CoolSculpting Before and After Results

At Element Body Lab, all photos shared are of our own work. We’re one of the only CoolSculpting facilities that refuses to use stock photos – so every photo, every story, and every bit of information you’ll read below is provided straight from us. If you’re in Dallas, Texas – we’d love to take the next step. Schedule a consultation using the button below.  👇👇

We do things a little differently around here – starting with only sharing CoolSculpting results from clients treated within our facility. Now that’s an important distinction if you’re new on your journey. Why? Because CoolSculpting is a tool – and while it’s a fantastic tool that’s reliable, safe, and effective… results can (and do) vary greatly depending on the provider/practice you choose. Knowing how to use the tool is a big differentiator at our practice. 

So keep in mind, all the photos you’ll see on this page are of our own work, shared with client permission. While we don’t require you sharing your CoolSculpting results, we hope you let us celebrate your progress with other clients, like you, looking for real results from real patients. 



The female client above came to our office wanting CoolSculpting to get rid of some of the volume and heaviness she felt through her waist. She wanted slimmer hips and to get rid of the crease at her waistline. No matter how hard she was working at the gym, this stubborn fat just wouldn’t budge.


This Dallas CoolSculpting client had 2 CoolSculpting sessions to achieve her results. Each office visit had a different treatment to focus on her goals – softer curves and a smaller waist.


Treatment plans and recommendations can vary from person to person. Your anatomy and goals may be ENTIRELY different than another client. That’s why attending a free consultation is key – so we can develop a customized recommendation (and cost) associated with your session.



What results should you expect from CoolSculpting?



CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment designed to target visible fat bulges in the submental (under the chin) and submandibular (under the jawline) areas, thigh, abdomen, and flank, along with bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks (also known as banana roll), and upper arm.


You should expect to see an average 20-25% reduction of the fat layer treated with each session, on a bell curve. That means, some clients respond with a more aggressive result, while others see a more subtle change.


If you’re wanting to dive more into how CoolSculpting works and the science of freezing fat, there’s tons of research backing up the safety and efficacy of CoolSculpting over the years and we’ve taken a deep dive into both of those topics!


The best way to understand what results to expect is to take a look at MANY CoolSculpting before and after results. Here’s some of our favorite CoolSculpting results, broken down with a treatment plan and cost. 👇👇

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How many sessions does it take to see CoolSculpting results?


You *should* notice a difference after each CoolSculpting session. On average, clients see a 20-25% reduction with each individually treatment, with some clients responding more or less aggressively, on a bell curve.


Having the right expectation in mind is key. You may want more than a 20% reduction, which may mean pursuing a more aggressive recommendation or a series of treatments.


Also keep in mind that each time you do a treatment, your results will develop slowly. Expect results to develop over the course of 3-4 months. You see yourself every day, so it’s sometimes hard to notice those changes. That’s why we recommend scheduling your after photos during your session, before you leave the clinic so you know exactly when you’ll be following up with your provider.


You’ll notice more dramatic results from your treatment by doing multiple sessions. For example, the client below? She had multiple sessions to achieve her goal. She had substantial results – and undeniable difference – and we’d say she responded *more aggressively* than most clients, even after just 1 session.


That said, you can see the difference in volume and shape after 1 treatment. If you look at the difference between treatments 2 and 3 – there’s still a substantial difference.


But when you look at the whole view, from photo 1 to photo 3, the CoolSculpting result is natural, impactful, and most importantly… knocked this clients expectations out of the park.


Abdomen CoolSculpting Results

So…  Do you see results after 1 CoolSculpting session?


Most clients notice a result after each treatment. There are some instances, albeit rare, that clients don’t respond to CoolSculpting. The non-responder rate is incredly low and we’re happy to discuss our policies for “non-responders” during a free consultation.


Nevertheless, you’ll definitely want to have the right expectation in mind before pursuing a CoolSculpting treatment. You’ll want a good understanding on how much fat you have AND how much fat you’d like to see gone.


CoolSculpting is not a weight loss procedure, it’s a body-contouring procedure. It’s ideally suited to target pockets of pinchable fat between the chin and the knees that are not responding to otherwise healthy diet and exercise routines.


Ideal clients for abdomen treatments in particular are within 5-30 pounds of their ideal weight. That in mind, there’s no such thing as too big or too small for CoolSculpting. It’s all about whether or not there’s 1) an appropriate tool to sculpt your unique anatomy, 2) an expectation that we can achieve.

CoolSculpting Before and After Results – 1 Session

How much weight will I lose after CoolSculpting?


Clients very rarely lose any weight after CoolSculpting. Fat occupies more volume than muscle, and visually, 1 lb of fat is bigger than most people realize. Since CoolSculpting is focused on contouring the body, not on volume reduction, clients very rarely notice a change in the scale.

What happens if you do multiple CoolSculpting sessions?


Just about everyone we talk to wants more than 20%ish of their fat gone. While 20% is impactful, it’s still a subtle change when considering investing in a body-contouring procedure.


That’s why most of our clients pursue multiple rounds of treatment in 1 area before moving on to new places to freeze.


If you do multiple CoolSculpting sessions to the same areas, you’re likely to notice more impactful results! That’s the benefit of repeating sessions. You’ll want to wait a minimum of 30 days before pursuing treatment in the same place, but outside of that – how aggressive or conservative you are at cadencing your treatment is up to you and your provider.


We usually recommend 6-8 weeks between sessions, so you’re able to notice and appreciate your CoolSculpting results from 1 session before re-treating the same place.


Want to see some CoolSculpting results for multi-round treatments? Check this out. 👇👇

CoolSculpting Before and After Results – Multiple Treatments



How soon do you see CoolSculpting Results?


Results develop slowly, over the course of 3 weeks to 3 months. Expect to start noticing subtle changes after about 3-4 weeks and to continue to see small shifts until about 4 months.


You won’t notice ANY changes immediately after your treatment, outside of the normal risks and side effects, like swelling, bruising, discomfort, and redness.


Some clients take a bit longer to respond. From our experience, we find that clients with slower metabolisms or clients who suffer from autoimmune diseases don’t notice their results until 4+ months.


If you’re not noticing any changes, you can schedule your after photos with our team and discuss typical responses and timelines based on your unique medical history and experience. We’re happy to assist and guide you.





How long do CoolSculpting Before and After Results last?

Once the fat is frozen during a CoolSculpting treatment, it triggers a programmed, natural cell death, after which the fat is flushed out of the body using the lymphatic system.


The manufacturers tout “once it’s gone it’s gone for good,” which is true… to an extent. There’s a well respected study showing long-term results spanning 9+ years, which we’ve included a link to. Since this was not a photo captured by us, we’ll let you do a deep dive into the research and science behind that statement.


That in mind, you’ll need to maintain your results with healthy diet and exercise. CoolSculpting gets rid of a portion of fat cells, but not all. That means, the fat we leave behind can get bigger – so to enjoy your results, maintain your weight.


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