Real Patients. Real Stories. (Volume 1)

Perspective is important. The team at Element Body Lab wanted to give perspective to people looking for a CoolSculpting clinic on the real stories about why to get CoolSculpting. We ask a lot of questions during your free consultation to put together a more customized and personal approach to the CoolSculpting transformation. We aim to meet your expectations, so understanding your body frustrations and your goals for the CoolSculpting procedure are necessary.

The most important thing we hope to impress upon you is that you’re not alone if you’re struggling with unwanted fat. There are lots of others right by you, and at Element Body Lab, we hope to share some of the stories behind the before and after photos. We hope you identify and that you feel hope by the transformations here.

The following are real patient stories about CoolSculpting , shared with our client’s permission.

GENDER: Female
AGE: 31
BODY PART: Stomach

For years I’ve been trying to reduce unwanted stomach fat. I just don’t feel like my belly fat is proportional to the rest of my body, either. I know I don’t eat as healthy as I should, but it’s hard to find the time to meal prep. I’m active, I do Pilates, yoga and I run. I feel like the fat should be easier to get rid of.

I’m just fed up. I’m going to Florida for a friend’s 30th birthday this summer and I just need to do something that will work so I can feel a little more confident while I’m there, and will motivate me to stick with it.


We get it. I don’t think anyone of us do everything we should every day to have the best body and health possible. That’s so hard, and you’re not alone there. It’s easy to really beat yourself up over this stuff, and you shouldn’t.

Why wouldn’t you want a little help moving in the right direction? Inertia keeps a moving object moving… and we think that it’s perfectly okay to work smarter, not harder. With CoolSculpting, that’s what you’re doing – just moving your body in the right direction so you can think less about unwanted fat, and more about having a blast on your trip with your friends.

A lot of our clients look to CoolSculpting to help them feel more prepared for big events and vacations, and what’s important here is to plan ahead. CoolSculpting results are gradual, developing over the course of 3 weeks to 3 months. Most patients opt for 2-3 rounds of CoolSculpting treatments to meet their ideal goal, so that means you’ve got to be planning now for the body you want about 5-6 months from now.

AGE: 59
BODY PART: Stomach and Love Handles

I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to meet with us – go ahead and tell me a bit about you and why you’re here.

I’ve been looking into CoolSculpting for years. I’ve got a relative who works for another spa out of state, but I haven’t ever felt like I could find someone who I trusted to do the treatment. I was looking on Google again recently and found your website and just loved how clear and easy it was. The fact that you posted prices online, answered all my questions, and were focused on only CoolSculpting was what made me keep looking. Then I read all of the reviews on Google and was sold. I texted after hours and was surprised when I got a response the same night.

I got really sick a few years ago and lost a lot of weight. I dropped about 30 pounds to the point of being 15 pounds under my ideal weight, but still carried more fat in my belly and love handles than I expected even then.  Since recovered, I have gained most of that weight back, I eat well and I am as active as I can be, but I have these persistent fat areas that I now know would be tough to exercise away. I still want to look trimer and have my pants fit better. I just need to know if CoolSculpting will work for me.


Wow! What a compliment – we love that you finally found a resource for CoolSculpting that made you comfortable enough to move forward. Anytime there’s an injury or a lifestyle change that impacts your physique, it can be so frustrating to try and get back to where you were. CoolSculpting is great for spot-reduction of problem areas, and so many men choose to have CoolSculpting to help with their belly and love handle areas. If you’ve got an inch to pinch, CoolSculpting could be a great solution, regardless of your size.

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