Brunch & Learn CoolEvent 3/6/2020

Do you love brunch? We do too. Do you love saving money? WE DO TOO! That’s why we’re hosting our annual BRUNCH & LEARN to talk about CoolSculpting and send some special discounts your way.

Would you join us? Would you please? We’d love to meet you (if you’re new here) or to raise a glass and celebrate our relationship (if you’re a real OG and long-time client). Here’s what you need to know…

Come hang out with us on 3/6/20 from 11am to 2pm for light brunch bites, a mimosa (and faux-mosa bar), & special savings on all CoolSculpting packages purchased that day!

We’re going to be celebrating. It’s going to be light-hearted and there will be snacks. From a mini-quiche setup to a bagel board, we’re going SAVORY for this brunch because last year we did a donut wall and you almost killed us for the temptation. So FINE – we’ll be pseudo healthy.

Please RSVP so we know how much food and champagne to buy. You can do that online right 👉👉 here or go the old fashioned route and send us an email or phone call at 214-897-3006.



CoolSculpting Discounts at the Event

We know – you want to know if the cost of CoolSculpting is going to be cheaper at the event. YES! That’s the point – we offer discounts at our events & in addition to the offers available through Brilliant Distinctions, we’re offering up to $500 off. Full details on pricing and discounts for CoolSculpting can be found on our Facebook Event Page as well as on our Eventbrite.

Here are the offers you can take advantage of:

  • $200 off 6-cycle packages
  • $300 off 8-cycle packages
  • $500 off 12-cycle packages


  • $20 instant savings for checking in & sharing a selfie on instagram! 🤳🏽 🤳🏽
  • $20 instant savings for bringing a friend! 👯



That’s right. Up to $500 big ones in savings on your CoolSculpting treatment with the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts. All you have to do? Show up. Well, RSVP then show up. See what we did there?

Why you should come to our CoolSculpting Event

Let’s wrap this up. Here’s the top 5 reasons we want you to get your sweet self over to the RSVP page and join us on March 6th from 11am to 2pm.

  1. We’re offering free mini-consultations with Jessie & Dr. Dauwe to answer all your CoolSculpting questions… with champagne included. It’s informal, so it’s fast & not nearly as intimidating as a full fledged consult.
  2. There are EXTRA special discounts to save money on your CoolSculpting treatment!
  3. Brunch bites & mimosa/faux-mosa bar on us… Did we mention brunch already?
  4. We’re giving you an excuse to leave work early on a Friday… and a good reason to bring a friend (see discounts above!)
  5. You have unwanted fat and wanted to save money on CoolSculpting.



If that’s not enough, here’s 5 more reasons:

  1. You need a new instagram profile picture & we have great lighting.
  2. You loved your results and are due for your next session.
  3. You like free gifts & wanted to see what special surprises we had in store.
  4. Because you’re a grown adult and you want to.
  5. You love us & want to support your friends in entrepenuership!

Okay, that’s a wrap. Let us know if you’re coming? Let us know if you have dietary restrictions? Let us know if you want anything special? You know… just let us know all the things.

See you there. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE. And don’t forget… we’d love a headcount so please RSVP:



Until then,

Happy freezing! ❄️

Element Body Lab

The Dallas CoolSculpting Experts


* Please be aware the CoolSculpting is a prescriptive medical device. Any facility that doesn’t require you to meet with a physician in your initial consultation is not compliant with Medical Board Laws in the State of Texas. Jessie Poole, CoolSculpting Specialist at Element Body Lab, works under the medical direction of Dr. Phillip Dauwe of Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery & Laser Center and Dauwe Plastic Surgery.

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