Before and After CoolSculpting Photos: What You Need to Know

CoolSculpting results are primarily visual. If you want to track your CoolSculpting before and after results, you need to prioritize CoolSculpting before and after photos. Here’s all the info you need to know to prep both before and after CoolSculpting treatments for the best (and most consistent) before and after CoolSculpting photos. We’ll cover: How to prep for your CoolSculpting before and after photos, what to wear to the appointment, and our top FAQs around CoolSculpting before and after pics too!


We take the term “experts” seriously.


When it comes to CoolSculpting, we’re the experts. And that includes giving you all the information you need to know surrounding the CoolSculpting treatment… including what to wear and how to prepare for your CoolSculpting before and after photo appointment.

With CoolSculpting, before and after results are documented using photos because results are incredibly visual. You won’t see a dramatic change in weight, but you should notice a visual difference which is why it’s essential to capture your before and after results on camera.

We at Element Body Lab – the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts, include before photos as part of your treatment day experience. When you arrive, the first thing you’ll do is take your before photos with a team member.

As a client with us, you’ll receive an email with guided instructions on garments, how to prep, and what to expect but if you’re doing some research on what to expect for CoolSculpting before and after appointments, then here’s what you need to know.

Consistency is key in CoolSculpting before and after photos. Control what you can.

When we say consistent, what we mean is that every variable that can be controlled should be. Everything that can be the exact same (besides your frozen fat) should be the same in the before photo as the after photo. We go above and beyond to ensure consistency in space so you have nothing to worry about.




Your CoolSculpting provider should be taking photos with controlled lighting and the same backdrop (in a photo room, preferably), with the same equipment (aka camera), at the same distance and zoom. You should be in the exact same position and at the same time in the breath. If you can wear the same clothing, you should.

This gets the most consistent photos, so the only thing that changes is the fat we froze!

Ask if your CoolSculpting practice or provider has a dedicated photo suite to ensure they’re controlling the variables in-house.

Plan your clothing & undergarments for your before and after CoolSculpting photos.

When you’re scheduled for your CoolSculpting before and after photo appointment, you’ll want to be thoughtful with your clothing and undergarment selection. We provide dispoable undergarments and robes for our clients to make it as easy as possible.




For female clients: black, full coverage underwear or a solid colored bikini are the easiest and most consistent clothing options, regardless of the treatment area for CoolSculpting before and after photos.

For male clients: black workout shorts or sweatpants and solid colored boxers or briefs that aren’t too tight fitting are ideal.

For chin treatments, wear a solid shirt (no collars, please) and no jewelry, eyewear, or bold makeup.

Make sure you ask for a copy of your before and after CoolSculpting photos so you can see for yourself.

When you’ve taken your CoolSculpting before and after photos, make sure you ask for a copy of your results. We always provide clients with a digital copy of results, which can be texted or emailed to you during your follow up appointment! 



When you have a friend who wants to see your results, you’ll have them. And when you’re scheduling your after photo, you know what you wore.

Here’s why asking for a copy of your before CoolSculpting photos can be valuable: you forget what you look like. Results develop slowly, over the course of three weeks to three months. By having your results on-hand, you can have a reminder of what you looked like before you were treated.

More importantly, ask for a copy of your CoolSculpting before and after photos after your after photo session, which should be six weeks to four months after your treatment. That way you can marvel at your results and show them off to people you want to share with.

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Why CoolSculpting before and after photos are important…

By taking consistent before and after CoolSculpting photos, we’re able to visualize the CoolSculpting results you invested in.

Here’s what we do at Element Body Lab to ensure we capture amazing before and after CoolSculpting photos:

  • a dedicated CoolSculpting before and after photo room, where we control as many variables as possible. There are no windows in our CoolSculpting before and after photo suite, and we’ve installed overhead lighting to ensure there aren’t any unwanted shadows.
  • a dedicated CoolSculpting before and after camera, which captures high resolution images and has pre-set zoom and spacing requirements.
  • a patient positioning protocol and foot guide. We have special instructions to get the most consistent client positioning, so you’re always in the exact same place and at the same angle in your before photo as you are in your after photo.


This all sounds great… but what should I wear to my CoolSculpting before and after photo appointment?

Our best advice is to be mindful of the area that you’re treating and what you’d feel comfortable being photographed in. We recommend solid, black underwear for women that don’t cut in or fit too tight for almost every body area.

For upper arms, consider wearing a solid, black tank top that exposes the area. For inner thighs or outer thighs, consider wearing full-coverage underwear that you won’t be uncomfortable showing off when you have amazing results and your friends ask to see your photos.

For men, we recommend solid black boxers or boxer briefs, but again – ensure they’re not cutting in or too tight along the waistline. You’re welcome to wear solid colored pants or shorts, but the same rule applies.

The most important key is to try to wear the exact same clothing choice for your after photo. The closer you are in style, fit, and color – the more consistent your photos will look. That’s why we recommend solid black undergarments, because it’s easy to match and remember what you wore.

You can always reach out to your CoolSculpting provider prior to your CoolSculpting before and after appointment to confirm what you were wearing in your previous appointment or to ask for feedback or advice on what to wear based on the treatment area.

If you have any questions about what to expect, we’re only a phone call, text, or email away and are happy to help you with any question about CoolSculpting. If you’re ready to take the next step with the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts, book a consultation with us online and we’ll talk to you soon.

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Do I have to share my CoolSculpting before and after photos?


Absolutely not.

We do require that you capture before and after CoolSculpting photos at Element Body Lab, but you’re not required to share the results with others or allow us to use those for marketing purposes.

All of the photos we use and share on our website and social media are CoolSculpting before and after photos of clients treated here. They’re shared with client permission, which isn’t required.

You can save your results for yourself, but we’d love to share your results with other clients who are looking for the best CoolSculpting near them! 

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