Double Chin CoolSculpting Services: What You Need to Know to Ditch the Double Chin

One of our personal favorite places to treat in clients is the double chin – because it’s the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night in the mirror. And honestly, there are not many things you can do to decrease double chin fat without making a dramatic change to your weight. But what if you’re happy with your weight, but you’ve still got a pouch of fat under the jawline? Then it’s time to start researching CoolSculpting Double Chin Treatment

Check out this video which answers our FAQs around CoolSculpting the face, chin, and jawline…


Does CoolSculpting Chin Work?

CoolSculpting is an FDA cleared treatment that works to target subcutaneous fat, like the fat you find under the jawline or chin. It’s a safe and effective treatment, with an FDA clearance, over 8 million treatments performed worldwide, and more than 100 peer reviewed research papers proving it’s safety and efficacy.


CoolSculpting is FDA cleared for submental and submandibular treatment areas. If you’re reading that and thinking, “what the actual heck?” Stick with me…


Submental means under the chin. Submandibular means under the jawline. If you’ve done research with us, you know that CoolSculpting is customized based on your unique anatomy – and double chin CoolSculpting is the same. Everyone carries fat differently throughout the body, and the chin is no different. We’re here to guide that conversation and will discuss the best approach to achieve full coverage at your free consultation, as an FYI.


How does CoolSculpting for Chin work?

CoolSculpting for chin works by using a specially designed applicator (aka handpiece) that uses suction to draw unwanted chin fat into a cooling cup. The applicator is 3 inches in width, and depending on the width of your jawline, 1-4 applicators can be used to achieve full coverage



Once positioned, the cooling cup administers controlled, hyper-specific cold to the targeted area, which changes the texture of the fat being treated.


The cold administered in the treatment triggers a natural, programmed cell death, called apoptosis. After the session, your body relies on your lymphatic system to naturally flush out the treated fat over the course of weeks to months.


Check out this page to read more about how CoolSculpting works


What happens after CoolSculpting chin? Is there bruising?

 After the treatment, the applicator is removed and a post-treatment massage is administered to the targeted area, which has been shown to improve results by up to 68%. 


Normal side effects after CoolSculpting chin treatment include redness, swelling, numbness, bruising, a feeling of fullness in the back of the throat, and mild discomfort. More rare side effects exist, which can all be read about here

 There’s little to no downtime, but our best advice for recovery after CoolSculpting is to drink plenty of water, do anything you can to stimulate your lymphatic system, return to normal activity, and follow up with your provider in 6-8 weeks. 


How long until I see results after CoolSculpting for Chin?

Results for CoolSculpting develop over the course of 3 weeks to 3 months, depending on your lymphatic system and metabolism. Most clients start to notice a difference around 6-8 weeks, but full results can take 4 months. 


CoolSculpting Chin Before and After Photos

How much does CoolSculpting Chin cost?

CoolSculpting treatments are customized to meet your anatomy and goals. On average, CoolSculpting chin treatments range from $750 to $1500 per session. A full treatment (including multiple rounds of treatment) can range from $1500 to $4500.


We have a full webpage dedicated to explaining the cost of CoolSculpting including graphics and videos to better understand pricing. We will design a specific price quote at a free consultation or you can grab our online pricing sheet here.


Watch a CoolSculpting Chin Treatment 


What is the difference between CoolSculpting Chin and Kybella? 

Before you go “all in” on freezing your neck fat with CoolSculpting in Dallas, let’s talk about the options available to you.


If you’re doing some research into how to ditch the double chin – there are a few different approaches available to target “submental fullness”, which is the scientific term for a double chin. In the world of non-surgical options, the two gold-standard options are CoolSculpting and Kybella.


Surgical Option: Liposuction

For clients who are willing to go under the knife, there are great options to get rid of the double chin and address any skin laxity or skin concerns all in one go. The most traditional method for chin fat reduction is liposuction – and can be combined with a neck lift or a facelift for a more dramatic approach, especially if you’re concerned with skin laxity.


If you’re looking for someone to handle the surgical approach, we have a list of plastic surgeons we know and trust (injectors too) and can provide that at a free virtual consultation.


But not everyone wants to go under the knife – there are additional risks and downtime associated with surgery. It’s not the right choice for everyone’s lifestyle. This is why we love that there are two options that are non-surgical that both address unwanted fat under the chin: CoolSculpting and Kybella.


Nonsurgical Options: CoolSculpting vs. Kybella

Both CoolSculpting and Kybella are owned by the same company – Allergan. Both options address chin fat, and here’s what we’ve gathered from our experiences with each: for smaller pockets of fat (think mild pockets), Kybella can fine-tune and really target those spots.


For moderate to fuller necks, CoolSculpting is the way to go.


Both work, but it depends on your starting point and the goal in mind as to which is the better option for you.

There are a few similarities in CoolSculpting and Kybella  – both dramatically improve the chin area, get rid of unwanted chin fat, and leave behind a defined jawline. Both are non-surgical, keeping you out of the OR, and require no anesthesia. Improvement should be noticed in both options after just one treatment, but most patients require a series of treatments to achieve their goal outcome/result.

We have found CoolSculpting to be a better option to get more dramatic sculpting on the chin. Both technologies have side effects (and risks, of course) which include swelling, bruising, redness, etc. which can be discussed at your consultation. Side note – if you choose Kybella, expect some serious swelling (we’re talking bullfrog swelling that lasts for a while).

If you’re considering Kybella, we can give you the names of a few injectors we work closely with when you’re talking with our team in your free CoolSculpting consultation. We know how important it is to be well-versed in all of the treatments available to you, so we’ve got some basic knowledge and are happy to point you in the right direction so you can make the best decision to achieve your goals.

But as a reminder, all we do is CoolSculpting in Dallas. It’s what makes us unique & special. We’ve got knowledge around our “competition” or the alternative approaches for fat reduction, but we’re a CoolSculpting dedicated business.  

If you don’t like needles, that’s the biggest difference between the two non-surgical treatment options. Kybella may be a good (or your only) option if you don’t have much fat in that area… It’s really a great option for smaller, more isolated areas or folks with a lower quantity of chin-fat.


Can I get CoolSculpting on my face?

CoolSculpting is only FDA cleared for below the jawline. The cheeks and face are not an area we treat at Element Body Lab as of May 2022. The technology is constantly evolving, and if you’re interested in knowing if any alternatives exist today, feel free to reach out to us by phone at 214-897-3006 or schedule a consultation to chat with our team.


Will CoolSculpting Chin improve skin laxity?

Potentially, but we consider skin tightening a happy side effect, not a reason to pursue treatment. Some clients notice an improvement in skin laxity after CoolSculpting chin, but others notice more lax tissue after their session. We consider skin laxity a rare side effect after CoolSculpting within our facility and recommend you pursue a skin tightening procedure if your primary goal is to improve skin texture. 

Wondering if your concern is fat or skin? Schedule a consultation and we’re happy to provide you our opinion.


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