5 Things to Know Before Your Virtual CoolSculpting Consultation

We launched virtual consultations during the COVID19 quarantine. You LOVED them, and so did we! This was such a fun and innovative way to answer all the questions you may have around freezing fat and educate you on who we are and what we stand for. That’s why we decided to continue offering virtual visits for educational purposes moving forward, even as we all surface and return to normal “non-quarantine” life!



Here’s what you need to know before your virtual CoolSculpting consultation with Element Body Lab.




Getting prepped for a virtual consultation.

You can now book your virtual CoolSculpting consultation with us online! The visit can take place on Facetime, Zoom, Google Duo or just a phone call. We’ll ask your preference when you book with us online.



  • Plan for the appointment to take about 30 minutes, schedule plenty of buffer room before and after so you’re not running late or rushed during your time with us.
  • Make sure you schedule it at a time where you can speak freely & openly
  • On appointment day, take some time to get comfortable and ensure it”s quiet
  • Make sure you’ve got a solid WiFi connection
  • Don’t forget to fill out your online forms ahead of time
  • Print your DIY template tools (more on that below!)




Our virtual visits are designed to be educational, but are not a substitute for a medical opinion.

You’ll meet with a CoolSculpting Expert virtually, who will explain the technology and talk about the general information around freezing fat. We will also talk about treatment plans based on other patients who’ve been treated by us and give you pricing based on those examples. When you’re ready to take the next step forward to treatment, you’ll need to meet with a medical professional (either our medical director or a licensed PA/NP from our practice) who will evaluate your medical history and perform a physical exam, in compliance with the Texas Administrative Code 193.17.

Their job is to protect you & keep you safe. Understand that CoolSculpting is a prescription and you’ll need this “medical clearance” visit prior to paying for or receiving treatment with Element Body Lab. This is a free medical evaluation from a member of the clinical team at Element Body Lab and is included as part of your “consultation process” at our facility. Most clients choose to have their medical evaluation on the day of their treatment, but we can accommodate an in-person visit prior to treatment if you’d prefer.




We’ll give you the tools for a DIY assessment. You’ll want a printer…

We love educating clients on how CoolSculpting works. As part of your virtual consultation, we’ll email you our template sizes and teach you how to do a DIY assessment. You’ll need a printer to get the most accurate estimate on pricing. It’s not required, but it is helpful for you to be able to follow along.

We’d recommend printing out the templates we email to you prior to your virtual consultation. We’ll explain how the templates are placed to get the best CoolSculpting results, and we’ll walk you through the pricing based on your own DIY assessment while we’re on our virtual visit. Your DIY assessment along with the expertise and experience of your CoolSculpting Specialist will help develop an estimate on pricing for your treatment.




It’s helpful if you can upload a photo of the area you’re most excited to sculpt.

We want to give you the BEST feedback based on the experiences of previous clients. If you upload a photo to the portal (which is HIPAA compliant) of the area you’re most excited to sculpt, it will help us guide the conversation. If we need additional angles and/or views of that area, or if there are multiple areas you’re considering, we’ll give you advice prior to the virtual visit.



Show us with a photo.



Advice for the photo: Show us what you notice or what bugs you. If it’s your lower belly when you hunch over, show us that. If it’s your bra fat in a specific shirt, show us that. Whatever it is that you’re noticing, frustrated by, or wanting to see transformed, let’s talk about it.




Know going in that pricing provided will be an estimate…

When we talk to new clients about CoolSculpting, the pricing provided on virtual consultations is always an estimate. Full pricing is subject to the medical evaluation and clearance, as the detailed treatment plan is developed by a medical professional. Our CoolSculpting Experts make themselves available based on their experience in the office, but the plan can shift when we move from online to in person.

Pictures can be deceiving. We need to see you in person, to pinch your targeted areas, and to measure you in order to get an exact price quote. Our estimates made in virtual consultations are usually accurate, and we’ll discuss potential variations when we talk to you.





If you have any other questions around what to expect at a virtual consultation, reach out to a team member by emailing [email protected] or calling/texting 214-897-3006.


As always, we’re here to help! Can’t wait to see you (in person or online).



Until then,

Happy Freezing ❄️

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