CoolSculpting Inner Thighs: What You Should Know

CoolSculpting on Inner Thighs: What You Should Know

Listen up, folks. CoolSculpting inner thighs is a great procedure, but it’s a medical procedure. The information in this blog is general and should be taken as such. You’ll have to meet with a medical professional to ensure you’re a proper candidate and have a treatment plan tailored to your body. Now, let’s get to the good stuff.


How CoolSculpting Inner Thighs Works

A CoolSculpting machine is essentially a body fat freezing machine. It’s kind of like non-surgical liposuction… that’s the easiest way to think about it.


CoolSculpting works by using suction and non-suction handpieces that get REALLY cold (between -11 and -13 degrees Celsius, to be exact). The fat is then held at that hyper-cold temperature for between 35 minutes and 75 minutes, depending on the part of the body and the design of the applicator.


After the fat is frozen, it’s metabolized and flushed out of the body using the lymphatic system. It’s all pretty cool… pun intended. CoolSculpting on thighs results take anywhere between three weeks and three months, depending on your metabolism and you can expect a reduction of between 20 and 25% of the tissue that’s treated with each round of treatment.


You can (and you should) continue with additional CoolSculpting thighs sessions until your goal is met. Results will compound on each other, so you’ll see a more dramatic transformation by continuing sculpting (or doing multiple sessions to the same body area).


CoolSculpting is a body contouring procedure. It’s our personal favorite way to sculpt away small pockets of fat here and there to change the overall look of the body. Keep in mind that it’s best at spot reduction, and shouldn’t be used if you’re looking for help with weight gain or weight loss.


First, you pick the area(s) on the thigh you’re interested in treating…

Before you find the edge of the internet looking at thigh-related information, keep in mind that the treatment is customized. The best and most accurate way to get the information you want related to your unique body and your specific goals is to schedule a free virtual consultation. 


During your consultation, you’ll talk about when you notice that “trouble spot” and what bothers you most about it. A CoolSculpting provider will help guide the conversation and compare before and after photos of clients who had similar body concerns and goals. 


We’ll help you in this process. We’ll ask leading questions to determine what area(s) are the best fit for you. We’ll talk about the different approaches and options with your fat-freezing journey. As you make decisions about what you’re ready to sculpt, you can take a few different approaches:

  • Spot reduce one specific area
  • Sculpt a few areas for a more dramatic transformation
  • Take a 360-degree approach to your treatment plan to totally change the “shape” of an area


Some people are just looking for a minor improvement in an area or a subtle change, but others are looking to change their overall shape. Each of these scenarios is going to look different when you turn that “goal outcome” into a treatment plan.


Before we start talking specifically about the CoolSculpting inner thighs treatment, when thinking about CoolSculpting the legs, there are a few areas you can target. Some clients target one of these areas, some combine a few areas together, and some treat them all.

  • Inner Thighs (think the inseam of your jeans, or the sought after thigh-gap)
  • Outer Thighs (saddlebag area, right at the widest part of your hips)
  • Banana Roll (underneath the buttocks)
  • Distal Thighs (the knee area)


For example, this client wanted slimmer legs and treated the inner and outer thighs:


By targeting more than one area, you’re more likely to see a “slimming effect” to the entirety of the leg. Here’s the before and after for that treatment plan. She did multiple rounds of CoolSculpting thighs treatments to achieve her ideal leg shape.


Coolsculpting thighs before and after


And this client just wanted to address her inner thighs alone.


The best part about CoolSculpting is how detailed you can be – and how many options there are to customize the treatment.


For the rest of the blog, we’re focusing on the inner thighs CoolSculpting, but during your virtual consultation, chat with our team about your leg treatment goals! We’ll help map out a plan that’s best for you.


Then you map out the inner thigh CoolSculpting treatment plan…

Okay, we’re on to inner thigh CoolSculpting info only now.


The inner thigh CoolSculpting treatment uses one of two handpieces, placed vertically (or lengthwise) down the leg. It targets the spot right in between the legs, like where you’d expect a thigh gap. Patients choose to treat their inner thighs for lots of different reasons, but some of our favorites are:

  • “So I don’t have to use that Glide stuff on my thighs again.”
  • “Because I don’t want to chafe when I run.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how hard I work, I just can’t get that spot to slim and tone.”
  • “As soon as I gain weight, I notice it RIGHT in my thighs.”
  • “Two words. Thigh. Gap.”
  • “I saw your leg CoolSculpting results and was amazed.” 


Here’s what the treatment plan looks like for CoolSculpting inner thighs 👇👇


inner thigh treatment area



Including picking the right applicator…

Because of the nature of fat distribution in the body and the fact that results last long-term, CoolSculpting protocols are pretty standard for inner thigh treatments. It’s kind of a Goldi-Locks situation.


There are two sizes of handpieces we can use, but if you’ve got to be the right fit in order to get natural-looking results. Not too big, not too small… you’ve got to be the right fit. If there’s not a handpiece that will appropriately work on the inner thigh, you risk having results that just don’t look natural. Here’s a description of the handpiece options for CoolSculpting:


  • CoolAdvantage – The Cool Advantage technology made by CoolSculpting uses a “cooling cup” or a long oval shape that naturally tapers and curves with the body. This handpiece gets down to —11 degrees and the treatment time is 35 minutes. This is the original Advantage handpiece, covering six inches lengthwise.
  • CoolAdvantage Petite – The Petite variation of the Cool Advantage Technology from CoolSculpting uses the same treatment times, temperatures, and options for attachments. The difference? This cooling cup is 4.5 inches long, allowing us to more accurately and precisely sculpt long & lean lines on the leg, especially for our more petite clients.


Both applicators come with three different adapters to change the curve of the handpiece to accommodate a certain body area. For CoolSculpting inner thighs, the “Fit” contour is the tool recommended by CoolSculpting’s corporate protocols and it’s the only way we treat at Element Body Lab. It’s the light blue part of the handpiece (the flat contour) that you see here 👇👇👇



Why choosing the right applicator size and shape matters…

It’s not the fat we take away that you remember us by. It’s the fat we leave behind that really matters. And that’s why choosing the right CoolSculpting applicator is so important to us at Element Body Lab – The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts, especially on the inner thighs. 


This is why we’re so particular about needing the right fit of the handpiece. 


At Element Body Lab, we focus on results and know that when you leave here, you are a patient for life. Identifying the perfect placement to achieve your goals, and the artistic ability to visualize the best CoolSculpting thighs results allows our treatment plans to be much more precise and impactful.


Inner thigh CoolSculpting treatments should target the visual step off that you can find on some people’s legs. (Sure, there are people who were born with a thigh gap and don’t have to work copiously to keep up with it, but we don’t know them.) For just about everyone we meet, it’s the shape of the leg that bothers them, not the leg size itself.


Here’s what we mean… take a look at the photo below, start your eye at her knee, then move up the leg until you see the visual “step-off” right at the arrow. That’s where you want the CoolSculpting on thighs treatment to begin. The place with the most volume (or where you see the peak of that bulge) is where the center of the tool of choice should sit.



It’s the “pocket” that usually bothers people or the bulge at the midline of the leg. Most of our clients are looking to create a straight line on the inner leg, and get the illusion of longer, leaner thighs. 


That pocket or bulge or peak… whatever you want to call it…  that pinchable little pesky pocket is ideal for CoolSculping.


Like we said at the beginning of the post – most clients do 2-3 rounds of CoolSculpting on inner thighs until their goals are met. We’ll talk about setting the best expectations possible when you’re in for your CoolSculpting thighs consultation, so you understand how to prepare for your cool journey. We’ll even show you one-round results vs. multi-round results for clients we’ve treated so you can get a better understanding of how many treatments you’ll need.


Then you prep for CoolSculpting inner thigh treatment day…

Before you start planning your treatment, take a moment to make sure you’re a CoolSculpting candidate by talking with a qualified medical professional.


Once you’ve gotten through the educational phase, your provider should prep you on what to expect. In case they didn’t, or you’re just wanting to research at home, here’s some general info.


On treatment day, we tell clients to wear a bikini bottom or something you’d be comfortable in while a perfectly friendly stranger freezes your fat. It’s up close and personal. We start treatment day by taking a lot of photos to document your starting point. (PRO TIP: Wear a pair of solid black undies. When you have amazing before & after photos, you’ll wish you were wearing something you wouldn’t mind showing to a friend).


Once photos are taken, the treatment area should be marked and mapped using a sharpie using the principles above. 

  • Mark the visual step off
  • Make sure the appropriate tool is being used


Then the prep begins – your CoolSculpting provider will use a pre-treatment skin wipe to cleanse and prep the area, then a gel pad will be placed on the treatment area to protect the skin.


After that, the suction handpiece will be placed lengthwise down the leg while you have one foot on a stool and a CoolSculpting technician at eye level right behind you. The inner thigh CoolSculpting treatment should always be placed with you standing. If you’re not standing, the technician placing the applicator can’t and won’t have a full view of how the leg will look when you’re standing in a mirror 6 months from now, or for the next 20 years that you’ll live with your results either. (Did we mention that once the fat is gone, it’s gone for good?)


A strap will secure the CoolSculpting handpiece to the leg, and you’ll kind of swing your body onto the bed from a Captain Morgan stance, using a footstool. Promise, we’ll show you what we mean when you’re here.


After that, you sit and hang out on the bed, treating one leg at a time in a frog-like position with pillows supporting the external rotation of the hip for your comfort. You can watch television – we’ve got Netflix, HBO, Hulu, ESPN, etc. – or listen to music, or scroll on your phone.


You just chill for 35 minutes, then we take a 5-minute break and do the other leg! We always recommend you bring something tight (like a pair of compression tights or yoga pants) with you to wear home, because it alleviates some of the discomforts after the treatment. It’s nothing you can’t handle, but you should expect some soreness, redness, mild swelling, even bruising. We’ll talk about the rest of the safety and risks associated with CoolSculpting thighs at your consultation.


Don’t forget you can save time with Dual-Sculpting!

You could pick another area to sculpt besides your inner thigh to freeze twice the fat in half the treatment time! We have 2 CoolSculpting machines at Element Body Lab, and you can treat two areas at once, which we call dual-sculpting, but we don’t recommend dual-ing the inner thighs.


Why? Because there’s just not enough space for both applicators to sit comfortably and effectively treat the areas.


So you should plan to treat each leg individually in order to get you the best CoolSculpting results possible. That’s leaving our second machine available to freeze fat elsewhere! If there’s another space you’re considering, make sure to let your CoolSculpting Technician and medical professional know during the initial consultation. 


Dallas CoolSculpting Treatment


In the same amount of time it takes to treat your inner thighs, you could add on your love handles or your arms. There’s an additional charge to add on new areas, but you’ll be in-and-out of our office in the same amount of time with 2x as much fat frozen. Just a thought…


And remember there’s an art to CoolSculpting inner thighs… CoolSculpting is a tool, like scissors to a hairdresser.


There’s a little bit more to it than just slapping a nifty handpiece on the leg. It takes an artist to sculpt a body, and we’re big believers in providing our patients detail-oriented treatments to achieve the best CoolSculpting thighs results. CoolSculpting is a tool.


It’s a tool that works, but it’s got to be in the hands of the right person. Think of CoolSculpting like scissors to a hairdresser. All hairdressers use scissors but not all haircuts are good.


Most offices are busy, offering lots of different services and “specializing” in too many technologies. That’s not the case at Element Body Lab, where we’re singularly focused on CoolSculpting and experts at our craft. All we do is CoolSculpting, which makes us hyper-focused on providing the best CoolSculpting results in Dallas, along with the best CoolSculpting experience in Dallas.


The art of CoolSculpting is something we don’t take lightly. We prioritize training and education here at Element Body Lab and continue to learn new and evolving body contouring techniques. If you ever have any questions about how CoolSculpting works or just want to know if it may be an option for you, we’d love to help you have that conversation. Curious about the cost of CoolSculpting for thighs? Check out our pricing and packages page.


Our best advice for inner thigh CoolSculpting…

We know that comfort is key, so we’ll provide you with the advice you need to have a great CoolSculpting experience. Here are the Element Body Lab Pro-tips for treating inner thighs.

  • Make sure you have stellar before photos, taken without shadows. You’ll want to wear solid color underwear that’s a cut you’ll be comfortable in. We recommend a solid bikini bottom.
    • Photos should be consistent – taken on the same camera, in the same location, with the same lighting, in the same body position.
    • Clothing should be consistent – you should wear the same bottoms in your before and after photos. Otherwise, you will be distracted by the change in cut or color of bottoms.
  • Clients are often more sensitive during their menstrual cycle. Keep that in mind when planning treatment day.
  • Eat plenty of fresh pineapple leading up to and after the treatment! It’ll naturally help with bruising and swelling post-procedure. Arnica is the over-the-counter supplement most often recommended to clients by our medical director.
  • Feel free to eat something before you come (keep it light, so you’re not uncomfortably full!), but make sure you drink plenty of water. Hydration is one of the best things you can do – so drink up!
  • Pay attention to where you see a visual step off on the leg when you’re standing shoulder-width distance apart, and the legs straight but knees not locked out. That’s the area you can target with CoolSculpting inner thigh treatments.
    • Does that achieve your goal?
    • Does that look meaningful to you?


Feel free to reach out whenever you’re ready to get started or learn more. Take the next step – book your free CoolSculpting consultation online, or connect with us by calling or texting 214-897-3006. An old fashioned email to [email protected] works too. 


Until then,
Happy freezing! 
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