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Our philosophy is simple – focus on 1 thing and be the very best at it. For us, that’s freezing away fat for good using CoolSculpting Elite in Dallas, Texas. We’d love to participate in your journey. Get started with us by scheduling a free virtual consultation & let’s chat about fat.

CoolSculpting Dallas Treatment

 How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting works by safely targeting and freezing pockets of pinchable fat between your chin and your knees. It’s a body contouring procedure, best on clients who are at or near their ideal weight, looking to spot reduce specific areas. It is not a weight loss procedure.

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How much does CoolSculpting cost?

CoolSculpting is priced by the “cycle” – which is an industry term referring to every time a handpiece, regardless of size, is placed on the body. Check out this video of us explaining the cost of CoolSculpting and average prices by body area. 👇👇

Average price per session by body areas are as follows:

Chin: $750-$1,500

Abdomen: $2,700-$3,600

Love Handles: $1,500-$2,700

Bra or Back Fat: $1,500-$3,600

Thighs: $1,500/area

Treatments are always customized based on your goals, and prices vary based on your unique anatomy. The best and most accurate way to get a price quote is to schedule a free virtual consultation with our team.

CoolSculpting Dallas Treatment

What Happens After CoolSculpting? What Results Should I Expect?

On average, our clients notice a 20-25% reduction of the treated tissue, per session. If you’re looking for a more dramatic result, plan on multiple sessions of CoolSculpting to the same area (spaced about 6 weeks apart).

Once your body sculpting goals are achieved with CoolSculpting, you’ll maintain results over time with regular diet and exercise. CoolSculpting results are long term, so there’s no need for maintenance treatments, unless your goals or priorities change over the years.

After your CoolSculpting treatment, you can resume your normal daily activities with no restrictions or downtime. Expect some redness, swelling, bruising, and/or numbness. Some clients notice more rare side effects, which can be researched here.

We recommend getting in a workout within 24 hours after your session and returning to our office in 6-8 weeks to document your progress and complete any additional sculpting.

Full results should be expected 3 months after any session.

What happens if I win the D Magazine CoolSculpting Giveaway?

The winner of the D Magazine CoolSculpting Giveaway will receive a 2-cycle CoolSculpting credit, which can also be used towards a bigger cycle package. The giveaway begins on 12/7/21 and ends on 12/20/21.

We will require a virtual consultation and a medical evaluation (performed virtually and at no cost) prior to your session.

Treatment hours are Monday-Friday, and one Saturday per month. You will be scheduled at Element Body Lab, the Dallas CoolSculpting Experts located at 8330 Meadow Road, Suite 201, Dallas, Texas 75231.

This is a locally run giveaway and is non-transferrable to other clinics. 


There’s no cash value for the giveaway. If during the medical evaluation, it’s determined that you’re not a candidate for CoolSculpting, there will be no refund.

Giveaway prices are non-transferable and no substitutions will be made except as provided at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to substitute a prize for one of equal or greater value if the designated prize should become unavailable for any reason.

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