CoolSculpting Dallas and Other Options for Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

While we are the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts, we strive to provide educational materials so you can make the best decision on body contouring procedures.

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Options in Dallas, Texas

Let’s take a look at a few of the options to get rid of unwanted fat bulges without going under the knife.

CoolSculpting Dallas TX

CoolSculpting & CoolSculpting Elite

This is the gold standard non-surgical fat reduction option, with over 15 million treatments performed worldwide in 2023. We specialize in CoolSculpting for body contouring in Dallas, Texas.


Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt Neo uses HIFEM and RF to eliminate fat pockets and build muscle. The main differences when comparing CoolSculpting and Emsculpt are:


Heat vs. cold, especially considering cold is a natural anesthetic.

CoolSculpting can be used virtually anywhere between the chin and knees, and currently, Emsculpt only treats the abdomen, buttocks, calves, and arms.

The fact that Emsculpt Neo also builds muscle. While CoolSculpting only works on fat, CoolTone by CoolSculpting is a treatment designed to address muscle (and is usually more cost-effective than Emsculpt)



Kybella is an injection that kills pockets of fat in small areas, like the double chin. According to patients, the biggest downside is the extreme swelling in the treated area.


Kybella and CoolSculpting are both owned by Allergan, an Abbvie Company. Usually, most patients are recommended CoolSculpting treatments first and Kybella second.


Skinny Shots

Skinny Shots are a combination of lipotropic injections, B vitamins and amino acids designed to support liver function and hormonal balance, which aid in weight loss and killing excess fat cells. Skinny shots are effective for clients with the primary goal to lose weight.


Vanquish and SculpSure

Vanquish and Sculpsure both use heat-based energy to target adipose cells in the area. Vanquish uses RF, and Sculpsure uses laser energy to warm the fat layer, raising the temperature to the degree that makes the fat die. Compared to CoolSculpting, patients report a significantly more comfortable experience using cold (not heat) for fat loss.


How CoolSculpting Treatment Works

The CoolSculpting procedure is FDA-cleared to address stubborn fat in 9 different areas, including the inner and outer thighs, lower abdomen, love handles, upper arm, banana roll, bra line, and chin. It works by freezing stubborn fat so your body naturally flushes the treated cells out.

Ultimate Guide to CoolSculpting in Dallas

Before scheduling CoolSculpting treatment, you’ll need to schedule a consultation, where you will meet with a provider and discuss the stubborn pockets of fat you’re wanting to target with the CoolSculpting treatments that are not responding to diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting Fat Reduction Dallas

Good candidates for the CoolSculpting procedure are not looking for a weight loss solution, are at or near their ideal weight, and hoping to spot and treat stubborn fat that won’t respond to a healthy diet and exercise.


Many patients have multiple sessions to get the most dramatic results in one area. Sometimes, clients only need one session. Our favorite thing about CoolSculpting is that we can offer individualized treatment plan recommendations to each patient. A free consultation is the only way to get a customized treatment plan.


During the treatment, precisely controlled cooling is delivered to the treatment areas using specially designed equipment called applicators to freeze fat cells. The surrounding tissues are left unharmed because fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than surrounding tissue.


Treatment time will vary depending on the area being treated. Patients feel the intense cold in the targeted area but go numb within about 5 minutes as the fat freezes.


It’s a non-invasive treatment, and most patients return to normal activities or go to work immediately after the CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment.


After a few weeks, your body processes the dead fat cells using your lymphatic system. Treated fat cells are eliminated using apoptosis, or natural, programmed cell death, leaving behind CoolSculpting results like this.

Non-Surgical Fat loss Dallas, TX

CoolSculpting will destroy fat cells after just one treatment, but many clients have a series of CoolSculpting session visits for noticeable bulges to achieve their ideal results.

CoolSculpting Risks, Side Effects, and Recovery Time

Common risks and side effects include redness, swelling, bruising, and numbness. Although it’s a noninvasive option, it is a medical procedure, and other risks exist,

Not everyone is a good candidate – clients with distinct cold allergies, such as paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria, should not be treated.

Some clients worry about what will happen if they gain weight after CoolSculpting.

We recommend avoiding dramatic weight gain to protect the investment in results, but as long as you’ve selected a provider who can ensure full coverage of the area being treated, you can gain and lose weight naturally across the entire body.

How to Pick A CoolSculpting Provider

If you’re in Dallas, consider consulting with our friendly, knowledgable team.

We offer the highest-trained providers who have attended CoolSculpting University and are well-versed in the CoolSculpting technology.

Our philosophy is simple, focus on one thing and be the very best at it. For us, that’s freezing away fat for good with CoolSculpting Elite in Dallas, Texas and helping you look and feel your best with the most convenient non invasive procedure available today.

One round of CoolSculpting stomach fat on man

Lower Abdomen and Love Handle CoolSculpting results from one treatment on a male client.

CoolSculpting arm before and after

Upper Arm CoolSculpting results from one round of treatment on a female client.

CoolSculpting Abdomen

Abdomen CoolSculpting results from one round of treatment on a female client.

What if CoolSculpting doesn’t work?

How often do we see a low response from CoolSculpting?

We’ve performed thousands of treatments in the past few years and we’ve seen 3 low or “no” response clients in that timeframe. That’s our experience, but the manufacturer of the CoolSculpting technology has also conducted clinical studies to talk about the success rate and breaks down the results by the body area.  

If you were treated with CoolSculpting and feel like it didn’t work, the first action would be to schedule after photos with your treating provider. Often times, you can forget what you looked like prior to an aesthetic treatment.

Be Patient. Results take time.

Keep in mind that CoolSculpting results develop slowly, which means that you may not notice a difference even if there is a substantial one because you see yourself every day. If you’ve already taken photos, and there’s a nominal or no difference at all, then open a dialogue and honest conversation with your provider. Here at Element Body Lab, in Dallas Texas, we focus on exceptional CoolSculpting technique, delivering excellent customer service, and providing our clients with results.

If you’re a client of ours, we have a policy in place to protect your investment and results. Schedule a follow up appointment if you’re not noticing changes and let’s talk.

What areas can you treat with CoolSculpting?

If you’re considering CoolSculpting, you can treat pockets of pinchable fat anywhere between your chin and your knees.

The places you can treat at Element Body Lab, the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts include:

  • Abdomen (or stomach fat)
  • Love handles and hips (also called flanks)
  • Bra fat or back fat
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Upper arm
  • Armpit fat (called the Axillary puff)
  • Double chin or jawline
  • Banana roll, or directly beneath the buttocks

CoolSculpting target areas

Where is CoolSculpting most effective?

CoolSculpting is most effective between the chin and the knees to spot reduce pinchable pockets of fat.


The best place to treat is the place that you notice – and the most dramatic results we see are based on a texture of fat, but not a particular area.  The more pliable the tissue, or the softer the fat feels, the more dramatic the CoolSculpting result is, per session generally speaking.

Different clients respond differently to the technology. Everything involved with the CoolSculpting treatment is customized and tailored to your unique anatomy. 

Who does CoolSculpting work best on?

We see the best results on clients who are happy with their weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but are looking to spot reduce a trouble area. If you’re considering CoolSculpting, understand it’s not a weight loss procedure and you’ll need the right expectation in mind. If you’re within 5-10 pounds of your ideal weight -OR- are more concerned with the body area, not the number on the scale, let’s chat and see if CoolSculpting is right for you.


Book a consultation right here.


Did CoolSculpting work for you?

A note from our founder

I fell in love with a CoolSculpting technology after I was treated. CoolSculpting really worked for me and changed the overall shape and composition of my body.

Why did I do CoolSculpting?

All of my adolescence and adult life prior to CoolSculpting, I was pear-shaped. I carried most of my fat through my low belly, love handles, hips, and legs. I felt like I had really large inner and outer thighs for as long as I could remember, so I was treated with CoolSculpting in all those spaces, over time.

When I was considering CoolSculpting, I really just wanted less muffin top and to be a little more proportional through my hips.  I was really skeptical at first, so I started slow. The first area I treated was my love handles and even after my first session.


Did I notice a difference after being treated?

Even after my first session, I noticed a huge result from my CoolSculpting treatment. It was wild! I felt more confident, the clothes I picked changed, and I dove all on and started treating additional places with CoolSculpting.

What were my results like?

I love my CoolSculpting results. I feel more confident in and out of clothes and I feel like my body is so much more proportionate with the figure I like. I’m much more of an hourglass, less of a pear shape now.

In case you wanted to see my results, here you go…”

Coolsculpting thighs before and after
CoolSculpting arm before and after
CoolSculpting Abdomen