CoolSculpting for Men: Freeze Belly Fat and Love Handles Away for Good

CoolSculpting is the name brand for a technical procedure called cryolipolysis. Quite literally, it means using cold to break apart and kill fat. People of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and genders say unwanted fat is their number one aesthetic concern, because sometimes no matter how hard you work it just won’t budge. 

Does CoolSculpting work for men?

Yes! CoolSculpting works regardless of gender. The biggest consideration for CoolSculpting is the type of fat. CoolSculpting only works on subcutaneous fat, or the top layer of fat that lies above the muscle wall. Men and women both have subcutaneous fat, and it’s often the last place to respond, despit healthy diet and exercise.


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How CoolSculpting for Men Works

CoolSculpting works because fat is hyper-sensitive to cold. We can change the texture of lipid (or fat) content at a different rate than water composition. Much like butter turns solid in the refrigerator, while water stays fluid, CoolSculpting can change the texture of pinchable fat using controlled cooling, all without impacting other surrounding, water based tissue.

After a CoolSculpting treatment, your body naturally flushes out on average 20-25% of the treated fat leaving you with a more sculpted physique. Results are long term and you can continue sculpting for a more dramatic reduction.


Is CoolSculpting FDA cleared for men?

CoolSculpting is FDA cleared for “cold-assisted lipolysis (breakdown of fat) of the upper arm, bra fat, back fat, banana roll, submental area, thigh, abdomen, and flank, or “love handles” in individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or less.” 


It’s not FDA cleared based on gender or skin type. It works based on the type of fat – and specifically works on subcutaneous fat (aka the fluffy, top layer of fat that you can squeeze with your fingers).


CoolSculpting first received it’s FDA clearance in 2009 and the technology has evolved over time to have less risks, be more comfortable, and deliver a better aesthetic outcome. 


What areas are FDA cleared for CoolSculpting men?

 Since its initial FDA clearance in 2009 to the flanks (aka love handles), CoolSculpting has received nine total FDA clearances across the body. The places most commonly treated by men include the abdomen (belly fat), the love handles (a.k.a. the muffin top), and the double chin.


One great aspect of CoolSculpting is how the treatment can be customized to your unique anatomy. Schedule a free virtual consultation with our team to learn more about the treatment areas.

CoolSculpting target areas

CoolSculpting men’s love handles

CoolSculpting men’s love handles is our favorite transformation, because often men are fit and trim everywhere except the muffin top. Single session treatments can make a big impact, but often male CoolSculpting clients need a series of 2-4 treatments before their goal is met.


The only way to determine how many sessions you’ll need is to schedule a free virtual consultation, but in the meantime, check out some CoolSculpting male before and after photos on love handles. 

 CoolSculpting men’s stomach

Some men have unwanted belly fat that won’t go away, no matter how much they take care of and prioritize their health. CoolSculpting male stomach treatments can be customized to target the lower belly, the full abdomen, or a 360 degree approach for the full midsection.

Each male client we talk to has a different ideal outcome or area of concern, and for each of those conversations, we can map out a different plan to help achieve the goal in mind.


CoolSculpting male chest

At Element Body Lab, we do not currently offer CoolSculpting male chest, as it has never been formally studied, researched, and it is not FDA cleared. For the cost, risks, and discomfort associated with treating such a sensitive area, there are better options that exist today. Contact our team or attend a free consultation to discuss the best options to date if you’d like our feedback.


Does CoolSculpting last forever? 

Results develop slowly as the fat is flushed out. Most men notice a difference between two and three months after treatment. Once the treated fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good.


There are scientific publications following a CoolSculpting patient for 9 years after a single-sided love handle treatment, proving that results last long term.


It’s important to remember it’s not a weight-loss treatment; it’s a fat-reduction treatment. Your remaining fat cells will still function as normal, being subject to getting bigger and smaller depending on weight gain and weight loss (which allows you to gain and lose weight naturally across the body).


In order to best maintain your results, we recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle and doing your best not to fluctuate weight.


 How much will CoolSculpting for Men cost?

The cost for CoolSculpting in Dallas will depend on the amount of time and resources you’ll need for your treatment. Each client has a different goal in mind and your anatomy will dictate the number of applicators (also called cycles or handpieces) we need on treatment day.


You can check out our CoolSculpting Price page or sign up to receive our cost guide to help answer this question, but the best & most accurate way to know your treatment cost is to schedule a free consultation with our team (book online here).


Most CoolSculpting men treatments cost between $3,000 and $4,000, but single cycle treatments start at $750.

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