pricing page.
  • Ask about loyalty programs, discounts and rebates, and don’t forget to download Brilliant Distinctions.
  • Join the newsletter list by subscribing, that way you know about events! Discounts happen at events & online.



And our best advice yet… Get strategic with your CoolSculpting purchase buy bundling with your friends!


If you know anyone else who is interested in getting CoolSculpting, see if there’s a way you can COMBINE your treatments into same-day or nearby dates… Ask if you can take advantage of a buy-more-save-more style discount on CoolSculpting. If you and a friend purchase TOGETHER, your buying power goes further. Leverage the people you know, and the buying power you have by referring others.


If you have a group of friends who are all interested in CoolSculpting, see if there’s a way that you could have a VIP party or if you can lock in a cheaper price on CoolSculpting by working together as a group. We’re down for that.


Tis the season to be freezing, cool kids.


With all the tips and tricks to take advantage of CoolSculpting this holiday season, the time has never been brighter to freeze away unwanted fat for good. If you’re thinking about body sculpting, don’t forget that CoolSculpting is the gold-standard choice.


If you’re thinking about CoolSculpting, don’t forget that Element Body Lab is the first, best, and only CoolSculpting dedicated practice in Dallas. Our philosophy? Focus on the people – and be the best body sculpting practice in town. Our reputation is five-star and we’re real people, who really want to help. Give us a call or send us an email to schedule your free consultation.


Until then,
Happy freezing!
Element Body Lab, The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts

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