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Ditch the Double Chin With CoolSculpting

Ever considered freezing away unwanted chin fat? Submental (or under the chin) CoolSculpting is one of the most popular treatments we provide. You see yourself every morning in the mirror – and your double chin shouldn’t be the first thing you notice.

While surgical procedures (like a neck lift or liposuction) are great options if you’re willing and able to go under the knife, for many people that’s just not an option. Having excess chin fat (or a double chin) can add years to your image / profile. There are not many options to spot-reduce that area and that is NOT cool. There’s really only 2 non-surgical options that are popular to eliminate submental fullness – CoolSculpting or Kybella. What’s the best option? Depends on you.

By CoolSculpting your chin, you can chisel a defined jawline. It’s the safe, proven way to ditch the double chin, slim your face and see a younger-looking you without going under the knife.

Double Chin CoolSculpting for Newfound Confidence

Having a double chin (or submental fat) is a common condition. It occurs when a layer of fat forms below the chin, which can change the appearance of your chin, neck and jawline. Maybe it’s genetics, maybe it’s looser skin as you age, maybe it’s a combination of the two… we get it! The double chin is one of the most difficult places to lose fat, and unlike the other areas on your body, it’s way more difficult to cover up or disguise with clothing (unless you live somewhere it’s totally acceptable to wear scarves and parkas… but not in Dallas, Texas!)

What to expect during a double chin CoolSculpting treatment? First, you need to be evaluated by a board-certified physician to ensure that you’re the proper candidate. Ensuring that you’re getting full coverage in this delicate space is extremely important. You’ll be measured during your consultation using our CoolMini treatment template, and together the treatment plan can be fine tuned to address your goals.

During treatment day, you should expect to take before photos, and you’ll want to avoid any distracting clothes or jewelry (like high-neck tops or collars, bright lip colors, earrings, etc). Your provider should coach you through this piece.

Then, markings will be put on to follow the treatment plan outlined and you’ll sit in a comfy treatment chair and have a support pillow put behind your head. There’s a cleansing cloth, then some gel placed on the skin. Once you’re prepped, the applicator is placed, which just feels like some mild suction. Clients report experiencing an intense cooling sensation, which acts as a natural anesthetic (or numbing) during the beginning of procedure. Some patients do experience some discomfort when the applicator is placed, but the discomfort subsides quickly (about 8 to 10 minutes). The rest of the treatment, you’ll want to be as still as possible, so we’ll ask you to avoid talking or playing on your phone (you look down). We can throw on a movie, Netflix show, or turn down the lights and let you take a quick nap.

Once the treatment is complete (which takes about 45 minutes per cycle), the hand-piece is removed and your CoolSculpting provider needs to administer a 2-minute post-treatment massage. The massage is essential as it improves your results by up to 68%. For most clients, the massage is by far the most uncomfortable part, but it’s not intolerable. It’s just uncomfortable, but it’s short lived and it does make a difference in your results.

CoolSculpting or Kybella

Kybella is the only injectable to date that has an FDA clearance for eliminating unwanted fat under the chin. Kybella is a synthetic version of dexocholic acid, and it causes a fast destruction (then absorption) of fat cells and prevents future fat accumulation in the area. The destroyed fat is processed through the natural metabolic process (much like in CoolSculpting) and only fat is impacted, sparing all other cells and tissue. That said, you’re left with some significant swelling, and you’ve got to do multiple rounds of treatment, which can be costly.

The company who owns Kybella ALSO owns CoolSculpting, which is good to know. There are a few similarities – both dramatically improve the chin area, get rid of unwanted chin fat, and leave behind a defined jawline. Both are non-surgical, keeping you out of the OR, and require no anesthesia. Improvement is noticed in both options after just one treatment, but most patients require a series of treatments to achieve their goal outcome/result, and we have found CoolSculpting to be a better option to get more dramatic sculpting on the chin. Both technologies have side effects (and risks, of course) which include swelling, bruising, redness, etc. which can be discussed at your consultation. Side note – if you choose Kybella, expect some serious swelling (we’re talking bullfrog swelling that lasts for a while).

If you don’t like needles, and don’t want major swelling. There’s really only one option – CoolSculpting! CoolSculpting designed a specific applicator called the CoolMini to fit under the chin and received a clearance from the FDA for reduction of submental fullness, aka the double chin, as well as improvement in skin laxity!

If you don’t like needles, that’s the biggest difference between the two treatments. Additionally, Kybella may be an incredible (or your only) option if you don’t have much fat in that area… It’s really a great option for smaller, more isolated areas or folks with a lower quantity of chin-fat.

We Offer Only CoolSculpting…

At Element Body Lab, we’re the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts and we offer exclusively CoolSculpting technology. That said, you’ll find us inside of Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, along with some fabulous injectors and plastic surgeons. You’ll be meeting with our medical director at your consultation, and we encourage you to ask – what’s the best option for YOU! Take it from the experts… You have more than one choice, and we’re here to guide you to the right professional because your results are our reputation.

Schedule your free consultation by calling or texting 214-897-3006.

Until then, happy freezing!


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